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Fourth Quarter Sales

So I finished up the quarterlies for Q4 2013. Overall good news!

Sales were up by 17% from last quarter. Each quarter is growing and that makes me happy.

The top sellers for Q4 was a tie between Herbalism in the Kingdom of Tursh by Paul Caughell and the Followers of Moxa by Sebastian Birhtelmer. USA-50: Book of the West by Bob Greenwade and Elliott Davis had a surge bringing it to second place and would actually be tied for first if I included the character pack sales in the calculation. Black Ichor Mines by Samuel Coates brought up third place.

The Tangents continue to be the more popular items in our portfolio and I still have several more to release in the pipeline.

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Hello all,

Looks like we had a 29% increase in sales from Q2 to Q3. This is very good news.

Here Be Dragons‘ (by Michael Surbrook) and the ‘Barrow Mound’ tangent (by Paul Caughell) remain the top sellers with ‘USA-50: West‘ (Elliott Davis and Bob Greenwade) making some serious gains over this quarter.

With more sales comes the ability to release more products. Next out the door will be the fourth Tangent; ‘Ragnarok’ by Curtis Baum as a special convention focused adventure in honor of Aethercon. Following that will be the fifth Tangent;  ‘Fiends in Fort Worth‘ by John Watson. Both of these break away from the tradition of fantasy adventures in the Tangent line and begin to explore the cyberpunk and urban fantasy genre’s.

The Infinite Dungeon will be hot on the heels of these last two titles and we cannot tell you how happy we will be to get that monster finished and ready to roll. Ashcans for the ID will be released in November for the backers. These will be primarily art-less and with minimal layout, but they will contain all of the finished text.

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It’s Christmas…in July! We’re having a sale!

Beat the summer heat with a cool 25% off on all D3 Adventures products during the Drivethru RPG Christmas in July sale! Whether you’re facing a rising tide of darkness in the award-winning Kamarathin: Kingdom of Tursh, exploring the lands beyond Europe in Here Be Dragons, or joining the never-ending battle for justice alongside the USA-50, we’ve got something you’ll want to play!

Come check us out, and get some great deals on some amazing settings!

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Beat the Summer Heat with Hot Deals from D3 Adventures!

Summer’s here, and it’s a fine time for gaming!

For 3 days only – May 29th through the 31st – you can save big on D3 Adventures’ awesome products in print and PDF on! Fight against the rise of evil in the award-winning Kamarathin: Kingdom of Tursh setting for the Hero System by HERO Games! Defend the West Coast against super-powered threats as a member of the USA-50: West! Take your game beyond the borders of Europe and explore the vast wildernesses of Libya, Ethiopia, Persia, and far-off India, in the fantastic bestiary Here There Be Dragons!

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