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Aethercon Wrapped Up

Conventions with gaming led to…Aethercon 2015
Gaming Convention.

Gaming Conventions led to…
Virtual Gaming Convention!

What is better than to attend a Gaming Convention from the safety and security of your own home? Well, maybe doing a fan-girl or fan-boy squee for your favorite in actor/artist/author…

But when AetherCon comes around, a Virtual Gaming Convention by gamers, about gamers, and focusing on gamers, it’s heaven for gamers!  Check out our own Paul Caughell and Curtis Baum talk to Walt about D3 Adventures.

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Aethercon IV: November 13-15

Aethercon 2015

Play a tabletop game virtually.  Make new friends.  Try new games or genres.Aethercon2015Logo 255-330

Free. At your home. In your comfort zone.

On November 13-15, come on out and be a part of the dice rolls heard ’round the world!  D3 Adventures is proud to participate in Aethercon, with a vendor booth, some panels, and an adventure.

On Friday, November 13 at Noon EST to 1:25 PM EST, D3 Adventures CCO, Paul Caughell, will talk on a panel: Writers Block: Getting Started as a Writer in the Gaming Industry, with other industry leaders, Jayson Elliot – TSR/Gygax Magazine and  Michael O’Brian – Chasosium

Saturday, November 14, at 2-3 pm join Paul Caughell, Jason Yarnell, and Curtis Baum, for a publisher question and answer in The Coin and Quill.  Learn more about the Universal Pool System and what D3 Adventures has in the works.

Our John Watson will be running the adventure, Fiends at Ft. Worth on Saturday  right after the publisher question and answer. Learn more about using the Universal Pool System first hand. As an option, you can download the Quickstart guide for free off of Drive Thru RPG.

Sign up now!

11/13 Noon EST Panel: Writer’s Block

11/14 2:00 pm EST Q&A with D3 Adventures

11/14 3:00 pm EST Fiends of Ft. Worth using the Universal Pool System.

Be sure to make a Warhorn account today so you can be part of the action of Aethercon, and be part of the dice rolls heard ’round the world!  Come join D3 Adventures for some tabletop gaming.




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Weekly Ramble: Future plans for Universal Pool System, and a Spotlight on the CCO

Hi Everybody!

Today, I want to talk about our future plans for Universal Pool System.  We have a lot of great settings and mini-campaigns lined up for development after the initial release. Here’s a brief synopsis of each:

We have an Urban Fantasy setting, in which the Players can take on the role of arcanists who try to prevent the public from learning of and being harmed by the supernatural world. Or if you’d rather, your character can try to lift the veil and make the public aware of what happens in the shadows, or if you’ve a darker bent, even tear asunder the division between dimensions!

We have a war-torn Space Opera setting, where the Players could be agents of the government, trying to keep the next war from breaking out; or explorers, expanding the boundaries of known space. Or Players can be neither, just trying to survive and turn a profit.

And we have two adventure path campaign ideas that may grow into a larger setting together, or might remain separate. One is an Arabian Nights style adventure path where an ancient prophecy could hold the key to freeing the land from its harsh masters. The other is a late stone-age setting in a land of perpetual winter, where the players take on the roles of both members of a tribe, as well as the whole group playing the tribe itself, and try to not just survive, but thrive!

Comment here, or on the D3 Adventures Facebook group, and let us know which setting(s) you find most intriguing, and you just might get some more detail in a later Ramble.

This week, I’m turning the contributor spotlight on the Chief Creative Officer of D3 Adventures, yours truly:

Paul Caughell started gaming at the tender age of 9, with Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. He never settled permanently into any one system, picking up anything he could afford and trying to force it on his friends. He began writing for publication in 2010, with the Herbalism in the Kingdom of Tursh book for D3 Adventures, which wasn’t published until much later. His first published work was the Tangents: The Barrow Mound adventure. His work on the Universal Pool System, and other ideas, led Jason Yarnell to promote him to the Chief Creative Officer position in 2014, overseeing the development of new lines at D3 Adventures.

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Weekly Ramble: Upcoming Products

Hi Everybody!

We’ve got a lot of interesting stuff going on here at D3 Adventures right now.  Yesterday saw the release of the Universal Pool System: Quickstart Guide and a Demo module to run with it called Escape from the Lazurite Mines.  We’re pretty excited about that and hope everyone enjoys it.

Curtis Baum and his team have been hard at work, and in the next month, we have the first two full releases in the Extras! line:

The life of humanoids is never easy, especially if you have been exiled from your own people.  Unlikely Heroes for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game features five such heroes ranging from level 5-7. Including a crippled kobold, an orphaned goblin, and a scholarly hobgoblin, the members of the Redeemed adventuring party are ready to add to your campaign.


Every village has a few “colorful characters”, and Unusual Townfolk includes five for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. From a traumatized teen to a crazy old lady and everything in between, these level 3 to 5 citizens are ready to be added to your campaign.

And the latest release in the Tangents! Line:

Trade Wars takes the party on an adventure in the city of Ancient Port. Smugglers have been getting bolder and the party needs to deal with this growing threat. Trade Wars is useable in any fantasy campaign!

Joseph Davis, the developer of our Campaign Toybox line, is looking for more artists and writers for his products.  If you’re interested, and like working with Pathfinder, please contact him via email.

Stay tuned for these great products from the wordsmiths here at D3 Adventures.

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Weekly Ramble: Players guide cover inks

Hi Everybody!

Today, we have something very special; the inked version of the cover art for the Universal Pool System Players’ Guide.  Our artist, Je Shields, has been working long hours in the pixel mines to bring you this wonderful piece.  So… without further ado:11692504_938115849565679_2276454662584972589_n



Awesome, right?  We’ll reveal the fully colored version in a later post, as well as the cover for the Campaign Companion.

Work on the Universal Pool books is moving along quickly.  I have my team working on the Shattered Earth setting now, while I work on polishing and finishing the text in the core rule books.

This month, we have two releases expected.  The first should be the Universal Pool System quickstart guide and introductory module, which I talked about last week.  The second is the first full release of Curtis Baum’s Extras! line, Unlikely Heroes for Pathfinder.  Stay tuned for more details on both.

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Weekly Ramble: Universal Pool Updates

Hi Everybody!

Despite Jason’s best efforts to defame my character last week, I’m back with another weekly ramble.

Universal Pool is still coming along at a nice clip.  I received the final author submissions for both the Players’ Guide and the Campaign Companion, and, if all goes well, both books should be ready to send out to the folks that registered at Comicpalooza to playtest within a couple of weeks.

You can also look forward to the release of Escape from the Lazurite Mines, a Universal Pool System introductory adventure, and the free Universal Pool System Quickstart guide on July 14th.  These two products will provide you with a basic adventure framework and the core mechanics of the system, to allow you to learn how the basic rules work and whet your appetite for the full smorgasbord of the core book release.

That’s all for this week, folks.  See you again soon!

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Paul is a Slacker

10683416_769269479797005_3250525342250708201_oHello all,

So apparently Paul has decided to let real life get in the way of his duties and asked that I step in and make some sort of post as a stand in for his regularly scheduled Wednesday post. So, here I am making that happen.

Did you know that the Universal Pool System he is working on is nearing completion? Did you know that we have settings in development for it? No?

Well, let me tell you, the Universal Pool System is nearly done AND…and…we’re making settings for it. How about that, eh?

We also need playtest groups. Folks, like you, that want to take a brand new system and utterly and completely destroy it and tell the designers about how and what you did to destroy it. We will need these types of folks for the foreseeable future as well.

Does that interest you? Are you the type of person that likes to break all the systems using the RAW? We need you!

In fact, if you go on over to the Facebook group for the Universal Pool System you might could let them know you’re interested and get yourself all signed up.

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First Look: Universal Pool System cover sketches

Hi everybody!

Today, we’re sharing something with you all that we’re really excited about.  These are the initial roughs of the covers of the Universal Pool System Players’ Guide and Campaign Companion (left and right respectively), done for us by Jeshields.

UPS-coversketchIn a couple of weeks, we should have the line art back, and after that the final colors. Stay tuned to see more!


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Weekly Ramble: Universal Pool status, Flash sales, and super-shy Contributors

Hi Everybody!

Got some exciting news today regarding the Universal Pool System.  I have received the last submission from the writers of the Players’ Guide, and I’m now working on finishing up my section so that it can go to the editor.  The Campaign Companion is also approaching final submission status. Once I get both books settled, I’ll be sending out Playtest packages to the individuals that registered for playtests at Comicpalooza.

Today is our first flash sale for this month.  ALL of the Kamarathin products on DriveThruRPG are 50% off today, 6/10/2015, until Midnight CST.

This week, our Contributor Spotlight focuses on…. NO ONE!  It turns out that the rest of our contributors are just too shy to provide a write up right now.  I’ll keep working on them, though.

See you all next week!

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Another Week, Another.. TWO New Releases From D3!

HERSURMichael Surbrook brings us two Surbrook’s Stuff this week! The Grand Melee has rules for running a jousting tournament in a historical or low-magic fantasy setting, for both the Hero System and Pathfinder! Both value-priced at $1.99 each!

If you’re a fan of all those Heroic D6’s, point your browser over to

Sorry, out of print

If, on the other hand, you are PTSURmore of a D20 kinda person, let your browser beat a path over to

Sorry, out of print

10683416_769269479797005_3250525342250708201_o In other news, Paul reports that he has feedback coming in concerning the UPS, and it is overwhelmingly positive!


Curtis Baum has just informed me that the next Tangent!, Fiends of Forth Worth, is in final edits and should be out by this time next week!

And lastly, Joseph Davis shared this from author Ian Cohen for the next :Campaign Toybox: Chaotic Concoctions!

Ironfoam Bomb (Su)*: When an ironfoam bomb impacts a creature or space,it instantly fills that 5 foot cube space with a thick, rapidly expanding silvery foam. Any creature that takes a direct hit from the ironfoam bomb must save against the bomb’s DC or be grappled. The CMD and Escape Artist DC are equal to the bomb’s DC + 5. The space filled by ironfoam acts as a wall that blocks line of sight and line of effect. It has hardness 5 and 15 hp. Merely being in a targeted square allows the creature to move to any near unoccupied square. An alchemist must have the tanglefoot bomb discovery to select this discovery.

It has been an exciting two weeks here so far in 2015 for D3 Adventures, and we have lots more to come yet, so stay tuned, keep gaming, and take it EZ with D3!