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The Last Infinite Dungeon Update

It is with a sad heart that I, Jason Yarnell, president of D3 Adventures, must inform all of you that as of this moment, D3 Adventures has returned the IP for Nystul’s Infinite Dungeon to Mike Nystul.

The property has, from the beginning, incurred one unexpected roadblock after another. The most recent of these concerned a lack of payment for a completed chapter. I was not made aware of this issue when D3 Adventures picked up the IP, and as of this date, the writer has not received the promised payment.

This is an unfortunate set of circumstances, and this decision was not made lightly. D3 Adventures promised that we would release the Nystul’s Infinite Dungeon in a timely manner, and was able to produce an ashcan copy for the backers. However, in the end, the various unresolved issues proved to be too much, and holding on to Nystul’s Infinite Dungeon was simply holding back on D3 Adventures’ transition into a more productive company.

From this point forward please address all questions and concerns for Nystul’s Infinite Dungeon to Mike Nystul.

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Infinite Dungeon Update

Hello everyone,

Just a quick, short update concerning the Infinite Dungeon. I am currently in talks with a popular company about partnering up to co-publish the Infinite Dungeon. I have tasked Brett Barkley (my go to artist for past D3 projects) with creating an art order for the Infinite Dungeon.

Once this is finished, the talks will get finalized and, ideally, a workable deal will be hammered out. This will end up with every piece of art, except the cartography, being completely redone, with an actual timeline for completion.

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D3 Adventures Updates

Hello all,

As you know, D3 Adventures has been pushed back in my life priorities for many reasons, all of them excellent and realistic. But, that does not mean that things are not moving forward. I have locked down my current “focus”, or rather foci, for projects moving forward and here are the updates for those:

Infinite Dungeon

Bum, bum, bummmmmmmmm
Okay, so not so dramatic. But I do have good news. Negotiations with the “as-yet-unnamed” company are finished. We are just waiting on contracts to be written and signed and I am working on the art order for the dungeon. All of the art is being created at once by this company and some of the finished art will be completely redid. The goal being to raise the bar on the entire product. The current maps will remain as is, though they still need to be labeled/numbered as appropriate.

So, what does this mean? It means that the ID will be co-published through the “as-yet-unnamed” company while D3 retains the IP. This also opens the door for future development of the ID and other benefits I can’t discuss as yet. For backers, this changes nothing other than the guarantee of a quality product beyond the capabilities of D3 by ourselves.
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Today I am working on the first adventure of the first adventure path for the Irshaanic Confluence setting; Bones of the Magocracy. Looking to incorporate D&D 4E style skill challenges in the design as I am a huge fan of that design element.

Josh is working away on the revision of the Atharian spell casters in the Kamarathin setting and I’m working on the expansion of the religion section. Trying to decide how much of the new spirit material needs to be in the revision and how much should be reserved for the spirit book.

In addition, there are some negotiations going on in the background that should help get the Infinite Dungeon released.