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Highlight Author: Patrick Dubuc

Author of Shadow Over Drake CityFacebook brought author Patrick Dubuc to D3 Adventures, Inc.  Once in awhile one of our line developers will go hunting for talent across the internet, so keep your eyes open!

Shadow Over Drake City is part of the Tangent! line.  Here is what Patrick had to say.

I had been trying to get published for a while, and was unfortunate enough to always get to work on stuff that never made it to publication.  Basically I was ready for anything as long as I had the chance to get my name on the cover of some book one day!

My current writing goal is to get recognition in the business like “Oh look! The latest by Dubuc! I have to get my hand on that one!
I have been game mastering ON and OFF for the last 24 years and had the chance to introduce RPG to many young people.  I was also involved a lot in LARPing over the years.  I firmly believe that both RPG and LARPing are great social experiences that bring people together.
As I see myself as a pool of primordial ooze of creativity and look forward to future opportunities.
[Patrick lives with his family in Quebec, Canada]
If you haven’t had a chance to check out Shadow Over Drake City, consider this your invitation.
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