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Meme This! JE Shields

This weeks Meme This! comes from artist JE Shields, for his work on Tangent! Fiends at Ft. Worth.  What would your characters say as they came across this scene?

Tangent! Fiends at Ft. Worth


Hey, everybody.

My name is James E. Shields, but my business name is Jeshields. This is
supposed to a biography but I’m writing this… so, you get me. Continue reading Meme This! JE Shields

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Weekly Ramble: Players guide cover inks

Hi Everybody!

Today, we have something very special; the inked version of the cover art for the Universal Pool System Players’ Guide.  Our artist, Je Shields, has been working long hours in the pixel mines to bring you this wonderful piece.  So… without further ado:11692504_938115849565679_2276454662584972589_n



Awesome, right?  We’ll reveal the fully colored version in a later post, as well as the cover for the Campaign Companion.

Work on the Universal Pool books is moving along quickly.  I have my team working on the Shattered Earth setting now, while I work on polishing and finishing the text in the core rule books.

This month, we have two releases expected.  The first should be the Universal Pool System quickstart guide and introductory module, which I talked about last week.  The second is the first full release of Curtis Baum’s Extras! line, Unlikely Heroes for Pathfinder.  Stay tuned for more details on both.

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First Look: Universal Pool System cover sketches

Hi everybody!

Today, we’re sharing something with you all that we’re really excited about.  These are the initial roughs of the covers of the Universal Pool System Players’ Guide and Campaign Companion (left and right respectively), done for us by Jeshields.

UPS-coversketchIn a couple of weeks, we should have the line art back, and after that the final colors. Stay tuned to see more!