Campaign Toybox Effortless Masterpieces

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Can’t get enough of popular Pathfinder system? Neither can we… that’s why D3 Adventures has started the Campaign Toybox… releases of new rules, classes, and creatures to enhance your gaming experience, all priced to be friendly to your wallet at a mere ninety-nine cents, so you can afford to stock up on munchies and more dice for your next gaming session!


This Campaign Toybox focuses on bards.  These simple songs call forth powers, dance, and opical illusions from distant planes.  They can cause powerful acts and abilities that test the limit of the Bard’s knowledge.  Beyond the normal Perform skill required to learn a masterpiece, these masterpieces also require ranks in a particular Knowledge.

Title: Effortless Masterpieces
Author: Marisa Leigh
Artist: Adam Schmidt
System: Pathfinder
Pages: 5


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