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Do you know Ashley Davis? Come inside for an introduction.

Hello all, today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Joe’s secret weapon in his Campaign Toybox arsenal. Ashley Davis has been the one to fend off the dark specters of grammar that often plague the authors of the Campaign Toybox line. She has edited each and every one of them with no end in sight. Pick up a copy or two and experience her excellent work.


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Do you know Luke Cooley? Come inside for an introduction.

Hello all, today I’d like to introduce you to Luke Cooley. He is a very talented and reclusive author who penned the very successful ‘Nature and NurtureCampaign Toybox. We have it on good authority that Joe Davis, the Line Developer for Campaign Toybox, has kept him from writing more titles as a public service. Apparently he’s too talented for public consumption in high volume. We’re looking forward to more great work from Luke.


Nature and Nurture

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Do you know Jim Cook? Come inside for an introduction.

Hello everyone! Today we invite you to meet Jim Cook, he is the Line Developer and creator of the Quantum Collapse setting for use with the third edition of the Mutants & Masterminds rules by Green Ronin. In addition to leading the super team that is developing this setting, he has done some excellent writing for Green Ronin with the titles; Mountain Terrors: Jumping Fox and Mountain Terrors: Snow Eel for use with the Chronicle System. He also does prolific work with 4 Devils Studios where you can find his work here.

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Do you know Sheena Colbath? Come inside for an introduction.

Hello all, today we talk about Sheena Colbath, a woman with a varied resume and skill set. She is a board member for ChupacabraCon in Austin, considered to be the premiere tabletop RPG convention in Texas. In addition, she has created 1Up Branding where she works to help gamUniversal Pool System from D3 Adventuresing and tech people and companies with their branding and marketing.

For D3 Adventures, she wrote Escape From the Lazurite Mines, an adventure that utilizes a very early quickstart version of the Universal Pool System rules and is a part of the Adventure! product line. Those same quickstart rules she had a hand in authoring as well.


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