Weekly Ramble: Comicpalooza Aftermath, New Product Lines, and John Watson

Hi Everybody!

D3 had a fantastic time at Comicpalooza over the weekend, and we showcased the Universal Pool System for a lot of interested people, including some luminaries of the RPG publishing industry (whom we’re really hoping to get feedback from). I’d like to thank our awesome team of GMs (Joseph Davis, Sheena Colbath, Tom Olson, and John Watson) for all their hard work this weekend. Keep reading to see some pictures of our team at the con.

In honor of our attendance at Comicpalooza, Joseph Davis created this little bit of pathfindery goodness:

Con Crud
Type disease, inhaled; Save Fortitude DC20
Onset 1 day; Frequency 1/day
Effect 2 Str damage and 2 Con damage, Exhaustion
Typically attributed to fatigue from long gatherings at educational or arcane conventions, the ‘Con Crud’ as it’s been referred to is the bane of the hard-working entertainer and enthusiast. Easy to catch, and terrible to have, getting rid of the Con Crud typically involves copious amounts of rest. Each day you have the crud after onset, the DC to get rid of it is reduced by 1, and if you rest the full day, you receive a special +4 Circumstance bonus on the Fortitude check to get rid of the disease. While you are afflicted with the Con Crud, you are exhausted, and no effect short of magic can remove it.

In other news: Over the weekend, we also hired a new Line Developer, Jim Cook. Jim is starting up our new Superheroes line, Quantum Collapse, which will be built on the Mutants and Masterminds v3 system. We’re really excited about his plans for the line and I’ll be talking about them more in other rambles.

Curtis Baum is also working hard on expanding his Adventures! line with some new products that you’re sure to enjoy.  More on those in later rambles as well.

This week’s Contributor Spotlight falls on the ever-humble John Watson:

John F. Watson has been involved in tabletop role-playing games since the mid-90s. From traditional fantasy to hard science fiction, he has played and run games from nearly every genre.

John was first published in 2015 by D3 Adventures, with  Tangents!: Fiends at Ft. Worth – a modern day fantasy adventure. He published other things the same year and is currently working on other projects that he hopes will be published soon.

A native Texan, he currently resides in Pennsylvania with his fiancée Erin, dog Ragnar, and three ferrets – Hope, Oscar and Sepia.

John really is selling himself short here. He’s working as a co-developer on a very big project with me, which we’re hoping we should be able to start talking about in a few months.

And now, it’s picture time!

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The New Campaign Toybox “Wood” be Awesome If It Weren’t Already Great!

image description

Out now to spruce up your gaming and inspire no end of Pythonesque “shrubbery” comments from your players… at least until a tree comes to life and leaves him slammed against the nearest wall…

Can’t get enough of popular Pathfinder system? Neither can we… that’s why D3 Adventures has started the Campaign Toybox… monthly releases of new rules, classes, and creatures to enhance your gaming experience, all priced to be friendly to your wallet at a mere ninety-nine cents, so you can afford to stock up on munchies and more dice for your next gaming session!

Druids have always had the distinction of being one of the most versatile classes in an adventuring party. From their powerful nature spells to their shapeshifting abilities, Druids often make a welcome addition to any group.

Despite their many advantages, Druids have struggled to fill the role of an effective healer and support for a group due to the majority of their abilities affecting only themselves.

In nature, some animals are loners, and some work together in packs to support one another. Druids traditionally are the representatives and protectors of nature and should be able to reflect all aspects of it including that of being a member of a pack.

This supplement introduces players and Gamemasters to new options for creating a more group-focused Druid.

So get ready to get lean, mean, and extremely green!


Stay tuned later this week for more news! Until then, eat your veggies,and take it EZ with D3!

The Weekly Ramble: More Con News, Flash Sales, and Job Openings

Hi Everybody!

This is the last time I’m going to talk about Comicpalooza before the Con, I promise.  Our President, Jason Yarnell, is going to be there this weekend, along with a talented troupe of gamemasters to show off our products, including the upcoming Universal Pool System.

As I mentioned last week, we’re going to be running flash sales on D3 products in June.  The first sale will be on June 10th, and you will be able to purchase every product in the Kamarathin line for 50% off.  Kamarathin is D3’s award-winning Low-Fantasy setting for HERO System.  On June 24th, we’ll run a flash sale on the Tangents! line, marking Tangents! #1 through #5 down 50%. The Tangents! are great products for Gamemasters that need fresh ideas or just want something new to throw at their players with minimal preparation.

D3 Adventures is currently hiring Line Developers for multiple product lines.  A Line Developer controls the vision of the product line, and drives development from concept to product release, hiring contractors and coordinating them to create a coherent product.  If you are interested in this type of work, please contact me via email at pcaughell@d3adventures.com.

This week, we’re going to close with a spotlight on another Line Developer, Michael Surbrook, of Surbrook’s Stuff.

Michael Surbrook started gaming way back in 1977, playing in a number of short-lived ‘hack-and-slash’ Dungeons and Dragons games. Other systems followed—Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Rolemaster, Traveller, The Fantasy Trip… but nothing really stuck until he encountered Champions in 1985. Almost immediately taken with the “build what you want” concept behind the HERO System, he’s played it almost exclusively ever since. This enthusiasm eventually resulted in his first published work—Kazei 5, an anime-cyberpunk-style setting for 4th Edition HERO System.
Since then, he’s written the 5th Edition version of Ninja Hero, The Asian Bestiary Volumes 1 & 2, and Fantasy Hero Complete for Hero Games. Kazei 5 2nd Edition,Ghosts, Ghouls, and Golems, and Larger Than Life for BlackWyrm Games. He has contributed material to Fantasy Flight Games’ Dark Heresy and Rogue Traderproduct lines, and has written Here Be Dragons, Empty Rooms and Vacant Windows, “Oh No, There Goes Tokyo”, and The Grand Melee for D3 Adventures.


The Weekly Ramble: Cons, Flash Sales, and Curtis Baum

Hi Everybody!

I have lots of things to talk about this week.  First off, a reminder that D3 Adventures will be running demos of the Universal Pool System at Comicpalooza NEXT WEEKEND!!! Everyone is beyond excited about this, we can’t wait to show off the latest revision of our in-house developed system.

Next week, we have a new release coming from Joseph Davis’s Campaign Toybox series, focusing on the Druid class and providing new archetypes, feats, and a new domain.

Next month, D3 Adventures will be running flash sales on DrivethruRPG.  We’ll be offering 50% off of all the titles in the Kamarathin line, and most of the titles in the Tangents! line, so you don’t want to miss this! I’ll tell you more about which days we’ll be holding the sales, so stay tuned here.

And last, but not least, I wanted to include a regular feature in my posts to highlight the folks doing all the hard work behind the scenes here at D3.  Today, we’ll be looking at Curtis Baum, the Line Developer for Tangents!

Curtis has been playing various role-playing games since he was a child. Initially starting with Dungeons and Dragons (boxed set), he quickly diversified to several different game systems.

His first published work was an internet fan collection which dated back to at least 1996, The Gallery of Magical Blades, where he contributed a holy sword. Since then, he has been a contributing author, author, and editor on over a dozen projects, most within the last 3 years.

At D3 Adventures, he has written two modules and been Line Developer for three. He recently took the reins of the Tangent! line of system-less adventure ideas. He is currently working on fleshing out the Adventures! line which will feature system specific modules including both free standing and campaign oriented adventures.

Today, he works from home and teaches his two daughters the fine art of gaming. He games an average of twice per week, including online. He currently plays Pathfinder, Shadowrun, and Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. He attends several conventions per year and is always looking for a good game.


A Belated Happy Monday from D3 Adventures!


Things have been hectic for a lot of us here at D3 Adventures, hence the relative quiet of late! however, we have a new COO, Paul Caughell, and we plan on moving things into the fast lane starting this coming week.

In the meantime, let’s jump in the Wayback Machine and set the dial for adventure Specifically, Sebastian Birthelmer’s The Followers of Moxa!

From the ad text:

The forest hides many things.

      Deep within the shadows of the trees, a small village conceals dark secrets. A cult, with an age-old blood pact and led by a nearly-immortal man, feasts on travelers and wanderers. As fewer travelers roam into the village on accident, the cultists have gone on the offensive, lacing the forest with traps and kidnapping parties.

  Soon, the forest will be shunned as the word of disapperances and tales of bloody-handed murder spread. The cult will spread beyond its borders, carrying the worship of their wicked goddess beyond its borders on a campaign of murder and terror.

      Can your band of adventurers confront the Followers of Moxa and defeat their bloody crusade…or will they become its latest victims?


      As Gamemasters, we do a lot of preparation in order to put on a good show for our players. Fairly often, all of our work goes right out the window when the party zigs where we expect them to zag.

      Tangents are designed to help the Gamemaster in these situations. We’ve done the hard work for you: creating a detailed location complete with a map, NPCs, plot hooks to get the players involved, and myriad content and ideas to cover your campaign as much or as little as you need. Each Tangent is system-less, generic enough to fit in any genre-appropriate setting, and contains enough content for at least one night of gameplay.

So if it’s your turn to pummel your players, point your mouse to http://www.rpgnow.com/product/119672/Tangents-3-The-Followers-of-Moxa?term=Followers+of+Moxa, and have $1.99 ready!

More current news next week as we enter a new era here, but ’til then, keep those dice rolling, along with some Goblin-heads, and take it EZ with D3!




Big news from D3!

Hi Everybody, I’m Paul Caughell, the line developer for Universal Pool System and D3 Adventures’ new Chief Creative Officer. I’ll be updating you on Wednesdays regarding developments in our product lines, upcoming releases, and other important news.

The Universal Pool System Players’ Guide has finished another major revision and is approaching completion. You can test out the latest revision at Comicpalooza, May 22nd through the 25th, where D3 will have 4 Game Masters (including two of the authors of the system, Sheena Colbath and Tom Olson, and Joe Davis, the line developer for D3’s Campaign Toybox!) running the Escape from the Lazurite Mines adventure (Also written by Sheena) as a demo of the system. The Lazurite Mines will be released soon after Comicpalooza as a stand-alone module in our Adventures! line, along with a Quickstart Guide that contains a condensed set of rules for the system. So, stop by the D3 Adventures booth at Comicpalooza for an advanced look at the Players Guide for Universal Pool, and sit in on one of the demo sessions!

D3 is also looking for someone to work on developing a Superheroes setting line for either HERO system, or Mutants and Masterminds. If you’re interested, please email pcaughell@d3adventures.com.

That’s all for this week.  Check back again next Wednesday!

It’s Terrific Tuesday Here At D3 Adventures!

D3Adventures_Logo_web Hey, true-believers! It’s been a quiet week here in D3land, so I thought I’d turn the spotlight on some of our older products!
Who here plays superhero games? Good, because here is a supers product you might not have seen yet: USA-50 West!

    The best nation on Earth deserves the best heroes for its defense. Whether they walk the boulevards of Hollywood, look over the oil fields of the North Slope, or can hike the Grand Canyon on the way to grandma’s house, the heroes of the western United States stand strong in the face of injustice.       
    They are the chosen few, the best super-heroes each state of the union can offer, forged into a team that makes a mighty weapon against evil. They help you make sure you know who’s running the country. They protect the USA from all enemies, foreign and domestic, and the Attorney General has them on speed-dial.

With glorious four-color artwork by such gaming luminaries as Brian LeBlanc (White Wolf) and Andy Taylor (ICONs), USA-50: West offers up half-a-continent’s worth of stare-themed superheroes ready to drop into any Champions campaign! At 118 pages for the low price of $7.95, USA-50 is… dare we say it. a SUPER deal!
So put on your domino mask and your union suit, strap on your cape, descend into your secret headquarters under your mansion, and heroically point your mouse towards http://www.rpgnow.com/product/86910/USA50-West to augment your Arsenal of Justice!
That’s it for this week, do-gooders! Next week, I promise to stop pretending to be Stan Lee.. but ‘til then, true believers, keep’em flying, keep gaming, and take it EZ with D3!

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It’s a Tip-Top Tuesday for Tangets! Fans!

tangentUp today for your old-school fantasy, monster-bashing needs!

Eons ago, an ancient evil was trapped beneath the village of Farcaster.  Now, however, dark forces are working in the shadows of the city.  Cultists roam the streets.  Villagers are disappearing.  Messengers seeking assistance have vanished.  The city needs heroes.  Can the party restore the ancient wards are defeat the mighty Maranos?

The Depths of Zealotry is systems-agnostic, so that with a few minutes work, you can plug it into whatever fantasy game you want, and it will only cost you a wallet-friendly $1.99! So sharpen your +1 Sword, prepare your Fireball spell, and drink a pre-emptive Potion of Healing or two, then point your browser to http://www.rpgnow.com/product/147701/Tangents-7-The-Depths-of-Zealotry and get to work! Those monsters won’t just slaughter themselves, after all!

More news next week, and until then…

Take it EZ with D3!

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Happy Haunted Tuesday from D3 Adventures!

Haunted Houses {3-4-15}-2.pdfLast week, we promised you some thrills, chills, and mysteriously creaking floors, and today, Michael Surbrook kept his promise!
Get ready for Halloween several months early with the latest Surbrook’s Stuff. Empty Rooms and Vacant Windows details how to create haunted houses for the Hero System. With sections on the different varieties of haunted houses (everywhere from deep in the local swamp to deep in space), how to populate said haunted houses, and common tropes of the haunted house genre, this pdf is your one-stop shopping mall for giving your players some nightmares.
As if that were not enough, Empty Rooms and Vacant Windows also offers the Old Skinner Place as a sample haunted house. It seems that Old Man Skinner killed himself back in the ‘thirties, and never really left the house. But his ghost is not alone drifting over the dusty floors of this decrepit locale on the outskirts of town. So go ahead and scream when someone puts his hand on your shoulder, even though you are alone. There’s no one to hear. And no one to help…

So grab your credit card, point your browser over to http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/146894/Empty-Rooms-and-Vacant-Windows, cough up $.99, and get to haunting!

More next week, and until then..

Take it EZ with D3!

Are You Ready for Some Krushing Kaiju Action?

atomic monster coverRejoice, all you fans of Gamera, Rodan, and a certain 400 foot tall, fire-breathing dinosaur (you know the one…name rhymes with Odzilla)! Michael Surbrook is back with a new edition of Surbrook’s Stuff he is calling  Oh, No, There Goes Tokyo!, focusing on that peculiar movie genre referred to as kaiju.

With an extensive history of the origins of rubber-monster movies from Them! to more recent outings, as well as rules for creating (and destroying!)  for the Hero System, the latest Surbrook’s Stuff has everything you need to re-enact your favorite kaiju movies!

So if you’ve got a hankering for an evening of city-stomping fun, point your browser in the direction of the giant green dinosaur and get ready to cough up $1.99.. an amount that was, coincidentally, about the same as the FX budget for many of these movies!

That’s it for this week, folks! Tune in next Wednesday, when we’ll be trading in our radioactive dooms for something a bit more low-key and a lot creepier!

‘Til then, keep gaming, keep destroying those toy tanks and buildings, and most of all, take it EZ with D3!

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