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Weekly Ramble: Universal Pool draft, and the return of the Contributor Spotlight

Hi Everybody!

The Players’ Guide and Campaign Companion (the two core rulebooks for Universal Pool System) are now in the first editing pass. We hired a new editor, Helen McGee (new to D3 Adventures, not new to editing), and she’s doing a bang-up job cleaning up the books.  After she finishes the first editing pass, I get to go through the suggested changes and approve/patch in all of them, and fix anything she’s marked as questionable, then get started on an art order for the books.

Meanwhile, our fantastic writers (Erin Klitzke and Marc Braden), continue to charge ahead on our premier setting for Universal Pool, Shattered Earth. We’re currently wrapping up the background setting information prior to moving into mechanics stuff, such as race templates, equipment, and powers.

Next up…Anyone remember the Contributor Spotlight posts?  Well, I’m BRINGING THEM BACK!! This week, we’re turning the spotlight on one of our newest freelancers (because she didn’t know to hide yet), Editor Helen McGee.

Helen is very purple. She has one spouse and three cats, and absolutely no plots to rule the world. Really! She has worked for Wildside Press for almost a year, editing pulp classics for ebook publication. She’s known Paul for about a decade, and been editing things for him for the sake of friendship (read: bribes) for several years now.  She was recently tricked (by Paul, that Cad!) into joining the staff of D3 Adventures to edit the Universal Pool System.