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The Ettin Games RPG Expo 2016

Saturday, July 30 at 10 AM – 11:30 PM in CDT

If you are in the greater Houston area and would like to demo some D3 products, please stop by!

Ettin Games and Hobbies
241 FM 1960 Bypass Rd E, Humble, Texas 77338

Come celebrate role-playing games with a focus on local designers and games less traveled! Since FREE RPG Day fell on the same day as Comicpalooza this year, we feel that folks may have missed out. We therefore are going to host our own RPG Day which will focus on local designers, who will be in attendance, and games that get less regular attention than D&D 5th Edition and Pathfinder. In other words, we want to open you up to some new possibilities, let you have a good time, and win some great prizes in the process!

Learn more here:

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Comicpalooza bound – D3 Adventures!

Where: Comicpalooza
When: June 17th-19th
Find us: 3rd Floor of the convention hall, inside Tabletop Gaming (booth IGA4 on the map below)

Our GM’s will be running games throughout the convention and our booth staff will be willing to demo products at the booth itself.

Booth Staff: Joseph Davis and Anne Yarnell
Gamemasters: Tom Olson, Luke Cooley and Andy Solberg

You can find our GM’s schedules here:

Andy Solberg will only be running a single game which is a preview demo of his RPG called Science!. The event is adults only and by invite only. Invitations can be acquired at the D3 booth.

Copies of the original print run of Kamarathin: Kingdom of Tursh will be available (Jason will be more than happy to autograph copies should someone wish it).

You can download the Comicpalooza app from the Apple App store and Google Play. We are listed in the app as are our game schedules.


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The Kingdom of Tursh Awaits!

KamarathinKamarathin: Kingdom of Tursh

Authors: Jason Yarnell, Alec Rosenblit and David E. McGuire

“Kamarathin was beautifully balanced and flawless. The proud and thoughtful work of the philosophers, theologians and minstrels of the A-Ar….then came “The Scale Wars.”

Chaos now reigns, and civilization has fallen… Spirits now roam the mortal realm, twisting the world and its once humble people for their own lusts and desires…

The Old Gods have fallen, and are now forgotten, with the rising of new gods in their place and a Dark Evil growing stronger every day…”

The once-reknowned heroes are dead, their powers and secrets forgotten…or are they? With the rise of this evil, the realm of man has decided to rise up & fight, to renew the famed glory of the old heroes. Bringing honor and glory back to Kamarathin is no job for any mere adventurer… Now, tell me mortal, could that hero be you, or does Kamarathin become shrouded in darkness once more?


Kamarathin: Kingdom of Tursh is the first world book published for the D3 Adventures’ flagship game world of Kamarathin. Kamarathin is a low/dark fantasy game world dedicated towards the Hero System by HERO Games but easily adaptable to any game system. 

 Are you ready to broaden your gaming horizons? For $19.95 “Kamarathin: Kingdom of Tursh” can be yours at, and as always may the dice be ever in your favor!

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Weekly Ramble: The Man who Started it all, and Introducing Quantum Collapse

This week, we have a special sneak-peek of an upcoming product line, but first, a contributor spotlight on the man who started it all:

Jason Yarnell started gaming 38 years ago. He created his first RPG at the tender age of 9, and he’s been geeking out ever since. In 2006, Jason started his own RPG company, D3 Adventures, focusing on settings for the HERO system, including the award-winning Kamarathin: Kingdom of Tursh. In 2011, he expanded its gaming portfolio even further with miniatures, settings for Pathfinder and Mutants & Masterminds 3rd edition systems, and the systemless Tangents adventures.

And now…


We know that there are an infinite number of parallel universes floating in the quantum foam. That said, an individual does not exist in the entire multiverse. What we’ve discovered is that the fewer universes a person exists in, the more powerful that person is. Most people exist over an average number of universes, but statistically there are some who exist over fewer. There’s no way to determine how powerful a person is unless they train and test their limits. Since this discovery, superheroes and supervillains of all power levels have blossomed. Governments, both local and national, have training programs for state-sponsored heroes. Some have even explored the concept of intentionally collapsing the quantum state of a subject; killing their parallels to increase their power.

The quantum foam theory of the multiverses states that each universe is a separate, parallel set of dimensions floating in a limitless, eternal interspace. Many of these “bubble universes” share almost identical properties, including physical laws and constants. Universes continually pop in and out of existence as bubbles form, divide, and collapse. On the timescale of the universes themselves their existence is fleeting, like soap bubbles blown by a child. On the scale of the living occupants of these universes, they last forever. Trillions of years can pass between the emergence and collapse of a “bubble universe.” There are a nearly infinite number of possible universes floating in the quantum foam, some, like ours teaming with life, some empty voids. The universes closest to ours are most like ours, possibly having a shared common origin. Those universes further afield can be much different (rumors of universes populated entirely by ‘Funny Animals’ abound). Universes that are
adjacent in the quantum foam can interact with each other occasionally, and some groups (both heroic and villainous) actively work to bridge the interspace between bubbles.
” – Introduction to the QUANTUM COLLAPSE Role Playing Game

The Setting

What if there were parallel universes endlessly stacked upon each other like pages in a book? What if there were millions of versions of you, spread out through the multiverse? What if someone figured out how to make you more powerful… by eliminating those parallel “yous”? Welcome to QUANTUM COLLAPSE, a new table-top roleplaying game built on the Mutants and Masterminds rules system. In QUANTUM COLLAPSE players will be portraying super-powered heroes in a world just discovering the ability to explore and manipulate the power of the multiverse. Superheroes in the world of QUANTUM COLLAPSE will be asked to work against those nefarious forces who are manipulating the fabric of the multiverse, while also keeping up with their “regular” superhero work (saving the world from evil plots, being costumed street vigilantes, flying invisible aircraft, etc.).

Where do powers and abilities come from in QUANTUM COLLAPSE? Super powers are the result of the life force of a person being concentrated within a universe. The overwhelming majority of people who inhabit the Primary Universe of QUANTUM COLLAPSE have parallel existences across multiple “bubble universes.” This dilutes their life-force, spreading out their energy across multiple personas in many realities. A very, very few people exist in only a handful of worlds. The life-force of those individuals in spread across a much lower number of universes, increasing the available life energy for each individual persona. In general, the lower the number of simultaneous parallel personas a person has, the more powerful each persona is. This life-force energy expresses itself as super powers, skills, and abilities.

The adventures in QUANTUM COLLAPSE take place across the globe. Heroes and villains operate in most major cities, and every world power is trying to obtain the services of their own set of super-powered agents, motivated by either patriotic fervor or mercenary greed. The non-super bureaucrats and scientists representing the interests of governments are frequently just as dangerous to heroes as evil costumed maniacs.

Supplements in the QUANTUM COLLAPSE line will cover the world’s locations and time periods of play in detail. Our goal is to have a sourcebook for each of the major comic style periods (Golden, Silver, Bronze, and Modern Ages of comics). Adventures in QUANTUM COLLAPSE span parallel worlds at different levels of cultural and technological development, so we want to give players the resources they need to bring their mom-and-apple-pie Golden Age atomic men into the world of grim, grimy, world weary Bronze Age costumed vigilantes. Mixing and matching hero and villain styles is going to be a big part of the fun of QUANTUM COLLAPSE.

The Rules

The rules of the QUANTUM COLLAPSE Role Playing Game are based on the Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition system. The differences to the rules from the base system are in addition, not deletion. All the rules you already know and use are a part of QUANTUM COLLAPSE, in addition to some new, exciting rules that make the QUANTUM COLLAPSE Role Playing Game unique.

Travel between parallel universes, increasing power by eliminating quantum duplicates, and more will be covered by new rules and new ways of using existing rules. A player familiar with the underlying system should have no problem jumping right in to the action, and learning the additional rules on the fly.

The Cast of Characters

The Primary Universe of QUANTUM COLLAPSE is very similar to our own. In fact, it is a universe right next door in the quantum foam. Not everyone in the Primary Universe is a hero. In fact, almost everyone in the Primary Universe of QUANTUM COLLAPSE is as normal as anyone in our universe. It’s those extraordinary, rare people who become heroes.

We are developing several iconic characters to help us illustrate our rules and settings and tell our stories; these are previews of two of them.


Some heroes protect the whole world, some only a city. One or two well-known heroes guard and patrol only limited areas of the city. Everyone has heard of the one who watches the Clinton/Midtown West section of Manhattan (even if he does call it by its old, pre-gentrification name). Not everyone has heard of the hero who cares for and protects the people of Riverdale in the Bronx. Not everyone has heard… of Muskrat Man.

Rudolf “Dolf” Van Slyke


Rudolf was born into an old Dutch family in Riverdale. He’s spent his whole life living and working in the tree lined, hilly environs of the Bronx. He attended the Bronx High School of Science and is a recent graduate of The College of Mount St. Vincent. His parents, owners of a string of uniform supply shops in the Bronx and Yonkers, are grooming him to take over the family business one day. They don’t understand why he always seems so tired, or why he doesn’t seem to have any interest in romantic relationships. They are unaware of his nocturnal escapades as Muskrat Man, New York City’s northernmost superhero.

During a freak summer downpour Rudolf ducked into a second hand store to get out of the rain. He decided to spend some time checking out the vintage clothes while waiting out the storm. While trying on an old muskrat fur coat, the building was struck by a gigantic bolt of lightning. Unbeknownst to the young man, the lightning was a manifestation of Quantum Collapse, infusing Rudolf with all the powers of a muskrat! He now can manifest waterproof insulating fur, a powerful muskrat bite, a tail he can use to move by swinging, and several scent based powers. Now, Rudolf watches over Riverdale, protecting the idyllic neighborhoods of his youth from the forces of chaos and decay that have run rampant in the rest of the city.


His suited form stands ready to defend the defenseless. On his chest is painted a symbol of armored protection: the armadillo. Charango, the Peruvian Pounder, stops evil in its tracks. When not fighting crime and protecting the good citizens of Jackson Heights, Queens, Charango’s bulky gray form disappears into the shadows.

Daniel Gomez


Daniel, the 3rd son and 6th of 8 children of Jorge Gomez and Mirabel Gomez (nee Flores) was born in Arequipa, Peru. The Gomez family immigrated to Jackson Heights, Queens. Both of Daniel’s parents are successful physicians, his father an oncologist and his mother a gastroenterologist. The family owns a well-known Peruvian restaurant, a dry cleaner, and several other small businesses in the “Little Peru” section. Daniel is currently attending St. John’s University in Hillcrest. His grades are suffering, and his parents fear that Daniel may have started hanging around with a bad crowd. They are surprisingly correct, as his alter ego Charango has been dealing with Herr Stahl, the armored leader of WERWOLF, an evil association of neo-Nazi villains bent on seizing power by mastering Quantum Collapse science.

Want to know more about Muskrat Man, Charango, and our rules for heroic super action in the Primary Universe? Keep an eye out this fall for the QUANTUM COLLAPSE Role Playing Game from D3 Adventures!


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Fighting, It’s the PITS!


 Pit Fighting in the Kingdom of Tursh
“For the rare few who live in the pits and arenas long enough, they develop skills and abilities that exemplify the art of their profession. For whatever reason, these individuals have survived, evolved and chosen to remain in one of the most deadly professions imaginable.”

With this multi system fighter template, bring your fighter into your game with a bang. You’ll love this whether your character is a criminal fighting for freedom, a champion fighting instead of their employer, or a brawler fighting in taverns and local faires for a few coins.

For $0.99 you can set your fighter to the max for your next adventure. Are you game enough?

Find it HERE, and may the dice be ever in your favor!



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Prodigal Son

So the press release is out. For us this is a rather significant event. For me this is much more. For me this is a return to the beginning.

I started this company as a way to publish this setting that had been rolling around in my head for years. It was a fever dream that was so very different than anything I had been able to play and it could only be done right by utilizing the Hero System.
Continue reading Prodigal Son

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Tears of Joy

As I work on reorganizing the D3 Adventures product lines and transition myself out and the new Line Editors in, I find myself feeling a very strange mix of sadness/loss and enormous relief. Already the Line Editors are ravenously devouring the settings and making changes that showcase their individual talents and tastes and with each one I feel a pang of over-protectiveness and then that is immediately sweetened by the excitement of fresh ideas. This is an exciting time to be sure.

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Aftermath of Comicpalooza

Hello all,

I am back from Comicpalooza and generally pulling myself out of the post-con morass. Not totally sure my brain has completely recovered from the 4 days of pure awesomeness that was Comicpalooza, but I’m going to go forward with an update and such.

Before I get into the details of Comicpalooza, I finally got around to working out the Q1 numbers for 2014. Overall, sales are down 4% from the prior quarter, which isn’t terribly surprising considering the after Christmas morass that settles in. In fact, I’m surprised it wasn’t lower. Herbalism in the Kingdom of Tursh was the top seller with Kamarathin: Kingdom of Tursh coming in at a very close second. No other titles even came close to these two. Though Tangents One: The Barrow Mound came in at a distant third.

Now, for Comicpalooza. I volunteered with Comicpalooza as the RPG Coordinator and the guy handling the gaming guests and panels. Because of this, I got to hang out with such luminaries as Kevin G. Nunn, Owen K.C. Stephens (Paizo, Green Ronin and Rogue Genius Games), Ross Watson and Adam Daigle (Paizo). I moderated some fantastic panels and got to help out hundreds of gamers with the rest of the Gaming Track personnel.

To say that the convention was an amazing experience in every way possible, would be an understatement. I lost my voice by the end of Saturday and lost it again at the end of Sunday, by Monday I was operating on autopilot and with a stupid grin on my face. I learned so much from the gaming guests and their panels, I had a great dinner with Owen and his friend Carl which gave me insight on future operations of D3 Adventures as well as a new product line. I actually ran out of business cards for D3 Adventures and had to resort to handing out the ones I have for On Target Training.

I met dozens of aspiring game designers, authors and artists in a blur of names and faces, even now I am receiving emails and trying to match names to the 3″ stack of business cards I acquired.

New ideas for gaming panels for next year have been generated and the feedback from the gamers have been nothing but positive and a solid indication, that under Joe Charles, the gaming track will continue to improve and become a mainstay of Comicpalooza.

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D3 Adventures Updates

Hello all,

As you know, D3 Adventures has been pushed back in my life priorities for many reasons, all of them excellent and realistic. But, that does not mean that things are not moving forward. I have locked down my current “focus”, or rather foci, for projects moving forward and here are the updates for those:

Infinite Dungeon

Bum, bum, bummmmmmmmm
Okay, so not so dramatic. But I do have good news. Negotiations with the “as-yet-unnamed” company are finished. We are just waiting on contracts to be written and signed and I am working on the art order for the dungeon. All of the art is being created at once by this company and some of the finished art will be completely redid. The goal being to raise the bar on the entire product. The current maps will remain as is, though they still need to be labeled/numbered as appropriate.

So, what does this mean? It means that the ID will be co-published through the “as-yet-unnamed” company while D3 retains the IP. This also opens the door for future development of the ID and other benefits I can’t discuss as yet. For backers, this changes nothing other than the guarantee of a quality product beyond the capabilities of D3 by ourselves.
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Headache Creation

So turns out headaches are good for something. Sitting here trying to get rid of it when this idea cropped up for a setting. Had to write it down before I forgot it. may revisit it in the near future. I’m seeing “power armor” that is powered by bound spirits. Undead hunters using magical “blasters”. Organic looking body armor with hybrid living organism gadgets. Flying “ships” that travel between the broken pieces of Earth. etc.

My name is Yobachi Thambo. My people, my family reach back to a land once called Africa. This land, and many others, are spoken of in our histories. None alive can remember any such place and say that those lands are just stories to be told to our children so that they may dream of a time not was not like ours. A time where there is hope, perhaps even light.

Some bards and storytellers will begin their tales “It was a time of darkness…” or “It was a dark and stormy night…”. these ancient scribes knew not of what they spoke. They wrote with the knowledge and safety that a warm sun brings. The confidence that the night would give way to day. I do not live in such times. I have never seen the sun. At least, not the glowing orb that once charged the world with life.

Here, on this Earth. In this time. The sun is a cold, ghostly disc that struggles to shine even the faintest of light upon us. It is no more radiant than the Moon once was and just as cold and unforgiving. Luna, for all her past glory is a harbinger of death. For when she rises, the sky rains down fiery rocks, her gravity knocking loose the debris from Earths shattering.

Our ancestors unleashed a darkness upon this world. One the ripped through the walls of time and space and seeded itself within the minds of our elders. It spread, tearing apart the nations, causing war the likes of which had not been seen since the first life crawled from the primordial soup of prehistory. These wars fell into chaos where butchery and the degradation of the mortal form reached pinnacles of debauchery that remain indescribable.

No one survived untouched. The darkness was in all minds, flowed through all veins and soaked into all flesh. It feasted. It reveled. Then it left. Suddenly, without warning, the darkness left this planet and when it did, the Earth broke in half and the sun became the ghostly form it is now. Now our world, shattered, broken beyond all recognition floats through space. It’s tattered remains floating along side it, massive chunks of rock hovering like floating islands. An egg cracked open.

Those left behind were no longer consumed with the carnal lusts. Instead they were left with the knowledge of what they had done, their psyches just as broken as their world. The strong, recovered. The weak eventually died or were consumed by those who were dead when the darkness left.

Our ancestors rebuilt. They gathered into tribes. They built towns. They learned to survive in this new world. They discovered and mastered a new tool. Magic. Magic was now on Earth. A residue left by the darkness. A slimy cast-off turned to a new purpose. Armed with this new weapon, humanity gained the much needed advantage over the nightmares that followed in the wake of the darkness. Alien beings with mind bending forms, things our early ancestors once called demons stalked us in the constant dark. Even our dead rose to claim more victims. but with magic we had the tools, the strength, the will to survive.

And we did. In a fashion.

Banding together was always a strength of humanity. But that strength only went so far. Once we reached a certain tipping point we slipped into our old habits. Soon, people from other cities, other towns, became suspect. Our tribal fears rose up in our minds. Life became more about Us vs. Them. It did not matter that we were all trying to survive against the creatures beyond our walls. we had magic. We had strength. We brandished that energy like torches in the night, we knew deep down that our magic, our values, our history was greater than anyone elses and we were going to prove it to them.

Once again wars erupted as city-state fought city-state. Weaker, smaller villages and towns were conquered or completely wiped out. For some it seemed that the darkness had returned, afraid to face the truth of humanities inability to get along for any real length of time.

Those wars continue, though most have sought out tenuous truces. They did nothing to stop the monsters between our borders. If anything it only made them stronger. Now we struggle to survive. Some try to refocus our efforts upon making the world a safer place, others, far too many others, try only to increase their own lot in life and the rest of us be damned.