Happy Labor Day from the Happy Maniacs at D3Adventures!

Due to that darned real life interfering, I missed our meeting this past Saturday where everyone got to yammer about the cool stuff they are working on, but I know everyone is busy!
Jason is expanding the scope of Kamarathin, while Joseph is getting ready to inundate the world under a wave of Patherfindery goodness when the first Campaign Toybox comes out around the middle of the month.
Paul is blazing away on The Shattered Earth, and getting read

y to send out playtest packets for the UPS system. Stay tuned for more details!
Other real world concerns are slowing down some of the other authors (myself included), but they are plotting to jump into the deep end of the D3 pool at the end of the year, so we can expect some exciting stuff coming out in 2015!

More next week, and until then, take it EZ with D3!


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Podcast Action! Starring Jason!

Jason Yarnell (D3 Adventures), Rone Barton (Iron GM LLC), Jon Jonny Hodgson (Cubicle 7) and surprise guest Lou Agresta of (RPGAgression), sit down with AetherCon’s Carinn Seabolt (Evil Beagle Games) and discuss How to Get Your First and Second Job in Gaming.

Check out a snippet of our latest Best of AetherCon II podcast below then hit up our site to see the whole thing here:


No News is Boring News…

Hi everyone… not a lot of news this week… hoping to have some juicy updates for next week though! But til then.. some Lovecraftian-flavored monster action for the Irshaaninc Confluence!


If you’re not all losing your minds from looking at this shapeless beastie, remember  to keep it EZ with D3!Beast, Stygian Vapor-2

D3 Dispatches for August! News on multiple Fronts!

Got some juicy tidbits for all of you this week to keep your appetites whetted.

First off, the first release for Campaign Toybox is almost ready to go, and should be showing up at your virtual FLGS in September… expect monthly releases to liven up your Pathfinder campaigns after that.

Secondly, Paul Caughell sent me the following bit from the text of The Shattered Earth… presenting the Reddemed.

“Originally Flesh golems with no free will or personality, the Redeemed were built and vivified by mages. Their myths speak of a Messiah who broke free of his master and learned how to free others, granting them free will. The Redeemed are deeply spiritual, immensely strong, but stupid. Almost all Redeemed belong to one religious sect or another. The sects focus on a specific spiritual interpretation of the words of the Messiah, and members of the sect identify themselves by carrying an everyday item that has become something of religious significance to the sect. This item started off as the first thing a Redeemed held or saw when they were awakened, such as a rock, a knife, or a bag of sand. Over time, it became an item the founder of the sect chose to represent them. Redeemed introduce themselves with a name they took upon awakening, and their sect.

“For example: Harol of the Hammer. A small group of the Redeemed wants to free themselves and all the others Redeemed from the “curse” of sentience. These Redeemed carry no talisman, having renounced their sects.”

Pretty cool, eh?

And lastly (hey, movement on three fronts since last week!), Clinton Boomer shared this awesome illo for the Irshaanic Confluence with us, of the Oread Gunslinger. Any fantasy game that has room for black leather and six-shooters gets a thumbs-up in my book.. how about all of you?


Stay tuned here for more news as it comes in, and until then..


Take it ez with D3!

Some Happier News from the Maniacs At D3 Adventures!

As you may remember from last week, D3 is working on its own house system which we have dubbed the UPS, or Universal Pool System. Today, I twisted head designer Paul Caughell’s arm, and got some of the juicier details on the new system.

Designed for maximum ease of play without sacrificing ALL crunch, the UPS uses two 10-sided dice vs. a tiered and varied target numbers. Roll your dice, add ‘em up, apply any modifiers (skill level, situational, etc, etc) and compare it to the set target number. Roll over the target, your attempt succeeds, and any extra over works to your extra advantage! The UPS eliminates unnecessary dice-rolling with set damage for weapons….. but if you did roll over, that margin of success translates to extra damage inflicted. Of course your opponent can dodge, etc… but I just described a lot of the combat and other task resolution right there!

Character generation is just as simple! Once your group has decided what you are playing, grab one of the provided character templates, tweek it as needed, slap a name on it, and you’re ready to play. You can also create an entirely custom character with only a little more effort!

Now, Paul and his horde of minions are still tinkering with the exact rules, and details may change, but the UPS is coming together nicely, and well ahead of schedule!

Stay tuned for more news on the Shattered Earth, Campaign Toybox, and all other games in the pipeline!

‘Til next week, take it EZ with D3!

The Last Infinite Dungeon Update

It is with a sad heart that I, Jason Yarnell, president of D3 Adventures, must inform all of you that as of this moment, D3 Adventures has returned the IP for Nystul’s Infinite Dungeon to Mike Nystul.

The property has, from the beginning, incurred one unexpected roadblock after another. The most recent of these concerned a lack of payment for a completed chapter. I was not made aware of this issue when D3 Adventures picked up the IP, and as of this date, the writer has not received the promised payment.

This is an unfortunate set of circumstances, and this decision was not made lightly. D3 Adventures promised that we would release the Nystul’s Infinite Dungeon in a timely manner, and was able to produce an ashcan copy for the backers. However, in the end, the various unresolved issues proved to be too much, and holding on to Nystul’s Infinite Dungeon was simply holding back on D3 Adventures’ transition into a more productive company.

From this point forward please address all questions and concerns for Nystul’s Infinite Dungeon to Mike Nystul.

Happy Monday!

Some tidbits of news from the happy maniacs at D3 Adventures!

First off, Paul Caughell presents the logo for the Universal Pool System, which will eventually become D3 Adventures’ house system. Pretty spiffy, eh? And the color version, which will be the one of the covers of upcoming books, will look even better! The UPS will make its debut with the 2016 release of the Shattered Earth, D3’s apocalyptic superhero setting. To keep up on all the news on that game, subscribe to Fans of the Shattered Earth at


Secondly, in case you missed it, Joseph Davis, our Campaign Toybox guru sat down with fine folks at Warlock’s Games And Beer to chew the fat and talk about his plans for his Pathfinder supplement series. To give it a listen-to if you haven’t yet, point your browser over to


Lastly, and while we are on the topic of Campaign Toybox … Do you have ideas for the Pathfinder game that blow your fellow players out of the water? When you run a game, do your players look forward to the custom-built monsters, magic items, and house rules you’ve whipped up? Want to share those ideas with the rest of the world, and maybe make a little extra spending green (we are talking the gaming industry, so I do mean a little here!). Joseph is looking for authors and artists to help him with the Campaign Toybox. Interested parties may reach him at


That’s it for this week. Tune in next Monday, and to check if anything new crops during the coming week, subscribe to


Til then, Take it Ez with D3!Basic RGB

Welcome , Michael Surbrook!

And the demented little clan of contribuotrs for D3 Adventures grows again, withe the
addition of Michael Surbrook, who will be in charge of “Surbrook’s stuff!”

A sixteen year veteran of the gaming industry, Michael has worked done work in the past for Fantasy Flight Games, Hero Games, and Blackwyrm Games. With Surbrook’s Stuff, he will be publishing a vast array of new information for the Hero System, with three articles already written and almost ready for publication, and more in the pipeline!

Keep up on all the news for D3 Adventures at https://www.facebook.com/pages/D3-