Happy Haunted Tuesday from D3 Adventures!

Haunted Houses {3-4-15}-2.pdfLast week, we promised you some thrills, chills, and mysteriously creaking floors, and today, Michael Surbrook kept his promise!
Get ready for Halloween several months early with the latest Surbrook’s Stuff. Empty Rooms and Vacant Windows details how to create haunted houses for the Hero System. With sections on the different varieties of haunted houses (everywhere from deep in the local swamp to deep in space), how to populate said haunted houses, and common tropes of the haunted house genre, this pdf is your one-stop shopping mall for giving your players some nightmares.
As if that were not enough, Empty Rooms and Vacant Windows also offers the Old Skinner Place as a sample haunted house. It seems that Old Man Skinner killed himself back in the ‘thirties, and never really left the house. But his ghost is not alone drifting over the dusty floors of this decrepit locale on the outskirts of town. So go ahead and scream when someone puts his hand on your shoulder, even though you are alone. There’s no one to hear. And no one to help…

So grab your credit card, point your browser over to http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/146894/Empty-Rooms-and-Vacant-Windows, cough up $.99, and get to haunting!

More next week, and until then..

Take it EZ with D3!

Are You Ready for Some Krushing Kaiju Action?

atomic monster coverRejoice, all you fans of Gamera, Rodan, and a certain 400 foot tall, fire-breathing dinosaur (you know the one…name rhymes with Odzilla)! Michael Surbrook is back with a new edition of Surbrook’s Stuff he is calling  Oh, No, There Goes Tokyo!, focusing on that peculiar movie genre referred to as kaiju.

With an extensive history of the origins of rubber-monster movies from Them! to more recent outings, as well as rules for creating (and destroying!)  for the Hero System, the latest Surbrook’s Stuff has everything you need to re-enact your favorite kaiju movies!

So if you’ve got a hankering for an evening of city-stomping fun, point your browser in the direction of the giant green dinosaur and get ready to cough up $1.99.. an amount that was, coincidentally, about the same as the FX budget for many of these movies!

That’s it for this week, folks! Tune in next Wednesday, when we’ll be trading in our radioactive dooms for something a bit more low-key and a lot creepier!

‘Til then, keep gaming, keep destroying those toy tanks and buildings, and most of all, take it EZ with D3!

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Happy Monday from D3 Adventures!

D3Adventures_Logo_webAfter a few weeks where everyone seemed to be hibernating (and who can blame them?), D3 is proud to announce that the next month or more should see new releases every week, starting today!

Ian Cohen cooks up some alchemical goodness with Campaign Toybox #4: Chaotic Concoctions!

“A mixture of chemistry, magic and engineering, alchemy has provided endless possibilities for both the everyday life of the common folk and the adventurer. In this Chaotic Concoctions we explore the engineering side of Alchemy, and provide some mechanical discoveries to add more options to the Alchemist’s already bulging toolbox”

So point your browser over to DrivethruRPG, cough up a whopping $.99, and get ready to drop the bomb (a variety of them, actually) on your players!

We also have new Campaign Toyboxes, Tangents, and a new Surbrook’s Stuff article ready or almost ready to be published, with more waiting in the wings!

So keep watching, keep gaming, and until we drop next week’s release.. Take it EZ with D3!





Happy Monday Again, Folks!

D3Adventures_Logo_webIt is a quiet week again, but a lot of stuff brewing and coming to a head soon!

First off, Michael Surbrook informs me that he has two Surbrook’s Stuff’s in layout, with a third coming soon!

Secondly, Joseph Davis is back on track with Campaign Toybox: Number three is in layout with art, and he is hard at work on #4: Nature or Nurture, featuring a Druid archetype that enhances its power of healing.

CAC-GiantDinosaur-F-BKMCurtis Baum is feeling better, but his recovery slowed productivity down. However, he is hoping to have his new Tangent by mid-March.

PS. the scaly fellow to the left here is a preview of the art for one of the Surbrook’s Stuff.  Call it a gut instinct, but I think it involves giant monsters and some Japanese landscape about to get a lot flatter…Hope to have some definite release dates next week, but until then, keep warm, keep gaming, and take it EZ with D3!

Quiet Week, but Stuff is Brewing!

D3Adventures_Logo_webHowdy, everyone. Not a ton of stuff to report, but we have a lot of stuff in the pipeline for upcoming releases!

Michael Surbrook has no less than three new Surbrook’s Stuff articles coming up, everything from a new alien race for sci-fi fans, to some good old horror for hanted house fans, and for you Kaiju lovers, an article on the best way to stomp all over Tokyo!

Joseph Davis has a new Campaign Toybox coming soon, real life is just interfering!

Curtis Baum also offers his apologies that his new Tangent, The Depths of Zealotry,  is not ready yet, he simply caught a tummy bug that laid him flat for a couple of weeks. Just be patient.. this winter has been rough for a lot of us!

Lastly: Michael is getting ready to re-release Here There Be Dragons with a new layout and cover, the second of which was my job for this past Monday (hence the late posting this week).. but i think it was worth the delay. What do you folks think?HTBD-coverblank-12-VERT-2

Quiet Week here, but…

Cover_SmallIf you’re a writer, and you can stop shivering from the Polarpocalypse tormenting thermometers, fingers, toes and everything else in the Northern Hemisphere this week, D3 needs your help!

Paul Caughell is looking for additional freelancers to work on the Shattered Earth setting for Universal Pool. If you are interested and willing to work for royalties, please email pcaughell@d3adventures.com with a writing sample.

More next week!

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Happy Monday!

D3Adventures_Logo_web      It’s a new week here in the happy land of D3, and Curtis Baum coughed up this tidbit for the next Tangent, which he informs me will be dropping around the end of February.
Zach Jernigan brings us epic fantasy action with The Depths of Zealotry.
Eons ago, Maranos waged war against the people of the ancient kingdoms. The war raged for years, but Maranos was finally defeated. His immense power was locked away under the village of Farcaster.
    Now, the village is under attack by an unknown group of assailants. Can the party stop the evil from reawakening?
Otherwise, it’s all quiet  and snow-blown on the Western Front, so til next week:
Stay Warm, Stay Dry, Keep Gaming, and Take it EZ with D3!

Happy Monday from D3 Adventures!

Ft worth cover-final-loGot an itch for some modern horror? Let Curtis Baum’s latest Tangent scratch it.. but be careful.. the Fiends at Forth Worth may scratch a bit deeper than you wanted!

An ancient evil has risen again and is preparing to bring the hordes of Hell to invade Ft. Worth! The dark ritual to open the portal is nearly complete. The only items still needed are the blood and bodies of powerful heroes, like the player characters.  Can the party stop the nefarious plot? Can they overcome a powerful sorceress and her demonic master? The fight awaits in Fiends at Ft. Worth!

Are you ready to put the lives and souls of your player-characters at risk? If so, get ready to cough up $1.99 and point your mouse in the direction of http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/143481/Tangents-6-Fiends-at-Ft-Worth?cPath=4716_9019

We have alot more in the pipeline, real life is just slowing down production a bit for, but if you want to get some D3 gaming action in and you live in Texas, you can meet D3 Head Dog Jason Yarnell at Owlcon in Houston at Rice University on February 6-8th. And Sheena will be demoing the UPS system, so there is that to look forward to as well.

For more info, check out   http://www.owlcon.com/  for more news and information!

We should have more juicy stuff next week, so keep gaming, and take is EZ with D3!

Another Week, Another.. TWO New Releases From D3!

HERSURMichael Surbrook brings us two Surbrook’s Stuff this week! The Grand Melee has rules for running a jousting tournament in a historical or low-magic fantasy setting, for both the Hero System and Pathfinder! Both value-priced at $1.99 each!

If you’re a fan of all those Heroic D6’s, point your browser over to



If, on the other hand, you are PTSURmore of a D20 kinda person, let your browser beat a path over to



10683416_769269479797005_3250525342250708201_o In other news, Paul reports that he has feedback coming in concerning the UPS, and it is overwhelmingly positive!


Curtis Baum has just informed me that the next Tangent!, Fiends of Forth Worth, is in final edits and should be out by this time next week!

And lastly, Joseph Davis shared this from author Ian Cohen for the next :Campaign Toybox: Chaotic Concoctions!

Ironfoam Bomb (Su)*: When an ironfoam bomb impacts a creature or space,it instantly fills that 5 foot cube space with a thick, rapidly expanding silvery foam. Any creature that takes a direct hit from the ironfoam bomb must save against the bomb’s DC or be grappled. The CMD and Escape Artist DC are equal to the bomb’s DC + 5. The space filled by ironfoam acts as a wall that blocks line of sight and line of effect. It has hardness 5 and 15 hp. Merely being in a targeted square allows the creature to move to any near unoccupied square. An alchemist must have the tanglefoot bomb discovery to select this discovery.

It has been an exciting two weeks here so far in 2015 for D3 Adventures, and we have lots more to come yet, so stay tuned, keep gaming, and take it EZ with D3!