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Mental Health Day

Today I am calling in “Dog Tired”, precisely because my dog kept me awake all night. Of course he is currently asleep on my lap as I type this, while I am not able to go to sleep or my entire schedule will be thrown out of wack. So I’ll just put up an update about where we’re at and then go find some video games to play.

First up is on the old business: The Infinite Dungeon is again moving forward, unfortunately we have discovered another setback. Joe and Mark have determined that the stat blocks are in terrible shape, they are a wonderful mix of poorly organized and poorly designed resulting in far more work for Joe than originally planned for. Basically, they all have to be redone and properly designed to reflect the NPC’s power level.

We currently have four Tangents adventures in the works by four different authors, all of whom are new to the industry as authors, but certainly not as customers. Progress on these are slow as all of these authors have day jobs and families that are also vying for their attention…at least until my ninjas finally arrive.

I have two completed submissions from Michael Surbrook for the Surbrooks Stuff line that are in need of a quick editing pass, layout and art. These are both for the Hero System, but the non-mechanical aspects are great fodder for any system. I am looking for a winter release on these depending on the art requirements.

And on to future business: Work on Irshaa continues as I am able to and Joe is currently tied up with real world work as well as the Infinite Dungeon and thus hasn’t been able to get fully up to speed with the mechanical development of the setting. However, a pair of authors have come forward to develop certain aspects of the setting. An old friend of mine; Joshua Keyser, is currently developing a living, walking city of aberrations that could prove to be quite the threat to the struggling nations of Irshaa. Andy Solberg, the Gaming Director for OwlCon, has been contributing monsters and he and I are now developing the Dimension of Dreams based on a monster concept he put forth.

Spectral Earth (you can see the cover on our Facebook page) is waiting for the funds necessary to hire Ross Isaacs as Line Editor so that he can get it ready for a Kickstarter. This particular title is going to be quite unique on the RPG front and certainly there is nothing like it for Mutants & Masterminds, the setting we are designing it for.

And last but not least, some potential business; I am currently in talks with another small company about possibly doing miniatures for their steampunk RPG. These talks are in the very very early stages but could be a rather fun line for us.

So, it may feel like we’re not moving forward on many of our fronts, but D3 is always moving in that direction. Sometimes by the millimeter, sometimes by the mile. This week, it’s by the centimeter I think.

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Kobold Bone Lords Are Available

It rises from the deepest pits of the Infinite Dungeon – an engine of terror and destruction never before seen on the surface world! It is fueled by the hatred of centuries, animated with ancient necromancy, piloted by the most wicked of creatures! And now…it has set its sights on your adventuring group!

It is the BONE LORD!

Towering over mortal heroes at 2″ tall, the all-resin Bone Lord miniature is sure to bring the pain to your table.

Sculpted by Michael Evans.

Get your very own Bone Lord from Indie Press Revolution!

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Musings and Surprises

So, despite my best efforts, today turned out to be rather productive. Oddly enough, the productivity had absolutely nothing to do with the two settings we are working on, which is where I have been putting most of my energy of late.

But rather on the miniatures side of things and the discussion and possible resulting arrangement could dovetail into some of the work I’ve been doing with the Irshaa setting by pure accident.

All-in-all not a bad way to spend the day.

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Busy Day is Busy

A lot of work on Irshaanic Confluence today. Tomorrow I ship out the Bone Lords miniatures to the warehouse. Next week I’m working with Joe Davis on Pathfinder mechanics for Irshaa as I wait for the final pieces of art from Mr. Laubenstein for an upcoming Kickstarter.