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Do you Know Mark Adams?

Independant Publisher 10 Years Achievement Unlocked D3 AdventuresDo you know Mark Adams? Come inside for an introduction.Independant Publisher Freelance Author

Mark Adams is one of the newest members of the team of freelancers we call the D3 Adventurers. He was shangha…erm…recruited by Curtis Baum as an author for the Tangent! line of products, and more specifically Tangent #9: Trade Wars.  This particular title got its inspiration from Marks long running home campaign centered on a decaying port city.

When not writing for us, Mark can be found penning stories for Fat Goblin Games and their upcoming Steampunk Musha setting. In addition to writing excellent stories and adventures, Mark works for a charity called Carers Support, far across the Pond in the land of Monty Python.

Be sure to join us next Monday when we learn more about our web, layout, editing and marketing goddess; Christi Baum.

Tangent! Trade Wars by Mark Adams


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Meme This! Adam Schmidt’s Arcane Addendum

Our Campaign Toybox art is as diverse as the accessories it covers for the Pathfinder Roleplaying game.  What back story would you give to this fine example of a cleric?


Campaign Toybox Arcane Addendum


Our artist, Adam Schmidt, lives in New York. His family spends some time in the City and some time… not.  He focuses on cartography, environments, character concepts, and more.  He has a very nice portfolio.

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Highlight Author: Mark Adams


A Journey Starts Here

How did my journey start with D3? That would be when I saw this strange post on Face Book by a man I had never met, boasting about his new found fame and fortune joining the staff of D3 Adventures. His simple post that grabbed me in was ‘Ever been interested in writing adventures give me a shout’, so I did and the bad grammatical partnership was born. Not long after ‘Trade Wars’ my first ever publication crept into life and was published.

The idea behind Trade Wars came from a campaign I had been running since 2012, based in an ancient city port dwindling in decay. The victims I mean players encountered a very similar situation of trade vessels not coming to quay side and been ordered to investigate. Though in the actual adventure, it was a lot more explosive with broken masts and decking landing far across the city. For Trade Wars I toned down this part and instead played up the undead within the holds and the possibilities of further betrayal needing to be explored.

Normally when I am not planning the exciting adventures of varied player groups, I work for a charity called Carers support. My role is based within the local hospital supporting carers who have been identified as been in crisis and require some extra aid in their caring roles.

My plans for 2016 include expanding my growing army of High Elves and completing the writing up of my new game world I have created for my players to enjoy. I have already had old friends from gaming groups I have been part of over the years clamoring for news of it so they can run within their groups. The last 6 months of 2015 I actual had time to be a player in a friend’s game, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. With 2016 now upon us its back to the high chair, bib removed and back to running the game for others to enjoy.

As for writing to be published, the follow up to Trade Wars is nearly planned out. I hope Tangent! Trade Wars by Mark AdamsHidden Claws is enjoyed as much as Trade wars was.