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Prodigal Son

So the press release is out. For us this is a rather significant event. For me this is much more. For me this is a return to the beginning.

I started this company as a way to publish this setting that had been rolling around in my head for years. It was a fever dream that was so very different than anything I had been able to play and it could only be done right by utilizing the Hero System.
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Infinite Dungeon Update

Hello everyone,

Just a quick, short update concerning the Infinite Dungeon. I am currently in talks with a popular company about partnering up to co-publish the Infinite Dungeon. I have tasked Brett Barkley (my go to artist for past D3 projects) with creating an art order for the Infinite Dungeon.

Once this is finished, the talks will get finalized and, ideally, a workable deal will be hammered out. This will end up with every piece of art, except the cartography, being completely redone, with an actual timeline for completion.