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Comicpalooza bound – D3 Adventures!

Where: Comicpalooza
When: June 17th-19th
Find us: 3rd Floor of the convention hall, inside Tabletop Gaming (booth IGA4 on the map below)

Our GM’s will be running games throughout the convention and our booth staff will be willing to demo products at the booth itself.

Booth Staff: Joseph Davis and Anne Yarnell
Gamemasters: Tom Olson, Luke Cooley and Andy Solberg

You can find our GM’s schedules here:

Andy Solberg will only be running a single game which is a preview demo of his RPG called Science!. The event is adults only and by invite only. Invitations can be acquired at the D3 booth.

Copies of the original print run of Kamarathin: Kingdom of Tursh will be available (Jason will be more than happy to autograph copies should someone wish it).

You can download the Comicpalooza app from the Apple App store and Google Play. We are listed in the app as are our game schedules.


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Weekly Ramble: SCIENCE!

Hi Everybody!

This week, I’d like to introduce our newest product line, SCIENCE!

“Science tells us the world is round and billions of years old.  Of course, science is lying.  It always lies.  The truth is, the world is flat.  And hollow.  And young.  And filled with glue.

Oh, science didn’t tell you about the glue?  Typical.  You should forget about science, and you should join us at SCIENCE! All of us at the Secret Committee to Investigate and Expose Non-Credible Explanations! make it our job to tell the Sheeple how it really is.  Think the continents are drifting? Ridiculous; it’s the oceans that are moving around. Think the moon landings were real?  How is that possible when the moon is fake?!  Think the dinosaurs are extinct?  Tell that to Phil the Allosaur; he’s right behind you.  What’s up, Phil.  Nice tie.

We’re not looking for people who believe what everybody else believes.  The world’s full of suckers like that.  We want the people who are different in their heads.  We want the hacktivists, the bloggers, and the militiamen.  We want the slackers, the wingnuts and the believers in the power of Woo.   If THEY say it’s crazy, it’s probably because it’s TRUE, and if it’s NOT then it OUGHT TO BE.  Join us, and we’ll show the Normals what’s what!”

SCIENCE! is a funny, fast-paced role-playing game set in a world where only the conspiracy theorists are sane.  Players use the MURICA! system of task resolution to rapidly create multiple characters who will stick their noses where they don’t belong, fight the Powers that Be and die hilarious deaths.  Learn what THEY don’t want you to know – for SCIENCE!

SCIENCE! is being developed by Andy Solberg, and should be available for purchase in 2016.