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Weekly Ramble: 2016 Winter Preview for D3 Adventures

Paul CaughellHi Everybody, and welcome to the D3 Adventures 2016 Winter Preview! We have some great products coming out this quarter.

From Curtis Baum’s lines, we have the recently released Extras! product Mythic Giants. In concert with that, Curtis is releasing a giant-themed Tangent! mini-adventure, Temple of the Titan Lord, and Let Sleeping Giants Lie, a full-length giant-themed adventure for Pathfinder. Later in the quarter, Curtis is shifting gears with Extras! Cosmic Criminals, a Mutants and Masterminds collection of villains. This quarter should also see the first release in a new line, Rcane’s Guide to Fantastic Races.

Campaign Toybox has some new releases by Joe Davis being released this quarter to add options for your Pathfinder campaigns.  Look for Encore Performance in February, featuring more masterpieces and spells for Bards including a collection of themed spells for the Lightning Seeker Bard. In March, we’ll have Weaponmaster’s Chakram, a themed collection of fighter-subclass archetypes that uses Chakrams as their primary weapons.

For those that are fans of Mutants & Masterminds, releasing under the Super-Powered by M&M license, Jim Cook is working feverishly to finish the art and layout of our Quantum Collapse setting for the Mutants & Masterminds system, with an eye toward release this quarter.

And finally, the Universal Pool System Players Guide and Campaign Companion books are both being edited and revised.  We’re hopeful they will be ready for release this spring.

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Weekly Ramble: SCIENCE!

Hi Everybody!

This week, I’d like to introduce our newest product line, SCIENCE!

“Science tells us the world is round and billions of years old.  Of course, science is lying.  It always lies.  The truth is, the world is flat.  And hollow.  And young.  And filled with glue.

Oh, science didn’t tell you about the glue?  Typical.  You should forget about science, and you should join us at SCIENCE! All of us at the Secret Committee to Investigate and Expose Non-Credible Explanations! make it our job to tell the Sheeple how it really is.  Think the continents are drifting? Ridiculous; it’s the oceans that are moving around. Think the moon landings were real?  How is that possible when the moon is fake?!  Think the dinosaurs are extinct?  Tell that to Phil the Allosaur; he’s right behind you.  What’s up, Phil.  Nice tie.

We’re not looking for people who believe what everybody else believes.  The world’s full of suckers like that.  We want the people who are different in their heads.  We want the hacktivists, the bloggers, and the militiamen.  We want the slackers, the wingnuts and the believers in the power of Woo.   If THEY say it’s crazy, it’s probably because it’s TRUE, and if it’s NOT then it OUGHT TO BE.  Join us, and we’ll show the Normals what’s what!”

SCIENCE! is a funny, fast-paced role-playing game set in a world where only the conspiracy theorists are sane.  Players use the MURICA! system of task resolution to rapidly create multiple characters who will stick their noses where they don’t belong, fight the Powers that Be and die hilarious deaths.  Learn what THEY don’t want you to know – for SCIENCE!

SCIENCE! is being developed by Andy Solberg, and should be available for purchase in 2016.

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Weekly Ramble: Sage’s Story

Hi Everybody!

This week, we’re unveiling a secondary blog on the D3 site that will follow the story of what will be one of the signature characters of an upcoming Universal Pool System setting. The blog is written as an in-universe story told in the character’s own voice.  Check it out: Sage’s Story

Sage’s Story should be updated at least once a week, sometimes more often. We hope you all enjoy following along and learning a bit about the setting.

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Weekly Ramble: Yet more Universal Pool System news, and upcoming cons

Hi Everybody,

Thanks to the efforts of one of our brilliant editors, the Universal Pool System Campaign Companion is almost through its first editing pass. In another couple of weeks, I should be starting the art order for that book, while she works on editing the Player’s Guide.

We have a special, ongoing side project related to one of the future Universal Pool settings, which we’ll be debuting for you soon (like, next week, probably).  We think you’ll enjoy it.

In other news, D3 Adventures will have a presence at Aethercon this November.  Aethercon is a virtual convention, where we will be running some online sessions of UPS and other games, holding a Q&A session for our products, and I’ll be on a panel talking about how to get started in the RPG publishing industry.

See you next week!

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Weekly Ramble: Future plans for Universal Pool System, and a Spotlight on the CCO

Hi Everybody!

Today, I want to talk about our future plans for Universal Pool System.  We have a lot of great settings and mini-campaigns lined up for development after the initial release. Here’s a brief synopsis of each:

We have an Urban Fantasy setting, in which the Players can take on the role of arcanists who try to prevent the public from learning of and being harmed by the supernatural world. Or if you’d rather, your character can try to lift the veil and make the public aware of what happens in the shadows, or if you’ve a darker bent, even tear asunder the division between dimensions!

We have a war-torn Space Opera setting, where the Players could be agents of the government, trying to keep the next war from breaking out; or explorers, expanding the boundaries of known space. Or Players can be neither, just trying to survive and turn a profit.

And we have two adventure path campaign ideas that may grow into a larger setting together, or might remain separate. One is an Arabian Nights style adventure path where an ancient prophecy could hold the key to freeing the land from its harsh masters. The other is a late stone-age setting in a land of perpetual winter, where the players take on the roles of both members of a tribe, as well as the whole group playing the tribe itself, and try to not just survive, but thrive!

Comment here, or on the D3 Adventures Facebook group, and let us know which setting(s) you find most intriguing, and you just might get some more detail in a later Ramble.

This week, I’m turning the contributor spotlight on the Chief Creative Officer of D3 Adventures, yours truly:

Paul Caughell started gaming at the tender age of 9, with Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. He never settled permanently into any one system, picking up anything he could afford and trying to force it on his friends. He began writing for publication in 2010, with the Herbalism in the Kingdom of Tursh book for D3 Adventures, which wasn’t published until much later. His first published work was the Tangents: The Barrow Mound adventure. His work on the Universal Pool System, and other ideas, led Jason Yarnell to promote him to the Chief Creative Officer position in 2014, overseeing the development of new lines at D3 Adventures.

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Weekly Ramble: The Man who Started it all, and Introducing Quantum Collapse

This week, we have a special sneak-peek of an upcoming product line, but first, a contributor spotlight on the man who started it all:

Jason Yarnell started gaming 38 years ago. He created his first RPG at the tender age of 9, and he’s been geeking out ever since. In 2006, Jason started his own RPG company, D3 Adventures, focusing on settings for the HERO system, including the award-winning Kamarathin: Kingdom of Tursh. In 2011, he expanded its gaming portfolio even further with miniatures, settings for Pathfinder and Mutants & Masterminds 3rd edition systems, and the systemless Tangents adventures.

And now…


We know that there are an infinite number of parallel universes floating in the quantum foam. That said, an individual does not exist in the entire multiverse. What we’ve discovered is that the fewer universes a person exists in, the more powerful that person is. Most people exist over an average number of universes, but statistically there are some who exist over fewer. There’s no way to determine how powerful a person is unless they train and test their limits. Since this discovery, superheroes and supervillains of all power levels have blossomed. Governments, both local and national, have training programs for state-sponsored heroes. Some have even explored the concept of intentionally collapsing the quantum state of a subject; killing their parallels to increase their power.

The quantum foam theory of the multiverses states that each universe is a separate, parallel set of dimensions floating in a limitless, eternal interspace. Many of these “bubble universes” share almost identical properties, including physical laws and constants. Universes continually pop in and out of existence as bubbles form, divide, and collapse. On the timescale of the universes themselves their existence is fleeting, like soap bubbles blown by a child. On the scale of the living occupants of these universes, they last forever. Trillions of years can pass between the emergence and collapse of a “bubble universe.” There are a nearly infinite number of possible universes floating in the quantum foam, some, like ours teaming with life, some empty voids. The universes closest to ours are most like ours, possibly having a shared common origin. Those universes further afield can be much different (rumors of universes populated entirely by ‘Funny Animals’ abound). Universes that are
adjacent in the quantum foam can interact with each other occasionally, and some groups (both heroic and villainous) actively work to bridge the interspace between bubbles.
” – Introduction to the QUANTUM COLLAPSE Role Playing Game

The Setting

What if there were parallel universes endlessly stacked upon each other like pages in a book? What if there were millions of versions of you, spread out through the multiverse? What if someone figured out how to make you more powerful… by eliminating those parallel “yous”? Welcome to QUANTUM COLLAPSE, a new table-top roleplaying game built on the Mutants and Masterminds rules system. In QUANTUM COLLAPSE players will be portraying super-powered heroes in a world just discovering the ability to explore and manipulate the power of the multiverse. Superheroes in the world of QUANTUM COLLAPSE will be asked to work against those nefarious forces who are manipulating the fabric of the multiverse, while also keeping up with their “regular” superhero work (saving the world from evil plots, being costumed street vigilantes, flying invisible aircraft, etc.).

Where do powers and abilities come from in QUANTUM COLLAPSE? Super powers are the result of the life force of a person being concentrated within a universe. The overwhelming majority of people who inhabit the Primary Universe of QUANTUM COLLAPSE have parallel existences across multiple “bubble universes.” This dilutes their life-force, spreading out their energy across multiple personas in many realities. A very, very few people exist in only a handful of worlds. The life-force of those individuals in spread across a much lower number of universes, increasing the available life energy for each individual persona. In general, the lower the number of simultaneous parallel personas a person has, the more powerful each persona is. This life-force energy expresses itself as super powers, skills, and abilities.

The adventures in QUANTUM COLLAPSE take place across the globe. Heroes and villains operate in most major cities, and every world power is trying to obtain the services of their own set of super-powered agents, motivated by either patriotic fervor or mercenary greed. The non-super bureaucrats and scientists representing the interests of governments are frequently just as dangerous to heroes as evil costumed maniacs.

Supplements in the QUANTUM COLLAPSE line will cover the world’s locations and time periods of play in detail. Our goal is to have a sourcebook for each of the major comic style periods (Golden, Silver, Bronze, and Modern Ages of comics). Adventures in QUANTUM COLLAPSE span parallel worlds at different levels of cultural and technological development, so we want to give players the resources they need to bring their mom-and-apple-pie Golden Age atomic men into the world of grim, grimy, world weary Bronze Age costumed vigilantes. Mixing and matching hero and villain styles is going to be a big part of the fun of QUANTUM COLLAPSE.

The Rules

The rules of the QUANTUM COLLAPSE Role Playing Game are based on the Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition system. The differences to the rules from the base system are in addition, not deletion. All the rules you already know and use are a part of QUANTUM COLLAPSE, in addition to some new, exciting rules that make the QUANTUM COLLAPSE Role Playing Game unique.

Travel between parallel universes, increasing power by eliminating quantum duplicates, and more will be covered by new rules and new ways of using existing rules. A player familiar with the underlying system should have no problem jumping right in to the action, and learning the additional rules on the fly.

The Cast of Characters

The Primary Universe of QUANTUM COLLAPSE is very similar to our own. In fact, it is a universe right next door in the quantum foam. Not everyone in the Primary Universe is a hero. In fact, almost everyone in the Primary Universe of QUANTUM COLLAPSE is as normal as anyone in our universe. It’s those extraordinary, rare people who become heroes.

We are developing several iconic characters to help us illustrate our rules and settings and tell our stories; these are previews of two of them.


Some heroes protect the whole world, some only a city. One or two well-known heroes guard and patrol only limited areas of the city. Everyone has heard of the one who watches the Clinton/Midtown West section of Manhattan (even if he does call it by its old, pre-gentrification name). Not everyone has heard of the hero who cares for and protects the people of Riverdale in the Bronx. Not everyone has heard… of Muskrat Man.

Rudolf “Dolf” Van Slyke


Rudolf was born into an old Dutch family in Riverdale. He’s spent his whole life living and working in the tree lined, hilly environs of the Bronx. He attended the Bronx High School of Science and is a recent graduate of The College of Mount St. Vincent. His parents, owners of a string of uniform supply shops in the Bronx and Yonkers, are grooming him to take over the family business one day. They don’t understand why he always seems so tired, or why he doesn’t seem to have any interest in romantic relationships. They are unaware of his nocturnal escapades as Muskrat Man, New York City’s northernmost superhero.

During a freak summer downpour Rudolf ducked into a second hand store to get out of the rain. He decided to spend some time checking out the vintage clothes while waiting out the storm. While trying on an old muskrat fur coat, the building was struck by a gigantic bolt of lightning. Unbeknownst to the young man, the lightning was a manifestation of Quantum Collapse, infusing Rudolf with all the powers of a muskrat! He now can manifest waterproof insulating fur, a powerful muskrat bite, a tail he can use to move by swinging, and several scent based powers. Now, Rudolf watches over Riverdale, protecting the idyllic neighborhoods of his youth from the forces of chaos and decay that have run rampant in the rest of the city.


His suited form stands ready to defend the defenseless. On his chest is painted a symbol of armored protection: the armadillo. Charango, the Peruvian Pounder, stops evil in its tracks. When not fighting crime and protecting the good citizens of Jackson Heights, Queens, Charango’s bulky gray form disappears into the shadows.

Daniel Gomez


Daniel, the 3rd son and 6th of 8 children of Jorge Gomez and Mirabel Gomez (nee Flores) was born in Arequipa, Peru. The Gomez family immigrated to Jackson Heights, Queens. Both of Daniel’s parents are successful physicians, his father an oncologist and his mother a gastroenterologist. The family owns a well-known Peruvian restaurant, a dry cleaner, and several other small businesses in the “Little Peru” section. Daniel is currently attending St. John’s University in Hillcrest. His grades are suffering, and his parents fear that Daniel may have started hanging around with a bad crowd. They are surprisingly correct, as his alter ego Charango has been dealing with Herr Stahl, the armored leader of WERWOLF, an evil association of neo-Nazi villains bent on seizing power by mastering Quantum Collapse science.

Want to know more about Muskrat Man, Charango, and our rules for heroic super action in the Primary Universe? Keep an eye out this fall for the QUANTUM COLLAPSE Role Playing Game from D3 Adventures!


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Weekly Ramble: Universal Pool draft, and the return of the Contributor Spotlight

Hi Everybody!

The Players’ Guide and Campaign Companion (the two core rulebooks for Universal Pool System) are now in the first editing pass. We hired a new editor, Helen McGee (new to D3 Adventures, not new to editing), and she’s doing a bang-up job cleaning up the books.  After she finishes the first editing pass, I get to go through the suggested changes and approve/patch in all of them, and fix anything she’s marked as questionable, then get started on an art order for the books.

Meanwhile, our fantastic writers (Erin Klitzke and Marc Braden), continue to charge ahead on our premier setting for Universal Pool, Shattered Earth. We’re currently wrapping up the background setting information prior to moving into mechanics stuff, such as race templates, equipment, and powers.

Next up…Anyone remember the Contributor Spotlight posts?  Well, I’m BRINGING THEM BACK!! This week, we’re turning the spotlight on one of our newest freelancers (because she didn’t know to hide yet), Editor Helen McGee.

Helen is very purple. She has one spouse and three cats, and absolutely no plots to rule the world. Really! She has worked for Wildside Press for almost a year, editing pulp classics for ebook publication. She’s known Paul for about a decade, and been editing things for him for the sake of friendship (read: bribes) for several years now.  She was recently tricked (by Paul, that Cad!) into joining the staff of D3 Adventures to edit the Universal Pool System.

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Weekly Ramble: Initial sales of UPS advance release

Hi everybody!

It looks like a lot of you are interested in the Universal Pool System, which is great! Almost a hundred of you have gotten your hands on the Quickstart guide.

So, we figured we’d do you all a favor and run a sale on the introductory adventure.  We’re going to mark Escape from the Lazurite Mines down 25% (to $3.74). That way, you’ll have something to use the Guide with. The sale will run from Midnight CST on July 31st to Midnight CST on August 2nd.

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Weekly Ramble: Upcoming Products

Hi Everybody!

We’ve got a lot of interesting stuff going on here at D3 Adventures right now.  Yesterday saw the release of the Universal Pool System: Quickstart Guide and a Demo module to run with it called Escape from the Lazurite Mines.  We’re pretty excited about that and hope everyone enjoys it.

Curtis Baum and his team have been hard at work, and in the next month, we have the first two full releases in the Extras! line:

The life of humanoids is never easy, especially if you have been exiled from your own people.  Unlikely Heroes for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game features five such heroes ranging from level 5-7. Including a crippled kobold, an orphaned goblin, and a scholarly hobgoblin, the members of the Redeemed adventuring party are ready to add to your campaign.


Every village has a few “colorful characters”, and Unusual Townfolk includes five for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. From a traumatized teen to a crazy old lady and everything in between, these level 3 to 5 citizens are ready to be added to your campaign.

And the latest release in the Tangents! Line:

Trade Wars takes the party on an adventure in the city of Ancient Port. Smugglers have been getting bolder and the party needs to deal with this growing threat. Trade Wars is useable in any fantasy campaign!

Joseph Davis, the developer of our Campaign Toybox line, is looking for more artists and writers for his products.  If you’re interested, and like working with Pathfinder, please contact him via email.

Stay tuned for these great products from the wordsmiths here at D3 Adventures.

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Weekly Ramble: Players guide cover inks

Hi Everybody!

Today, we have something very special; the inked version of the cover art for the Universal Pool System Players’ Guide.  Our artist, Je Shields, has been working long hours in the pixel mines to bring you this wonderful piece.  So… without further ado:11692504_938115849565679_2276454662584972589_n



Awesome, right?  We’ll reveal the fully colored version in a later post, as well as the cover for the Campaign Companion.

Work on the Universal Pool books is moving along quickly.  I have my team working on the Shattered Earth setting now, while I work on polishing and finishing the text in the core rule books.

This month, we have two releases expected.  The first should be the Universal Pool System quickstart guide and introductory module, which I talked about last week.  The second is the first full release of Curtis Baum’s Extras! line, Unlikely Heroes for Pathfinder.  Stay tuned for more details on both.