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Kobold Bone Lords Are Available

It rises from the deepest pits of the Infinite Dungeon – an engine of terror and destruction never before seen on the surface world! It is fueled by the hatred of centuries, animated with ancient necromancy, piloted by the most wicked of creatures! And now…it has set its sights on your adventuring group!

It is the BONE LORD!

Towering over mortal heroes at 2″ tall, the all-resin Bone Lord miniature is sure to bring the pain to your table.

Sculpted by Michael Evans.

Get your very own Bone Lord from Indie Press Revolution!

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The Bone Lord is Almost Here!

Hello everyone!

The last macabre piece has arrived and my minions are quickly assembling the army of Bone Lords for release into the wild. In the first or second week of March, Bone Lords will be available through Indie Press Revolution for retail and wholesale.

Here are some pictures of a fully assembled beasty painted by the sculptor, one Mike Evans. The Bone Lord is a product of the fevered imaginations at Castle Nystul and is featured in their Infinite Dungeon. More details will come once my marketing monkey pieces everything together, I simply couldn’t wait.

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Some time after the midnight hour…

On a world not our own, in a land bounded by sinister adventure and terrible mystery, lies the Tomb of Xayven, a fallen demigod. Guarding the seals of the Infinite Dungeon in which the foul deity is imprisoned are the Gray Wardens, brave souls sworn to never allow the Fallen One or its minions to see the light of the life-giving sun.

So far, they have only failed once and have no intention of failing again.

But sometimes, the wards that hold Xayven fade. The Wardens are too few in number to dare the corridors of the Infinite Dungeon themselves, and the call is sent out – some brave (or foolhardy) souls must dare the deadly depths and do battle against unspeakable evil!

Today, D3 Adventures is proud to show you what our wicked master of miniatures Michael Evans has been working on. Behold…the Bone Lord!

The Kobold Bone Lord is just the first among a series of unique and deadly creatures that plague Nystul’s Infinite Dungeon. Stay tuned to D3 Adventures’ updates and visit our Facebook page to stay on top of this and announcements about our fine line of role-playing books, miniatures, and RPG accessories, available through DriveThru RPG, and print-on-demand with Lulu!