Campaign Toybox #2 Is Now Live!

This month’s Campaign Toybox details the Aigulf, a close-knit race of canids with a strong tradition of tribal families. This new race for the Pathfinder Roleplaying game comes complete with feats and a new Archetype; the Clan Skald. Get more in touch with your parties pack mentality today, all for less than the cup of java at your local coffee shop! headshot

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And the D3 Tribe Grows Again!

Everyone, please welcome Curtis Baum to the team!  Curtis will be taking over the Adventures! Product line, which revolves around creating adventure modules and paths for various systems as well as continuing the system-less Tangents line.

A resident of Utah, Curtis has been involved in tabletop gaming for over 30 years. He has contributed to multiple publications including magazines, and hardback adventure collections. His other works include several fantasy modules published by multiple third party publishers. He has also worked with multiple artists, authors, and publishers in organizing gaming events.

More news next week, and until then…

Take it EZ with D3.. except for you, Curtis.. you need to get to work!

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Enter the Aigulf

Campaign Toybox 2 is done editing, and just needs to be typeset, so it should be out later this week.. to tide you over, a quickie headshot of this issue’s topic, those friendly canids, the Aigulf!Aigulf headshot


I’ll post when the article (and the rest of the illustration) is available for sale…

til then, Take it EZ with D3!

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This Week With D3!

Hey, everyone! It’s a bit quiet here at D3, but Joe Davis kindly shared this bit from the second Campaign Toybox, detailing a new race, the Aigulf.

The Aigulf are a close-knit race of canids, who hail from a strong tradition of tribal families. This new race for the Pathfinder Roleplaying game comes complete with feats and a new Archetype; the Clan Skald. Get more in touch with your parties pack mentality today!

Out soon, we’ll post sales info as soon as it is available! More next week, and until then…

Keep it EZ with D3!

Shattered Earth preview: the Big Easy, post-apocalypse style!

Campaign Toybox #2 is out of editing, and will be out later this week! Keep an eye out here for the sales info, and have your credit cards ready for a fresh dose of PAthfindery goodness!

Also: fresh up this week, a lengthy glimpse at the world of The Shattered Earth, D3’s game of superheroics in a truly unique setting, set for a 2016 publication date!

The area now known as Noram spans the remnants of Canada and the United States, and its terrain and environs are as varied as the landscape of those nations once were. Desert dominates the south and the far north. Ragged mountain ranges pepper the edges of some fragments, home to mining communities that trade the fruit their subterranean labors with neighboring farming communities living under an artificial sun or growing their crops under sparkling webs of light. Trade caravans ply well-traveled routes between major settlements and far-flung outposts. Enterprising adventurers venture into the ruins of long-lost cities destroyed during the Sundering and return with relics of a forgotten time, the detrius of a civilization now lost.

Noram has the largest amount of liquid surface water still in existence in Shattered Earth. The largest of the rivers, once known as the Mississippi, is now known as the Great Snake and splits the landscape of Noram just as certainly as rifts to the core do. The Great Snake is laced with visceroj, with deposits littering its banks. Some enterprising mages in the past attempted to divert the river in the hopes of accessing a rich vein of visceroj rumored to lay beneath the river itself, but their efforts failed and they were doomed to live on as a cautionary tale to Noram’s magically-inclined. There are also several large lakes in Noram, some of which exist mostly underground and extend to the surface, including Lake Crystallus, near the major settlement of Phantas.

The central hub of trade and magecraft in Noram is Inferno, which lays sandwiched between the broken terrain of the Geneva Waste, the Garnet Rift, and the Great Snake in central Noram. The saying goes that all roads in Noram lead to Inferno, and the saying is likely true. Due to its status as a trade hub in the wild landscape of Noram, Inferno has a reputation for being a rough town for the uninitiated–a visit to the city is a rite of passage for any would-be adventurer or caravaner plying the trade lanes of Noram.

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Woohoo! Campaign Toybox is Live!

Can’t get enough of popular Pathfinder system? Neither can we… that’s why D3 Adventures has started the Campaign Toybox… monthly releases of new rules, classes, and creatures to enhance your gaming experience, all priced to be friendly to your wallet at a mere ninety-nine cents, so you can afford to stock up on munchies and more dice for your next gaming session!

Our first release takes another look at that hallowed character class, the Bard, with a variety of new Bard-specific feats and spells. As a bonus, this issue also expands on the concept of the bard by introducing the Maestro Prestige class.

Now available at :

It’s Monday, and you know what that means… news from the D3 Adventures crew!

First off, Paul has posted this bit from the Shattered Earth!

The world of the Shattered Earth campaign setting for the Universal Pool System is an environment destroyed by the meddling of men and daemons, a world with only the barest glimmers of the familiar. Knocked free from the reality we know, the Earth of Shattered Earth drifts as a broken remnant of itself, trapped with blood-red Luna in a liminal space between the reality we know and a hell-dimension ruled by daemons and worse.

The Shattered Earth campaign setting guide will give you the tools you need to run a game in the Shattered Earth campaign setting, including information on races (the Redeemed), racial variants (the Unscathed), and threats (daemons, senviva) unique to the setting, magic rules, and the unique terrain of the world. As always, these rules are rooted in the Universal Pool System rules. You will need to have the Universal Pool System core rulebook in order to make the most of the setting guide you are about to read.

Welcome to Shattered Earth. Adventure awaits among the drifting fragments of the

If you haven’t joined the Shattered Earth Facebook page yet, point your mouse towards

Secondly, the first issue of Campaign Toybox is almost ready to roll, with the second issue.. I’ll post the sales site info as soon as it goes live, so have your credit cards ready!

And lastly, Jason is hard at work on a brand-new world, Idril, for the fifth edition f the world’s most popular fantasy role-playing game.

And don’t forget, if you have a hankering to work in the gaming industry, we are still looking for line editors for Science!, Neptune City, and Adventure. Drop us a line if you’re so inclined, and until next week…

Take it EZ with D3!

Monday news from the Happy Maniacs at D3 Adventures!

Got a lot of news for you folks today.

First off, D3 is hiring! We are looking for line editors for the following products:

Science!               D3’s humorous RPG of conspiracies and investigative wackiness

Neptune City     Hardboiled superhero action setting

Adventure          Classic-style old-school fantasy adventures, ready to play!

Prospective line editors will be responsible for creating the bible for the product line, finding additional writers, artist and layout people, and generally shepherding the game from concept to published product. This position pays out of a royalty pool.

Secondly, Campaign Toybox’s inaugural release should be out for your reading and gaming pleasure within the next week or so! Break out your lutes and pan-pipes and get ready to see the Bard in a whole new light.

Lastly, the art keeps rolling on in! We have the spiffy colorized logo for the UPS (Universal Pool System) in the house, courtesy of the amazing Mark Quire. Check out for more samples of his great work!

And that is not all. Mark also slammed the ball out of the part with the logo for Shattered Earth.

Pretty spiffy, eh? Makes you wonder what we might see by next week!

Til then, take it EZ with D3!10683416_769269479797005_3250525342250708201_o 10655365_769269489797004_8086332180471967183_o