Tangent! The Grey Man of Chapel Weir

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As Gamemasters, we do a lot of preparation in order to put on a good show for our players. Fairly often, all of our work goes right out the window when the party zigs where we expect them to zag. The Tangents series are designed to help the Gamemaster in these situations. We’ve done most of the hard work for you; creating a detailed location complete with a map, NPCs, plot hooks to get the players involved, and myriad content and ideas to cover your campaign as much or as little as you need. Each Tangent is system-less, generic enough to fit in any genre-appropriate setting, and contains enough content for at least one night of gameplay.

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The Town of Tunere’ has been blessed with fertile lands and abundant crops. It has grown from a small village to an incredible city. However, it has a dark history. Every year a youth is sacrificed to maintain this prosperity, but now the Grey Man is coming much more often to claim the tributes.

The mayor and businessmen are desperate to find a solution. Can the heroes stop the sacrifices or will doing so destroy the world? Why is the Grey Man coming more often? Has some other dark force altered the delicate balance?


Author: Marc Braden
Artist: Regan Shupe
Editor: Marilyn Gerber
Line Developer: Curtis Baum
Layout: Christi Baum
System: Any/None
Pages: 20


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