Meme This! Adam Schmidt’s Arcane Addendum

Our Campaign Toybox art is as diverse as the accessories it covers for the Pathfinder Roleplaying game.  What back story would you give to this fine example of a cleric?


Campaign Toybox Arcane Addendum


Our artist, Adam Schmidt, lives in New York. His family spends some time in the City and some time… not.  He focuses on cartography, environments, character concepts, and more.  He has a very nice portfolio.

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Highlight Author: Mark Adams


A Journey Starts Here

How did my journey start with D3? That would be when I saw this strange post on Face Book by a man I had never met, boasting about his new found fame and fortune joining the staff of D3 Adventures. His simple post that grabbed me in was ‘Ever been interested in writing adventures give me a shout’, so I did and the bad grammatical partnership was born. Not long after ‘Trade Wars’ my first ever publication crept into life and was published.

The idea behind Trade Wars came from a campaign I had been running since 2012, based in an ancient city port dwindling in decay. The victims I mean players encountered a very similar situation of trade vessels not coming to quay side and been ordered to investigate. Though in the actual adventure, it was a lot more explosive with broken masts and decking landing far across the city. For Trade Wars I toned down this part and instead played up the undead within the holds and the possibilities of further betrayal needing to be explored.

Normally when I am not planning the exciting adventures of varied player groups, I work for a charity called Carers support. My role is based within the local hospital supporting carers who have been identified as been in crisis and require some extra aid in their caring roles.

My plans for 2016 include expanding my growing army of High Elves and completing the writing up of my new game world I have created for my players to enjoy. I have already had old friends from gaming groups I have been part of over the years clamoring for news of it so they can run within their groups. The last 6 months of 2015 I actual had time to be a player in a friend’s game, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. With 2016 now upon us its back to the high chair, bib removed and back to running the game for others to enjoy.

As for writing to be published, the follow up to Trade Wars is nearly planned out. I hope Tangent! Trade Wars by Mark AdamsHidden Claws is enjoyed as much as Trade wars was.

Hints to becoming an author / contractor with D3 Adventures

We asked one of our Line Developers here at D3 Adventures, Curtis Baum, to share some sagely advise with those interested in becoming freelancers.

Every publisher and every line developer is looking for slightly different things from their submissions.  I ask you to provide a sample of several different things, but they all need to be small enough to fit on one page total.
  • Write a quick summary of your adventure plot. Is it interesting enough to get the players involved? How long will the adventure last?
  • Give a summary of the main villain and any major NPCs.
  • I want to see a room description.
  • Write a sample “Read to players” section.

If you are interested in applying for freelance work with D3 Adventures, be sure to submit our form.  If Curtis sounds like a Line Developer you want to work for, please include as much of the above information in the “Tell Us About You” box.

Highlight Author: Patrick Dubuc

Author of Shadow Over Drake CityFacebook brought author Patrick Dubuc to D3 Adventures, Inc.  Once in awhile one of our line developers will go hunting for talent across the internet, so keep your eyes open!

Shadow Over Drake City is part of the Tangent! line.  Here is what Patrick had to say.

I had been trying to get published for a while, and was unfortunate enough to always get to work on stuff that never made it to publication.  Basically I was ready for anything as long as I had the chance to get my name on the cover of some book one day!

My current writing goal is to get recognition in the business like “Oh look! The latest by Dubuc! I have to get my hand on that one!
I have been game mastering ON and OFF for the last 24 years and had the chance to introduce RPG to many young people.  I was also involved a lot in LARPing over the years.  I firmly believe that both RPG and LARPing are great social experiences that bring people together.
As I see myself as a pool of primordial ooze of creativity and look forward to future opportunities.
[Patrick lives with his family in Quebec, Canada]
If you haven’t had a chance to check out Shadow Over Drake City, consider this your invitation.
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Meme This! By The Blood Moon by Regan Shupe

Covers for Halloween releases for the gaming community can be fun.  I’ve played (and loved) this Adventure! By the Blood Moon, cover art by Regan Shupe.  Take this moment to share with us what you would Meme This!

By the Blood Moon CoverRegan…

I’m an art student who adores video games, snowboarding, and distance racing. I just got married last year to my wife, Meagan. I’m a regular to the cons in the salt lake valley as well as an independent web developer.  You can see my work at

Weekly Ramble: 2016 Winter Preview for D3 Adventures

Paul CaughellHi Everybody, and welcome to the D3 Adventures 2016 Winter Preview! We have some great products coming out this quarter.

From Curtis Baum’s lines, we have the recently released Extras! product Mythic Giants. In concert with that, Curtis is releasing a giant-themed Tangent! mini-adventure, Temple of the Titan Lord, and Let Sleeping Giants Lie, a full-length giant-themed adventure for Pathfinder. Later in the quarter, Curtis is shifting gears with Extras! Cosmic Criminals, a Mutants and Masterminds collection of villains. This quarter should also see the first release in a new line, Rcane’s Guide to Fantastic Races.

Campaign Toybox has some new releases by Joe Davis being released this quarter to add options for your Pathfinder campaigns.  Look for Encore Performance in February, featuring more masterpieces and spells for Bards including a collection of themed spells for the Lightning Seeker Bard. In March, we’ll have Weaponmaster’s Chakram, a themed collection of fighter-subclass archetypes that uses Chakrams as their primary weapons.

For those that are fans of Mutants & Masterminds, releasing under the Super-Powered by M&M license, Jim Cook is working feverishly to finish the art and layout of our Quantum Collapse setting for the Mutants & Masterminds system, with an eye toward release this quarter.

And finally, the Universal Pool System Players Guide and Campaign Companion books are both being edited and revised.  We’re hopeful they will be ready for release this spring.

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Pathfinder is a trademark of Paizo Inc., and used here under the Open Gaming License.

Highlight author: John Watson – Fiends of Ft Worth

Author Freelance module John Watson

I came to work for D3 Adventures by playing in a game that Joseph Davis was running at OwlCon in Houston, TX. I really enjoyed the game and spoke with Joe after. He told me that Jason Yarnell, the owner of D3 Adventures, was downstairs in the registration area. I found Jason and struck up a conversation with him. He was very easy to talk to. He gave me a business card and asked me to send him an idea. I sent him the proposal for my adventure for his Tangents! line, which eventually became Fiends at Ft. Worth, and he sent me back a contract.

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Aethercon IV Writer’s Block Panel

Writer’s Block Panel at Aethercon

“Writers Block: Getting Started as a Writer in the Gaming Industry” with guests Paul Caughell of D3 Adventures and Michael O’Brien of Chaosium. The panel is moderated by Keith Ryan Kappel, a Freelancer working with Fantasy Flight Games.

If you are ready to being freelance work, please visit our page.

Extras! Mythic Giants – Giant villains for use with Pathfinder

New from author Curtis Baum, a set of villain NPCs for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Giants have been both the allies and enemies of adventurers throughout history. The Pathfinder Compatible NPCs Extrasgiants included in this manual are all threats to humanity and other humanoid races. They aren’t just enemies, they are villains. The Imperium Gargantum is led by:
Karakanos – The Storm Tyrant – A storm giant magus
Shelana – The Dark – A cloud giant warpriest
Zygar – The Frost Blade – A frost giant barbarian
Calisal – The Desert Storm – A desert giant slayer
Nernuk – The Fist of Stone – A stone giant brawler

Each giant has their own history and motives. Can your adventurers bring peace back to the land?


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Meme This! Unparalleled Heroines by Marc Steinmann

We invite you to meme this art by Marc Steinmann from our Extras! Unparalleled Heroines

Unparalleled Heroines - Marc SteinmannFrom Marc:

I’m an Illustrator/Designer living in Cape Town, South Africa. I work mostly in the fantasy genre, but also love to create in all genres from Sci-fi to comics to retro 80’s.  You can see a portfolio at