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D3 Adventures Updates

Hello all,

As you know, D3 Adventures has been pushed back in my life priorities for many reasons, all of them excellent and realistic. But, that does not mean that things are not moving forward. I have locked down my current “focus”, or rather foci, for projects moving forward and here are the updates for those:

Infinite Dungeon

Bum, bum, bummmmmmmmm
Okay, so not so dramatic. But I do have good news. Negotiations with the “as-yet-unnamed” company are finished. We are just waiting on contracts to be written and signed and I am working on the art order for the dungeon. All of the art is being created at once by this company and some of the finished art will be completely redid. The goal being to raise the bar on the entire product. The current maps will remain as is, though they still need to be labeled/numbered as appropriate.

So, what does this mean? It means that the ID will be co-published through the “as-yet-unnamed” company while D3 retains the IP. This also opens the door for future development of the ID and other benefits I can’t discuss as yet. For backers, this changes nothing other than the guarantee of a quality product beyond the capabilities of D3 by ourselves.
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Bones of the Magocracy

Today, for the few hours I have available, I will continue working on first chapter of the “Bones of the Magocracy” adventure path for the Irshaanic Confluence setting. Wringing out the details of the starting city of Dril-Veo and weaving the webs of intrigue that will ensnare the party.

Due to the differences in this setting from that of your standard fantasy, I have to design the adventure with a different sort of iconic adventuring party. Where most adventures are built with the traditional, Fighter, Cleric, Wizard and Rogue in mind, ours will need to be built with Gunslinger, Cleric, Alchemist and Rogue. This combination speaks to the anime/steampunk sensibilities inherent in the design as well as the randomness of arcane magic in the underlying mechanics.

If you’re interested in learning more about this setting please hop on over to our Facebook Group.

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Today I am working on the first adventure of the first adventure path for the Irshaanic Confluence setting; Bones of the Magocracy. Looking to incorporate D&D 4E style skill challenges in the design as I am a huge fan of that design element.

Josh is working away on the revision of the Atharian spell casters in the Kamarathin setting and I’m working on the expansion of the religion section. Trying to decide how much of the new spirit material needs to be in the revision and how much should be reserved for the spirit book.

In addition, there are some negotiations going on in the background that should help get the Infinite Dungeon released.

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End of 2013 Update

Hello everyone,

We are finally finished with all but one of our holiday gatherings and are gearing up to wind down for the upcoming vacations and our Christmas tradidion of seeing a movie and spending time with our furry kids. Been saving Hobbit 2 for this event.

In company news we have a bit of a mixed bag. My hopes for an October and then a December release of the Infinite Dungeon have both been dashed and replaced with an early 2014 timeline. The debris from the collapse of Castle Nystul is still gumming up the works and the artwork from Jeff continues to be delayed. In addition, the promised ashcans for the backers (the ID without art and layout) were delayed as well as a bit of needed content was found to not exist and thus had to be written in. This last bit has been completed and I am now putting the ashcans together for release this week.

In other news, we will be releasing a new pdf for the Kamarathin setting detailing the use of herbs, poisons and general healing rules. It was written by Paul Caughell and was supposed to be part of a larger collection dealing with magic within Kamarathin, but ourselves and Paul decided to just go ahead and release it as a standalone since Kamarathin development has been put to the side for now. Even still, there is rumblings of a full blown re-release of the main book with professional layout, more and different art and cleaned up 6E conversions and a possible Pathfinder rules variant.

We currently have a crop of 4 or 5 Tangents, all have been edited, and are awaiting layout before I can release them. The System Crash: Ragnarok tangent that was made for Aethercon is excellent and Curtis Baum and I are talking about making this one available for general sale as well.

Now, on to more general business. D3 Adventures is both my hobby and my business. However, it isn’t making enough income to support me and hasn’t been for a while now. Sales just aren’t where I would like them. We’ve been running this company for seven years and it is time to make a decision. That decision is to move D3 Adventures back into the hobby slot. We’ll still continue to release titles but were going to focus on smaller, quicker releases such as Tangents and the upcoming Campaign Toybox lines.

I will still be working on the Irshaanic Confluence setting in my spare time and when we have it to a point where I think we’re ready for a final push to get it published, we’ll start a Kickstarter campaign to get the remaining funds needed for art and layout.

The release of Infinite Dungeon to its backers will not be affected. Those funds and plans are still in place. This may affect future releases of it, however. The initail plan was to continue the releases of the ID with proceeds from sales of the first and do minor Kickstarters to supplement those funds, if anything, just to complete the set of 6-7 books. For now, we’re going to go into a ‘wait and see’ mode. If sales of the Infinite Dungeon (other than the original backers of course) show interest and are significant enough, then we’ll revisit it and build book 2 of this rather interesting setting. If this does happen, I will likely recruit Mark Carroll to lead that project if his time is available.

On a personal note, I have long resisted the ravening hordes of the D20/3.x/Pathfinder fan base and have managed to avoid playing those systems other than a poorly executed three games of 3.0 when it first came out. I stuck to my Rolemaster homebrew and Hero System. This also coincided with a decades long gamemastering stint where I almost never played an RPG as an actual player. I think I lost something during that time. My games became more and more restrictive as I continued to cling to my niche systems and made life fairly miserable for my players as they tried to hurt my Precious. I became one of “those” GM’s and only recently realized it. In fact, the Kamarathin setting shows both sides of my best and worst qualities as it was released when I was at my “worst” GM attitude but my “best” creative writing.

I’ve decided to stop GMing, almost entirely, for the time being and have taken up the mantle as a player once more. Diving headlong into this endeavor, I have joined a Pathfinder campaign run by our own Joe Davis (creator of the Campaign Toybox line and the Pathfinder Rulesmaster for the Irshaanic Confluence setting). I’m actually quite nervous, it’s been fully 20 years since I last actually played in a campaign and at least 7 years since I’ve done any actual face-to-face gaming of any real significance.

Meanwhile, I need to make a living. So I’ve acquired a part-time gig with Enterprise that will supply a steady income, is completely brainless and is a physical job that gets me out of my office chair and into the outside world. In addition, I’ve started another venture by turning another hobby into a business; On Target Training. OTT is something I’ve always wanted to do; teach firearms safety and use to new hobbyists and provide a place where more moderate and left of center folks can get together to enjoy the shooting hobby without having to listen to extreme rhetoric.

So, in summary, ID is delayed until next year. More Tangents are on the way. A new Kamarathin release is coming. The Campaign Toybox line is still being written and will be released when Joe has enough releases staged for a 6 month lead. D3 is moving to the background professionally speaking. On Target Training is moving to forefront. I’m putting down the GM hat and donning my spear and magic helmet.

2014 is shaping up to be an interesting and ideally more lucrative and productive year on all fronts.

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Mental Health Day

Today I am calling in “Dog Tired”, precisely because my dog kept me awake all night. Of course he is currently asleep on my lap as I type this, while I am not able to go to sleep or my entire schedule will be thrown out of wack. So I’ll just put up an update about where we’re at and then go find some video games to play.

First up is on the old business: The Infinite Dungeon is again moving forward, unfortunately we have discovered another setback. Joe and Mark have determined that the stat blocks are in terrible shape, they are a wonderful mix of poorly organized and poorly designed resulting in far more work for Joe than originally planned for. Basically, they all have to be redone and properly designed to reflect the NPC’s power level.

We currently have four Tangents adventures in the works by four different authors, all of whom are new to the industry as authors, but certainly not as customers. Progress on these are slow as all of these authors have day jobs and families that are also vying for their attention…at least until my ninjas finally arrive.

I have two completed submissions from Michael Surbrook for the Surbrooks Stuff line that are in need of a quick editing pass, layout and art. These are both for the Hero System, but the non-mechanical aspects are great fodder for any system. I am looking for a winter release on these depending on the art requirements.

And on to future business: Work on Irshaa continues as I am able to and Joe is currently tied up with real world work as well as the Infinite Dungeon and thus hasn’t been able to get fully up to speed with the mechanical development of the setting. However, a pair of authors have come forward to develop certain aspects of the setting. An old friend of mine; Joshua Keyser, is currently developing a living, walking city of aberrations that could prove to be quite the threat to the struggling nations of Irshaa. Andy Solberg, the Gaming Director for OwlCon, has been contributing monsters and he and I are now developing the Dimension of Dreams based on a monster concept he put forth.

Spectral Earth (you can see the cover on our Facebook page) is waiting for the funds necessary to hire Ross Isaacs as Line Editor so that he can get it ready for a Kickstarter. This particular title is going to be quite unique on the RPG front and certainly there is nothing like it for Mutants & Masterminds, the setting we are designing it for.

And last but not least, some potential business; I am currently in talks with another small company about possibly doing miniatures for their steampunk RPG. These talks are in the very very early stages but could be a rather fun line for us.

So, it may feel like we’re not moving forward on many of our fronts, but D3 is always moving in that direction. Sometimes by the millimeter, sometimes by the mile. This week, it’s by the centimeter I think.

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Irshaanic Confluence Gets a Helping Hand

Hello all,

I’ve been meaning to make this announcement for almost a week now, but I kept getting sidelined with work and what not. So many of you know that I am working on a setting for the Pathfinder ruleset called Irshaanic Confluence, I even have an open Facebook group for it where I discuss the setting, solicit feedback and often make impromptu freelance offers.

Right now, it is up to 146 pages and just north of 41k words and I’ve only just scratched the surface of the “southwest quadrant” of the world map. In other words, it’s going to be a giant project. Pretty much since its inception, Joe Davis has been helping me out with Pathfinder mechanics as I am woefully unfamiliar with them, my strengths being Hero System.

After some thought, I made Mr. Davis an offer and he has graciously accepted to be the co-author on this project. Initially he will be simply expanding upon what he is already doing, providing mechanical write-ups for the ideas I put forth. Once he has a more solid grasp of the world-vision, he will expand into the “fluff” side of things as well.

I am thrilled to have a partner on this and look forward to overwhelming him with work and demands that he quit his day job to facilitate my needs over his family’s.

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Oh, Hello Monday

Today is a busy day for me and my wife (Anne) has left me completely unsupervised as she has left on her business trip. So while she’s out globetrotting and partying with her fellow executives, I’m left at home with the kids. When do I get to leave the house? When do I get to have fun…erm, wait, a little off track here.

So today, Monday, I get to begin the layout for a small gazetteer for the Surbrooks Stuff line that has excellent information on medieval tourneys and how to use them in your games with mechanics for the Hero System, but solid advice for any game.

I get to have a conference call with Ross about the Infinite Dungeon in order to clear out the last vestiges of cobwebs and dust from the original project.

I finally get to kick-off my Serpent’s Skull adventure path on and it will be my first time running Pathfinder. I pity my players…I truly, truly do.

I get to catch up on the advisory council that I have in place for my possible new game system that I am tentatively calling the Pool System, because I am terribly uncreative when it comes to such nomenclature.

And possibly, just possibly, I might be able to check in with Joe on the status of the races for Irshaa.

Let’s see have I left anything out…

Oh, well, yes, of course I did, there’s that pesky Dungeon Dispatch #3 that is due out today as well. I think I’ll hold that off until after the meeting with Ross.

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Busy Day is Busy

A lot of work on Irshaanic Confluence today. Tomorrow I ship out the Bone Lords miniatures to the warehouse. Next week I’m working with Joe Davis on Pathfinder mechanics for Irshaa as I wait for the final pieces of art from Mr. Laubenstein for an upcoming Kickstarter.

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Centaurs in Irshaa (Pathfinder)

I’ve been working on the Pathfinder rules for Centaurs in the Irshaa setting, and here’s the rough draft of what I have done so far.  I’ll take any comments, criticism and suggestions.


Size:  Large (-1 to attack rolls, -1 to armor class, +1 to CMB and CMD, -4 on Stealth checks.)

Ability Bonuses:  +4 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Dexterity

Tough Hide:  Natural Armor +2

Speed:  40 feet

Open Runner:  When Charging, Withdrawing, or Running, a Centaur increases his base speed by 10 feet.

Quadruped:  Although Centaurs are large creatures, they can wield weapons and wear armor as though they were medium creatures, but still take up a 10×10 space.  This also grants them a +4 bonus on CMD checks to resist being tripped.  Due to their build and size, traditional footwear is impossible, magical items that take up the feet slot must be specially designed for them.  They also get two natural “hoof” attacks that do 1d6 damage each.

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Irshaanic Coding

Today is a day of writing code for the Hero Designer files for Irshaanic Confluence. Specifically, I am going over the languages and how they relate to one another so that proper point values can be generated based upon your native language and the languages you already know.

Oh, and have you looked over at the Irshaanic Confluence group on Facebook recently? Some good stuff being posted there up to and including the first conversion of the Centaur race for Pathfinder by Joe.