Aethercon IV: November 13-15

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Free. At your home. In your comfort zone.

On November 13-15, come on out and be a part of the dice rolls heard ’round the world!  D3 Adventures is proud to participate in Aethercon, with a vendor booth, some panels, and an adventure.

On Friday, November 13 at Noon EST to 1:25 PM EST, D3 Adventures CCO, Paul Caughell, will talk on a panel: Writers Block: Getting Started as a Writer in the Gaming Industry, with other industry leaders, Jayson Elliot – TSR/Gygax Magazine and  Michael O’Brian – Chasosium

Saturday, November 14, at 2-3 pm join Paul Caughell, Jason Yarnell, and Curtis Baum, for a publisher question and answer in The Coin and Quill.  Learn more about the Universal Pool System and what D3 Adventures has in the works.

Our John Watson will be running the adventure, Fiends at Ft. Worth on Saturday  right after the publisher question and answer. Learn more about using the Universal Pool System first hand. As an option, you can download the Quickstart guide for free off of Drive Thru RPG.

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11/13 Noon EST Panel: Writer’s Block

11/14 2:00 pm EST Q&A with D3 Adventures

11/14 3:00 pm EST Fiends of Ft. Worth using the Universal Pool System.

Be sure to make a Warhorn account today so you can be part of the action of Aethercon, and be part of the dice rolls heard ’round the world!  Come join D3 Adventures for some tabletop gaming.




Halloween Release of Adventure! By the Blood Moon

By the Blood Moon Pathfinder ModuleLooking for a Pathfinder compatible adventure to run for Halloween or any other event that requires a bit of light horror?

Adventure! By the Blood Moon

The party has completed another successful adventure, but before they can relax an old friend sends them a dire request. When they arrive in Shrindal, they find their friend murdered, but it is only the first in a string of killings by the Cult of Xen’ragast. Who are they targeting? What are they hoping to accomplish? Can they be stopped?  Only the heroes can end their reign of terror.


A Pathfinder compatible adventure for 4-6 characters level 11-13.

Buy it now on DriveThru RPG

Extras! Mystical Guardians: A group of heroes for Pathfinder Occult Adventures

Extras! Mystical Guardians: A group of level 12 heroes for use with the Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game: Occult Adventures

Pathfinder RolePlaying Game: Occult AdventuresHey there GM/DM.  Yes you.  I’m talking to you. 

Tell me, have you ever experienced this?

You have a great adventure all planned out for the gaming session.  You’ve worked hard at CR balance, prayed everyone in the group would make it to the session so you don’t have to make any last minute adjustments.

Suddenly, your players are off track.  They ask 20 questions about the town, the residents, the mission they have taken upon themselves to do.  Suddenly, you are at a loss.

That is what Extras! is for.  It is some tools to help you get the adventure back on track.  It is your Ace in the pocket.  You grab that NPC/GM character and roll with it.  Whether it is a wise scholar you need to give sage advice to the party or the fellow adventurer that can give more information to get the party on the right track toward defeating the threat.

This 21 page PDF has 5 heroes, all level 12, using the new Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game: Occult Adventures book.  As with all material for DMs, take this home, own it, change it up to meet your campaign.  This group is ready to fight evil at your convention right out of the book, or to help your party overcome a high-powered evil.

Included in this package are:

  • Myraness: Undine Spiritualist
  • Xynafa: Sylph Psychic
  • Alazardon: Oread Occultist
  • Tyrmigon: Ifrit Pyrokineticist
  • Ana’Toran: Aasimar Medium

From the author:

When evil hides in the shadows and corrupts the souls of innocents, when it attacks the mind more than the body, when the threat is too insidious for normal adventurers, it is time for Mystical Guardians. The Planar Blooded have gathered to fight against dangers that normal adventurers are unable to oppose. From a sylph who has only been in these realms for a few years to an oread who fought these same evils millennia ago, these Mystical Guardians are ready to use their unusual abilities in your campaign.

Buy Mystical Guardians for use with the Pathfinder® RolePlaying Game: Occult Adventures hereBuy it now on DriveThru RPG



Added bonus, On your honor:

Share this post with your friends, and download a preview of the Cult of Xen’ragast, the evil doers in the upcoming Adventure! By The Blood Moon, by Curtis Baum due late October 2015.

Click here to download the FREE Blood Moon Bonus

Click here to download the FREE Blood Moon Bonus

Blood Moon bonus

Tangent #9: Trade Wars

tangent9“Heavily laden, the ships rested low in the water, waiting…but for what? No one seems to know.”  Can the city’s heroes solve this mystery before it’s too late?”

With “Tangent: Trade Wars” your players are the saviors, or the harbingers of destruction, to this coastal trading port. It’s all in the roll of the dice. The D3 Tangent System works for any tabletop role-playing game, and all levels of adventurers. For $1.99, the newest D3 Adventure can be YOURS, taking you and your players above and beyond. Are you game enough?

Available NOW at, and may the dice be ever in your favor!

The Kingdom of Tursh Awaits!

KamarathinKamarathin: Kingdom of Tursh

Authors: Jason Yarnell, Alec Rosenblit and David E. McGuire

“Kamarathin was beautifully balanced and flawless. The proud and thoughtful work of the philosophers, theologians and minstrels of the A-Ar….then came “The Scale Wars.”

Chaos now reigns, and civilization has fallen… Spirits now roam the mortal realm, twisting the world and its once humble people for their own lusts and desires…

The Old Gods have fallen, and are now forgotten, with the rising of new gods in their place and a Dark Evil growing stronger every day…”

The once-reknowned heroes are dead, their powers and secrets forgotten…or are they? With the rise of this evil, the realm of man has decided to rise up & fight, to renew the famed glory of the old heroes. Bringing honor and glory back to Kamarathin is no job for any mere adventurer… Now, tell me mortal, could that hero be you, or does Kamarathin become shrouded in darkness once more?


Kamarathin: Kingdom of Tursh is the first world book published for the D3 Adventures’ flagship game world of Kamarathin. Kamarathin is a low/dark fantasy game world dedicated towards the Hero System by HERO Games but easily adaptable to any game system. 

 Are you ready to broaden your gaming horizons? For $19.95 “Kamarathin: Kingdom of Tursh” can be yours at, and as always may the dice be ever in your favor!

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Extra! Extra! The Heroines Have it All!

UPHeroinesThe city’s villains have been raving about animals of supernatural strength and ability wiping out their gangs, destroying their hid-outs and all manner of other things. Who are they? They are the Masked Menagerie! Unparalleled Heroines with the best of intentions, stopping thugs in their tracks and fighting to stop the organizations that enslave and terrorize the citizens of their fair city.

Curtis Baum has done it again with “Extras! Unparalleled Heroines” bringing a power level 10 group of female super-heroes that will bring action and adventure to your games in the most unexpected ways. For use with the Mutants & Masterminds Hero’s Handbook, “Extras! Unparalleled Heroines” will take your game to the next level, with ready to play characters sheets and descriptions at your fingertips. So get your dice ready, and prepare for your imagination to be dazzled! Find it TODAY at, and may the dice be ever in your favor!

Weekly Ramble: SCIENCE!

Hi Everybody!

This week, I’d like to introduce our newest product line, SCIENCE!

“Science tells us the world is round and billions of years old.  Of course, science is lying.  It always lies.  The truth is, the world is flat.  And hollow.  And young.  And filled with glue.

Oh, science didn’t tell you about the glue?  Typical.  You should forget about science, and you should join us at SCIENCE! All of us at the Secret Committee to Investigate and Expose Non-Credible Explanations! make it our job to tell the Sheeple how it really is.  Think the continents are drifting? Ridiculous; it’s the oceans that are moving around. Think the moon landings were real?  How is that possible when the moon is fake?!  Think the dinosaurs are extinct?  Tell that to Phil the Allosaur; he’s right behind you.  What’s up, Phil.  Nice tie.

We’re not looking for people who believe what everybody else believes.  The world’s full of suckers like that.  We want the people who are different in their heads.  We want the hacktivists, the bloggers, and the militiamen.  We want the slackers, the wingnuts and the believers in the power of Woo.   If THEY say it’s crazy, it’s probably because it’s TRUE, and if it’s NOT then it OUGHT TO BE.  Join us, and we’ll show the Normals what’s what!”

SCIENCE! is a funny, fast-paced role-playing game set in a world where only the conspiracy theorists are sane.  Players use the MURICA! system of task resolution to rapidly create multiple characters who will stick their noses where they don’t belong, fight the Powers that Be and die hilarious deaths.  Learn what THEY don’t want you to know – for SCIENCE!

SCIENCE! is being developed by Andy Solberg, and should be available for purchase in 2016.

It’s ToyBox Tuesday! Lets take your Druid to the NEXT level!

DRuid TBSeeing as I often play a Druid myself in so many games, I can’t wait to get my hands on this Campaign Toybox so I can take my Druid to the next level! “Nature vs Nurture” by D3 Adventures, makes new spells and archtypes available for your characters.
Druids have always been a versatile class for an adventuring party, with their powerful nature spells and their shape-shifting abilities.This supplement introduces players and Gamemasters to new options for creating a more group-focused Druid.

So show your adventuring party what your Druid can really do, and purchase your copy of Nature and Nurture for 99 cents today at!

Keep the game rolling, and may the dice be ever in your favor!

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New for Universal Pool System, Escape from the Lazurite Mines!

lazuriteEscape from the Lazurite Mines.
“Bandits have plagued Goryn for too long. Baron Kridlare has had enough! But when his own soldiers fight a much fiercer and more organized group of bandits than expected, they need help. The party arrives and heads to the heart of the problem, the village of Dustra. Can they stop the raids and find the leader of these bandits?”

Utilizing the new Universal Pool System by D3 Adventures, your gaming group will embark on a novel adventure. This includes five heroes with complete character sheets and quick start rules for the system. It’s time to grab your dice and seek glory in an easy to learn and fun to play game system!

For $4.99, find your next epic gaming experience at, and may the dice be ever in your Favor!

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Taking your Fighter to the MAX in the Kingdom of Tursh!

D3062515 Pit Fighting in the Kingdom of Tursh “For the rare few who live in the pits and arenas long enough, they develop skills and abilities that exemplify the art of their profession. For whatever reason, these individuals have survived, evolved and chosen to remain in one of the most deadly professions imaginable.”

With this multi system fighter template, bring your fighter into your game with a bang. You’ll love this whether your character is a criminal fighting for freedom, a champion fighting instead of their employer, or a brawler fighting in taverns and local faires for a few coins.  For $0.99 you can set your fighter to the max for your next adventure. Are you game enough? Find it today at, and may the dice be ever in your favor!  

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