Infinite Dungeon Update

Hello everyone,

Just a quick, short update concerning the Infinite Dungeon. I am currently in talks with a popular company about partnering up to co-publish the Infinite Dungeon. I have tasked Brett Barkley (my go to artist for past D3 projects) with creating an art order for the Infinite Dungeon.

Once this is finished, the talks will get finalized and, ideally, a workable deal will be hammered out. This will end up with every piece of art, except the cartography, being completely redone, with an actual timeline for completion.

D3 Adventures Updates

Hello all,

As you know, D3 Adventures has been pushed back in my life priorities for many reasons, all of them excellent and realistic. But, that does not mean that things are not moving forward. I have locked down my current “focus”, or rather foci, for projects moving forward and here are the updates for those:

Infinite Dungeon

Bum, bum, bummmmmmmmm
Okay, so not so dramatic. But I do have good news. Negotiations with the “as-yet-unnamed” company are finished. We are just waiting on contracts to be written and signed and I am working on the art order for the dungeon. All of the art is being created at once by this company and some of the finished art will be completely redid. The goal being to raise the bar on the entire product. The current maps will remain as is, though they still need to be labeled/numbered as appropriate.

So, what does this mean? It means that the ID will be co-published through theĀ ”as-yet-unnamed” company while D3 retains the IP. This also opens the door for future development of the ID and other benefits I can’t discuss as yet. For backers, this changes nothing other than the guarantee of a quality product beyond the capabilities of D3 by ourselves.
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Headache Creation

So turns out headaches are good for something. Sitting here trying to get rid of it when this idea cropped up for a setting. Had to write it down before I forgot it. may revisit it in the near future. I’m seeing “power armor” that is powered by bound spirits. Undead hunters using magical “blasters”. Organic looking body armor with hybrid living organism gadgets. Flying “ships” that travel between the broken pieces of Earth. etc.

My name is Yobachi Thambo. My people, my family reach back to a land once called Africa. This land, and many others, are spoken of in our histories. None alive can remember any such place and say that those lands are just stories to be told to our children so that they may dream of a time not was not like ours. A time where there is hope, perhaps even light.

Some bards and storytellers will begin their tales “It was a time of darkness…” or “It was a dark and stormy night…”. these ancient scribes knew not of what they spoke. They wrote with the knowledge and safety that a warm sun brings. The confidence that the night would give way to day. I do not live in such times. I have never seen the sun. At least, not the glowing orb that once charged the world with life.

Here, on this Earth. In this time. The sun is a cold, ghostly disc that struggles to shine even the faintest of light upon us. It is no more radiant than the Moon once was and just as cold and unforgiving. Luna, for all her past glory is a harbinger of death. For when she rises, the sky rains down fiery rocks, her gravity knocking loose the debris from Earths shattering.

Our ancestors unleashed a darkness upon this world. One the ripped through the walls of time and space and seeded itself within the minds of our elders. It spread, tearing apart the nations, causing war the likes of which had not been seen since the first life crawled from the primordial soup of prehistory. These wars fell into chaos where butchery and the degradation of the mortal form reached pinnacles of debauchery that remain indescribable.

No one survived untouched. The darkness was in all minds, flowed through all veins and soaked into all flesh. It feasted. It reveled. Then it left. Suddenly, without warning, the darkness left this planet and when it did, the Earth broke in half and the sun became the ghostly form it is now. Now our world, shattered, broken beyond all recognition floats through space. It’s tattered remains floating along side it, massive chunks of rock hovering like floating islands. An egg cracked open.

Those left behind were no longer consumed with the carnal lusts. Instead they were left with the knowledge of what they had done, their psyches just as broken as their world. The strong, recovered. The weak eventually died or were consumed by those who were dead when the darkness left.

Our ancestors rebuilt. They gathered into tribes. They built towns. They learned to survive in this new world. They discovered and mastered a new tool. Magic. Magic was now on Earth. A residue left by the darkness. A slimy cast-off turned to a new purpose. Armed with this new weapon, humanity gained the much needed advantage over the nightmares that followed in the wake of the darkness. Alien beings with mind bending forms, things our early ancestors once called demons stalked us in the constant dark. Even our dead rose to claim more victims. but with magic we had the tools, the strength, the will to survive.

And we did. In a fashion.

Banding together was always a strength of humanity. But that strength only went so far. Once we reached a certain tipping point we slipped into our old habits. Soon, people from other cities, other towns, became suspect. Our tribal fears rose up in our minds. Life became more about Us vs. Them. It did not matter that we were all trying to survive against the creatures beyond our walls. we had magic. We had strength. We brandished that energy like torches in the night, we knew deep down that our magic, our values, our history was greater than anyone elses and we were going to prove it to them.

Once again wars erupted as city-state fought city-state. Weaker, smaller villages and towns were conquered or completely wiped out. For some it seemed that the darkness had returned, afraid to face the truth of humanities inability to get along for any real length of time.

Those wars continue, though most have sought out tenuous truces. They did nothing to stop the monsters between our borders. If anything it only made them stronger. Now we struggle to survive. Some try to refocus our efforts upon making the world a safer place, others, far too many others, try only to increase their own lot in life and the rest of us be damned.

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Where we be

So OwlCon was a blast. Reconnected with friends and reopened some business contacts and just generally hung out and had a bunch of laughs.

So now that I am waiting for the next convention I thought I’d update folks on the current state of affairs.

Infinite Dungeon is still waiting on art. Discussions continue regarding a possible partnership that will speed up the release.

Irshaa development is currently on hold as I have reached a point where I am waiting on game mechanics.

As I wait, I’ve turned my attention back to the revision of Kamarathin and have finally settled on folding the Book of Spirits into the main setting book. This means I can now setup an outline to guide me through what needs revising.


Hello all,

Just a reminder that I will be at the OwlCon registration desk tomorrow night from 1400 until 1930 and again Saturday morning from open until ~1400.

Stop by and say howdy and chat about D3 Adventures or even your favorite character.

What To Work On?


ADHD kicking in. Can’t decide what to work on. Doctrines for the various religions in the Kingdom of Tursh revision? Random character background generator for the Kingdom of Tursh? The Oread culture for Irshaanic Confluence? The first two levels of ‘The Bones of the Magocracy’ adventure path for Irshaanic Confluence? Sleep? A hot bubble bath? My garden?


Infinite Dungeon and Refunds

Hello all,

I just received the first email about refunds for a backer of the Infinite Dungeon kickstarter and I wanted to make sure that this gets stated up front.

I am in no way associated with that kickstarter. I did not receive any funds from the kickstarter or from Mike Nystul.

If you are seeking to no longer receive the finished book, then I will be able to remove you from the list.

However, if you are looking to recoup any financial loss or acquire any of the promised extras (beyond the PDF and printed copy of the book), you will need to contact Mr. Nystul.

So, to be perfectly clear: I and D3 Adventures are not responsible for anything that was promised by Mike Nystul nor are we responsible for any of the funds that were raised by him from any source.

I understand that this was a less than ideal end result for such a successful kickstarter, and it is with that understanding that we have agreed to finalize, print and ship the copies for the backers on our own dime. No money for this rescue has come from Mike or his kickstarter.

So please direct any questions about refunds to Mr. Nystul.

Thank you.

Fourth Quarter Sales

So I finished up the quarterlies for Q4 2013. Overall good news!

Sales were up by 17% from last quarter. Each quarter is growing and that makes me happy.

The top sellers for Q4 was a tie between Herbalism in the Kingdom of Tursh by Paul Caughell and the Followers of Moxa by Sebastian Birhtelmer. USA-50: Book of the West by Bob Greenwade and Elliott Davis had a surge bringing it to second place and would actually be tied for first if I included the character pack sales in the calculation. Black Ichor Mines by Samuel Coates brought up third place.

The Tangents continue to be the more popular items in our portfolio and I still have several more to release in the pipeline.

Bones of the Magocracy

Today, for the few hours I have available, I will continue working on first chapter of the “Bones of the Magocracy” adventure path for the Irshaanic Confluence setting. Wringing out the details of the starting city of Dril-Veo and weaving the webs of intrigue that will ensnare the party.

Due to the differences in this setting from that of your standard fantasy, I have to design the adventure with a different sort of iconic adventuring party. Where most adventures are built with the traditional, Fighter, Cleric, Wizard and Rogue in mind, ours will need to be built with Gunslinger, Cleric, Alchemist and Rogue. This combination speaks to the anime/steampunk sensibilities inherent in the design as well as the randomness of arcane magic in the underlying mechanics.

If you’re interested in learning more about this setting please hop on over to our Facebook Group.