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50% off Bundles!


From D3 Adventures, we hope your Holiday Season is joyous and safe.  We recommend you stay inside and game with your friends and family.

Now, through this weekend, our new BUNDLES are 50% off.  Take advantage of this great deal for yourself or the Game Master in your life.





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Cyber Week Specials!

It’s that time of the year, gamers everywhere are out looking for deals.  This week we are wanting to make your shopping for your GM a lot easier.

So for now, until the end of Monday (at least), you can get all of our 99-cent products for half off.  That includes all of our Campaign Toybox Supplements and a few others.


In this line of supplements designed for players and GMs, the Campaign Toybox has new rules, classes, and creatures to enhance your gaming experience.  Now for only 49-cents, buy all seven or buy the one’s you are missing from your collection.  All are digital downloads in PDF format.

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Art by Lena DeGregory at Wizard World Convention

We are pleased to spotlight Lena D Artistry (Lena DeGregory to us).  Lena will be at Wizard World May 13-15, 2016, at the Iowa Events Center.

Lena has been on board with D3 Adventures for awhile now, doing the art for several of our Campaign Toybox products.  You can learn more about Lena by viewing her fancy page at Wizard World, and purchase her D3 Adventures products at Drive Thru RPG.

From Lena’s own words:

Self taught pencil artist who discovered the ability to draw at the age of 40! Picked up my first pencil to draw in February of 2014.

Fluffy little Hedwig my daughter asked me to do. Still working on getting her spots and such into her feathers.
Fluffy little Hedwig my daughter asked me to do. Still working on getting her spots and such into her feathers.

After attempting a drawing or two on my own, I sought out the aid of internet instruction and videos. You tube became a solid source and with the likes of Mark Crilley and My Drawing Tutorials, I learned to refine my portrait skills.

At this point in time, I am still using reference photos and such on most of my art work so many of the pictures I draw are not my own concepts, simply my skills applied to them.

While pencil/graphite is my preferred medium, I have begun to explore watercolor, colored pencil and pastels to bring color into my drawings.

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Author Highlight: Joseph Davis

CT logo-color-BKMSmallAuthor of many of the tools in our Campaign Toybox, Joseph Davis is our highlight this week.

Since the age of 10, Joe has been an avid fan of roleplaying games. He was a fan even earlier, he just didn’t know it.  Continue reading Author Highlight: Joseph Davis