Extras! The Unique Shopkeeper


A preview of the Extras! line from Curtis Baum, The Unique Shopkeeper is a NPC, compatible with Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.


Provided for Free RPG Day 2015 (June 20th)


Title: Extras! The Unique Shopkeeper
Author: Curtis Baum
Editor: Curtis Baum
Layout: Christi Baum

Zydrek represents a sample of the Extras! line by D3 Adventures. He is a 9th level ratfolk witch working for a powerful bronze dragon. He watches for threats, listens to his adventuring clientele, and acts upon threats if needed by either confronting the evil himself or forwarding the information to the Lord of Thunder for him to deal with.

To most people, however, Zydrek is a simple shopkeeper and alchemist who makes custom potions and other minor magical items. He sells to the wealthy and adventurers by day, and helps the poor by night.


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