Some Kamarathin News!

Grady elliot headshot      Effective immediately, Grady Elliott will be taking over the reins for the Kamarathin Setting, though Jason will stay on as a consulting editor!   Grady was kind enough to share these biographical details, in his own words.

     “Grady Elliott is a wanderer, storyteller, and jack of all trades who hails from the darkest reaches of southeast Illinois. He began playing Champions in its debut year, and brings over three decades of experience with the Hero System, as well as many other RPGs, to D3 Adventures. His previous RPG credits include the Terracide setting for Star Hero.
      “He currently resides in Evansville, Indiana with his girlfriend and six cats, where he works a day job as an oilfield technician. When he isn’t designing RPGs, Grady is otherwise known as the demigod of Rum-Chata, Sarcasm, and Looking Busy.”

Tangents #4: Ragnarok Is Now Available!

TRTime to get your cyberware polished and ready to roll!

For decades, the Ragnarok group has sought to destabilize the current government and large corporations. They have felt the increase in power by these groups to be a direct threat to the survival of humanity and have been fighting in the shadows to bring these organizations down.
Labeled as terrorists by the people they fight against, they have slowly gathered support in their struggle. Due to being vastly outnumbered and financially insignificant, they have only had luck with small scale operations such as destruction of remote facilities (fuel sources, research buildings, etc.)
Within the last couple of years, the organization has seen a drastic increase in violent activity. This is due to two things: the recent promotion of a much less tolerant council chair, and the recruitment of many brilliant scientists and programmers. Among the recent recruits is an incredibly violent programmer who goes by the name of NeoSet.
NeoSet has no concern for life and is determined to bring the entire economic and political system crashing to its knees. He is fully aware that such an aggressive action risks exposing the Ragnarok group and any failure would not be tolerated by the new chair. Therefore, NeoSet has found a small time expendable criminal to release his AI upon the world:
Can you stop him in time?

Happy Sunday from D3 Adventures!

D3Adventures_Logo_webA few tidbits of news for you this week!
Campaign Toybox #3: Fantastic Feats of Leadership has officially been delivered to layout… so it may yet be up this week… just keep an eye out at your favorite sales sites!
Also, from Joe: let’s all welcome Ian Cohen to the team. Ian is already hard at work on Campaign Toybox #4.
In other news, Curtis informs me that his cyberpunk adventure, Tangent: Ragarnok, should be on sale this Tuesday, so get ready for some rocking Mirrorshades action.                                          Paul has a bunch of stuff for the Universal Pool System he has ready, but nothing that he wants to share with the world yet…maybe I can sweet-talk him for next week! It sounds like he is still looking for play-testers, so if you haven’t yet, point your mouse over to Fans of the Universal Pool System and sign up!
copy-headerLastly, all you fans in Texas, Chupacabracon is coming up in a month: your chance to schmooze the D3 Crew!
‘Til next week, keep gaming, and take it EZ with D3!

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Convention News!

copy-header     Hey, does anyone in the Austin, Texas area want to meet the D3 Crew?
      Chupacabracon II will be held at the Norris Conference Center on January 9-11,2015. Besides hobby luminaries like Jeff Dee (TSR) and John Wick (Legend of 5 rings), D3 Adventures will have a booth and be demoing!
     Come by and meet Jason (D3 boss), Joseph Davis (Campaign Toybox Developer), and Sheena Colbath (Universal Pool System).  In addition, Sheena has filled her schedule for the weekend demoing the UPS system, so if you want to give it a spin, now is your chance.
     This is the company’s first convention of 2015, so let’s help D3 kick off 2015 in style!

The Latest Tangent! Book is Ready for Release!

     Curtis has just turned in his new release in the Tangent! line: Ragarnok, a fast-paced bit of computer-themed nastiness involving a hacker group, a bank, and an A-I with its own agenda…
     Ragarnok is TRsystem-neutral, so you can plug it into any cyberpunk or modern game. It comes complete with several maps, all for the low price of $1.99. You can get your copies at RPGnow, DrivethruRPG, and the Paizo store.

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Happy December!

D3Adventures_Logo_web     Happy Monday, Everyone! We hope you enjoyed your Holiday weekend and got some good gaming in in between bouts of turkey and shopping!

We have three tidbits for you this week.
    First off, Paul is still looking for playtesters for the Universal Pool System. If you want to help hammer out the fine points of the rules, head on over to Fans of the Universal Pool System and let him know!10683416_769269479797005_3250525342250708201_o
Secondly, Joseph Davis has the third Campaign Toybox almost ready to go. That darned real life and a random stomach flu has been interfering, but it is coming, an he has promised two more in short order after that!CT logo-color-BKMSmall

     And lastly, Curtis Baum is going great guns on D3’s new Tangent! line! But don’t take my word for it. Let’s let the man himself tell us…



Coming Soon to a Tabletop near You!
 For Sci-Fi Fans, Tangent! Ragnarok! – A dangerous Artificial Intelligence has been loosed on the world.  It is controlling computer systems and automated defenses throughout the city.  Chaos and destruction run rampant.  Can the heroes find the source of the AI and eliminate the real threat?
For Fantasy Fans, Tangent! The Puppetmaster- A master craftsman vanished many years ago without a trace.  Rumors persist of dolls attacking caravans and terrorizing the local village.  Is the artisan the source of these problems?  Can the players end the threat of the Puppetmaster or will they become the latest marionettes?
The Tangent! line exists to help Game Masters fill in adventures where time is limited.  Designed as ideas for any campaign and any level.  They include maps, character descriptions, a full adventure for any game system, and plenty of ideas for future adventures.  Add threats that will challenge your players no matter how experienced they may be.

… Sounds exciting to me!

More next week, and until then.. take it EZ with D3!

Happy Thanksgiving from D3 Adventures!

D3Adventures_Logo_webHappy Thanksgiving from D3 Adventures to you and all yours! May your day be filled with turkey, sweet potatoes , and lots of stuffing! And since you need herbs to make your stuffing great, you might want to point your browser to Herbalism in the Kingdom of Tursh and pick up a few pointers on how to really bring your classic Thanksgiving side-dish to life!

Within Kamarathin there is an art to taking materials from the natural world and working them into a form that will benefit those who would use them.
In  all  things  there  are  those  who  are  trained  and  skilled  in what they do, many a woodsman or chirurgeon can take an herb and mix it in the proper doses to take advantage of its inherent properties, but these people only see the herb as a tool. But there are others that speak to a root’s spirit, to the very idea of an herb. They are  known  as  Attuned  Herbalists  or Apothecaries, and only they know the true ways of bringing the full power of the natural world to help or hinder, poison or cure.
LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01      From the arts of chiurgery and medical science to the secrets of he Attuned, D3 Adventures’ Herbalism explores the power of the natural world and those who wield it within the Kingom of Tursh.
An expansion of the award-winning Kamarathin setting, Herbalism provides players and GMs alike with new tools, terrors, and character options, all powered by the Hero System.
Will these plants, roots, and fungi kill or cure …. only the Attuned know; will you join their ranks?

     At a wallet-easy price of $4.99, you can expand your Kamarathin setting and still have money let over for Black Friday Shopping!

Enjoy your holiday, and we’ll see you next monday! Til then, Take it EZ with D3!

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Happy Monday from D3 Adventures

It has been a bit quiet here in D3ville, due to pesky real life concerns by us happy maniacs, but Joe Davis was kind enough to toss us this tiny but juicy bone from the next Campaign Toybox:

Command of Recovery

Your word carries with it the power to make your allies carry on, even when they feel they can’t.

  • Prerequisite: Leadership, Legendary Leader, Commanding Presence, Leadership Score 15+
  • Benefit: As a standard action, you may expend a use of your Commanding Presence to heal an ally, cohort, or follower within 30 feet a number of hit points equal to your Leadership Score. The recipient must be able to see and hear you to gain the benefits of this feat. You cannot use this feat on yourself.

Campaign Toybox #3: Fantastic Feats of Leadership, from which this is drawn, is going to editing, so should be out before Thanksgiving!

Also, D3 is looking for a few good men (and women)! Joe Davis is looking for writers for Campaign Toybox for upcoming releases and Paul Caughell is still looking for playtesters to hammer out the fine details of the Universal Pool system.

Interested writers can contact Joseph via the Campaign Toybox Facebook page.

People interested in playtesting the UPS may contact Paul via the Universal Pool Facebook page.

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day, so keep in mind that some sacrificed all so that we could play these games. And with that somber thought, we’ll see you next week!

Til then, take it EZ with D3!

Universal Playtest is Live


Playtesting can be a fun and rewarding experience. Not only do you get a firsthand glimpse at what’s coming up, but you get to help with the development of a game supplement. Only a limited number of people are allowed to participate, so please sign up if you’re truly interested. Those that are accepted into the playtest must be willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, this includes players and GM’s.

D3 Adventures is officially opening the first playtest of the Universal Pool System (UPS). Interested parties can post a request in the Fans of Universal Pool System Facebook group or contact Paul Caughell.

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This Week with D3 Adventures

10683416_769269479797005_3250525342250708201_oSome big news on the UPS front! D3’s house system is close enough to done that it needs play-tested, and we need help!

Interested parties look for an announcement in the  group Fans of the Universal Pool System

Be ready to sign an NDA, and to have fun.

ICT logo-color-BKMSmalln other news, Joseph Davis is hot at work on the next Campaign Toybox: Feats of Leadership.

That’s it for the moment, folks! Keep your eyes peeled for the playest announcement, and we’ll see you next week.

‘Til then.. take it EZ with D3!