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Nature VS Nurture, or my tree is bigger than your tree :)

DRuid TBSeeing as I often play a Druid myself in so many games, I can’t wait to get my hands on this Campaign Toybox so I can take my Druid to the next level! “Nature vs Nurture” by D3 Adventures,makes new spells and archtypes available for your characters.
Druids have always been a versatile class for an adventuring party, with their powerful nature spells and their shape-shifting abilities.This supplement introduces players and Gamemasters to new options for creating a more group-focused Druid.

So show your adventuring party what your Druid can really do, and purchase your copy of Nature and Nurture at DriveThruRPG. With our Christmas in July sale still going on, this product is only $0.74! Can’t get much better than that!

So keep the game rolling, and may the dice be ever in your favor!

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Weekly Ramble: New products, Free RPG Day, And Avery Wells

Hi Everybody!

Exciting news this week.  Curtis Baum, the Line Developer of our Adventures! products, has a new sub-line he’s debuting this month.  The line is called Extras!, and it’s designed to provide GMs with new NPCs for use in their existing campaigns. These may include heroes or villains. The cover of each book in the Extras! line will denote the specific system for which it was designed. The books will generally be less than 20 pages and focus on one specific group united by a common theme. This could be either five characters with a similar theme or one character at several different challenge levels.

Here’s a look at the logo for the line:
Extras! Logo

Extras! will debut on DriveThruRPG on Free RPG Day, June 20th.  D3 will also have some other products available for free that day, so don’t miss it!

And on to our Contributor Spotlight.  This week, we’re talking about Avery Wells:

Avery Wells started gaming in 1978, when he was serving in the Army. His introduction to gaming, like many others, was Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, First Edition. One of the regular players of the Wargamer’s Club on the base saw him drawing fantasy and superhero art while at the recreation center and invited him to join. Most of those early games were of the hack-and-slash, or Monty Haul variety, but the group did more than just play AD&D; Star Frontiers, Top Secret, Boot Hill, and Gamma World all had their turn, as well as the original Traveller and others. Over the years and through other military postings he enjoyed playing other games with other groups. He was always willing to explore new avenues of gaming, but it wasn’t until he had been discharged from the Army that he was introduced to Champions, a game he has continued to enjoy to this day.

Later in life he decided to return to art school, and received an Associates Degree in Graphic Design. Thus far he has done only a few freelance jobs in the game industry, such as the weapon illustrations for D3 Adventures’ Kamarathin world setting book. He is currently working as a freelance writer, designer and illustrator, as well as working on his own personal projects.

That’s all for now, folks.  See you again next week.

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Prodigal Son

So the press release is out. For us this is a rather significant event. For me this is much more. For me this is a return to the beginning.

I started this company as a way to publish this setting that had been rolling around in my head for years. It was a fever dream that was so very different than anything I had been able to play and it could only be done right by utilizing the Hero System.
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