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Some tidbits of news from the happy maniacs at D3 Adventures!

First off, Paul Caughell presents the logo for the Universal Pool System, which will eventually become D3 Adventures’ house system. Pretty spiffy, eh? And the color version, which will be the one of the covers of upcoming books, will look even better! The UPS will make its debut with the 2016 release of the Shattered Earth, D3’s apocalyptic superhero setting. To keep up on all the news on that game, subscribe to Fans of the Shattered Earth at


Secondly, in case you missed it, Joseph Davis, our Campaign Toybox guru sat down with fine folks at Warlock’s Games And Beer to chew the fat and talk about his plans for his Pathfinder supplement series. To give it a listen-to if you haven’t yet, point your browser over to


Lastly, and while we are on the topic of Campaign Toybox … Do you have ideas for the Pathfinder game that blow your fellow players out of the water? When you run a game, do your players look forward to the custom-built monsters, magic items, and house rules you’ve whipped up? Want to share those ideas with the rest of the world, and maybe make a little extra spending green (we are talking the gaming industry, so I do mean a little here!). Joseph is looking for authors and artists to help him with the Campaign Toybox. Interested parties may reach him at


That’s it for this week. Tune in next Monday, and to check if anything new crops during the coming week, subscribe to


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Welcome , Michael Surbrook!

And the demented little clan of contribuotrs for D3 Adventures grows again, withe the
addition of Michael Surbrook, who will be in charge of “Surbrook’s stuff!”

A sixteen year veteran of the gaming industry, Michael has worked done work in the past for Fantasy Flight Games, Hero Games, and Blackwyrm Games. With Surbrook’s Stuff, he will be publishing a vast array of new information for the Hero System, with three articles already written and almost ready for publication, and more in the pipeline!

Keep up on all the news for D3 Adventures at https://www.facebook.com/pages/D3-

Prodigal Son

So the press release is out. For us this is a rather significant event. For me this is much more. For me this is a return to the beginning.

I started this company as a way to publish this setting that had been rolling around in my head for years. It was a fever dream that was so very different than anything I had been able to play and it could only be done right by utilizing the Hero System.
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For Immediate Release!

July 3, 2014
For immediate release:

D3 Adventures of Houston Texas is proud to announce its new publishing initiative which includes several new game lines. D3 will be aggressively publishing books covering an exciting variety of genres, including:

Kamarathin: Kingdom of Tursh, the company’s award-winning, Hero-powered flagship title of low-magic fantasy, is returning with new organization, new art, and new writing, including new information on Sanguinaria, the dark wizardry that created Vampyres.

Irshaanic Confluence: by Clinton Boomer, a high octane plug-&-play planar adventure setting and toolkit that you can add to your ongoing Pathfinder campaign in mere minutes. The natives of Irshaa are high-tech, exotic creatures with a mix of alien cultures & weird powers, enhanced by the spirits of their gods, fleeing an artificial paradise-world ravaged by the Maelstrom … and they’re ready to invade your ripe, healthy reality.

The Shattered Earth: by Paul Caughell, a dark take on the superhero genre set in a world after a mystic accident has destroyed Time…and most of the Earth as we knew it. But while the cataclysm stole the sun from the sky and left the world in chunks, it left behind powerful magics…magics you are determined to use to regain the world. It’s your turn to try to survive the Shattered Earth, powered by the new Universal Pool System and starting 2016!

Science!: by Bradley K. McDevitt: a satirical take on the conspiracy genre. As reporters for the National Science Journal website, your team’s job is to cover the science news. It would be a straight-forward job, except for the aliens, mad scientists, crypto-zoological critters and the occasional sentient hamburgers you keep running afoul of… usually five minutes before deadline…

Campaign Toolbox: supplements for Paizo’s Pathfinder role-playing game, covering everything from new information for existing classes , new races, new feats for mastermind-style characters, and much, much more, every month, starting this September!

And that is not all! With a release schedule of products at least twice a month across the board, D3 Adventures also has a full-blown superhero setting in the works, as well as its own house-system, premiering in 2016. Also coming soon, we will be premiering Adventures!, system-agnostic Old School adventures for your fantasy needs.

You can expect great things coming from D3 Adventures, and you can help! We currently need both artists and authors to help flesh out our staff of freelancers, and starting in November 2014, we will need playtesters to make sure all our great ideas are as great as we think they are!

To receive regular updates and get to know the D3 crew, go to our website and subscribe to our Facebook page.

For other information, please feel free to contact company president Jason Yarnell at jyarnell@d3adventures.com or social media organizer Bradley K. McDevitt at bkmcdevitt@yahoo.com.

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Tears of Joy

As I work on reorganizing the D3 Adventures product lines and transition myself out and the new Line Editors in, I find myself feeling a very strange mix of sadness/loss and enormous relief. Already the Line Editors are ravenously devouring the settings and making changes that showcase their individual talents and tastes and with each one I feel a pang of over-protectiveness and then that is immediately sweetened by the excitement of fresh ideas. This is an exciting time to be sure.

Excitement! Drama!

So the hiring sign has worked some pretty fantastic, wonderful, amazing magic! I am truly humbled by the talent that has contacted me and accepted my fragile offerings. Details will be coming soon, to be sure, but I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm completely. Three product lines have new parents and we are getting a social media/marketing guru to boot. Our presence in the market will be growing exponentially in the coming months.

So keep your eyes on this page as we will have a full announcement coming before International Buy Jason Stuff Day.

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Now Hiring

D3 Adventures is currently reorganizing it’s business model. We currently have four product lines (Kamarathin, Irshaanic Confluence, Shattered Earth, and Science!) that are in need of Line Editors. This person is given the responsibility of hiring the contractors for his product line titles and sets the schedule for his deliveries. He works directly with the CEO to determine the product schedule and to set the tone and style of each product line based on the original concepts laid out by Jason.

In addition, we are looking for a social media/marketing person that is able to increase our visibility among the various social media outlets, create marketing releases and help organize demo GM’s for various conventions. This person will work directly with the CEO and the Line Editors.

All of the above positions are commission based. Please contact Jason Yarnell (jyarnell@d3adventures.com) directly for more information.

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