Extras! Lord Rcane (5E)


Lord Rcane is a powerful wizard who has spent his life studying the world around him. He is a silver dragon descendant who was orphaned when his parents died fighting a terrible red dragon. Now, he leads an organization that detects magical threats to the world and mobilizes to counter them. This unique 15th level wizard is ready to be a mentor or menace in your 5E  Game.


Author: Curtis Baum
Layout: Christi Baum
Price: Free

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The Rcane’s Guides are a series of options for use in your own campaign. They include new races, new feats, new spells, new magic items, new religions, and more! Each product focuses on a theme and includes all of the rules to immediately make use of them in your campaign. They also include examples of how these rules are used in the Empires of Glory campaign setting that serves as a binding area for many of the D3 Adventures products.

Whether you are looking for a new world or a few things to add to your own, the Rcane’s Guide series can help. These guides are for both players and GMs, and what content can be used at your game is entirely up to your group.


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