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Comicpalooza bound – D3 Adventures!

Where: Comicpalooza
When: June 17th-19th
Find us: 3rd Floor of the convention hall, inside Tabletop Gaming (booth IGA4 on the map below)

Our GM’s will be running games throughout the convention and our booth staff will be willing to demo products at the booth itself.

Booth Staff: Joseph Davis and Anne Yarnell
Gamemasters: Tom Olson, Luke Cooley and Andy Solberg

You can find our GM’s schedules here:

Andy Solberg will only be running a single game which is a preview demo of his RPG called Science!. The event is adults only and by invite only. Invitations can be acquired at the D3 booth.

Copies of the original print run of Kamarathin: Kingdom of Tursh will be available (Jason will be more than happy to autograph copies should someone wish it).

You can download the Comicpalooza app from the Apple App store and Google Play. We are listed in the app as are our game schedules.


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Weekly Ramble: 2016 Winter Preview for D3 Adventures

Paul CaughellHi Everybody, and welcome to the D3 Adventures 2016 Winter Preview! We have some great products coming out this quarter.

From Curtis Baum’s lines, we have the recently released Extras! product Mythic Giants. In concert with that, Curtis is releasing a giant-themed Tangent! mini-adventure, Temple of the Titan Lord, and Let Sleeping Giants Lie, a full-length giant-themed adventure for Pathfinder. Later in the quarter, Curtis is shifting gears with Extras! Cosmic Criminals, a Mutants and Masterminds collection of villains. This quarter should also see the first release in a new line, Rcane’s Guide to Fantastic Races.

Campaign Toybox has some new releases by Joe Davis being released this quarter to add options for your Pathfinder campaigns.  Look for Encore Performance in February, featuring more masterpieces and spells for Bards including a collection of themed spells for the Lightning Seeker Bard. In March, we’ll have Weaponmaster’s Chakram, a themed collection of fighter-subclass archetypes that uses Chakrams as their primary weapons.

For those that are fans of Mutants & Masterminds, releasing under the Super-Powered by M&M license, Jim Cook is working feverishly to finish the art and layout of our Quantum Collapse setting for the Mutants & Masterminds system, with an eye toward release this quarter.

And finally, the Universal Pool System Players Guide and Campaign Companion books are both being edited and revised.  We’re hopeful they will be ready for release this spring.

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Pathfinder is a trademark of Paizo Inc., and used here under the Open Gaming License.

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2015 Publications in Review

D3 Adventures published 17 different products in 2015, available from Drive Thru RPG.  Here is a summary of our success!

Product Title Product Line For use with…
By the Blood Moon Adventures! Pathfinder
Mystical Guardians Extras! Pathfinder
Unparalleled Heroines Extras! M&M
Unusual Townsfolk Extras! Pathfinder
Tangents #9 Trade Wars Tangent! Any System
Unlikely Heroes Extras! Pathfinder
Escape from the Lazurite Mines Adventures! UPS
Universal Pool System: Quickstart Guide UPS UPS
Arcane Addendum Campaign Toybox Pathfinder
The Unique Shopkeeper Extras! Bonus Pathfinder
Tangents #8: Shadow Over Drake City Tangent! Any System
Nature and Nurture Campaign Toybox Pathfinder
Tangents #7: The Depths of Zealotry Tangent! Any System
Chaotic Concoctions Campaign Toybox Pathfinder
Tangents #6: Fiends at Ft. Worth Tangent! Any System
Fantastic Feats of Leadership Campaign Toybox Pathfinder
Tangents #5: The Puppetmaster Tangent! Any System

I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings to D3 Adventures!  Look for Universal Pool System (UPS) to launch and several more exciting Adventure!, Tangent!, and Extras! to come, as well as Science! to launch.

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Aethercon IV: November 13-15

Aethercon 2015

Play a tabletop game virtually.  Make new friends.  Try new games or genres.Aethercon2015Logo 255-330

Free. At your home. In your comfort zone.

On November 13-15, come on out and be a part of the dice rolls heard ’round the world!  D3 Adventures is proud to participate in Aethercon, with a vendor booth, some panels, and an adventure.

On Friday, November 13 at Noon EST to 1:25 PM EST, D3 Adventures CCO, Paul Caughell, will talk on a panel: Writers Block: Getting Started as a Writer in the Gaming Industry, with other industry leaders, Jayson Elliot – TSR/Gygax Magazine and  Michael O’Brian – Chasosium

Saturday, November 14, at 2-3 pm join Paul Caughell, Jason Yarnell, and Curtis Baum, for a publisher question and answer in The Coin and Quill.  Learn more about the Universal Pool System and what D3 Adventures has in the works.

Our John Watson will be running the adventure, Fiends at Ft. Worth on Saturday  right after the publisher question and answer. Learn more about using the Universal Pool System first hand. As an option, you can download the Quickstart guide for free off of Drive Thru RPG.

Sign up now!

11/13 Noon EST Panel: Writer’s Block

11/14 2:00 pm EST Q&A with D3 Adventures

11/14 3:00 pm EST Fiends of Ft. Worth using the Universal Pool System.

Be sure to make a Warhorn account today so you can be part of the action of Aethercon, and be part of the dice rolls heard ’round the world!  Come join D3 Adventures for some tabletop gaming.




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New for Universal Pool System, Escape from the Lazurite Mines!

lazuriteEscape from the Lazurite Mines.
“Bandits have plagued Goryn for too long. Baron Kridlare has had enough! But when his own soldiers fight a much fiercer and more organized group of bandits than expected, they need help. The party arrives and heads to the heart of the problem, the village of Dustra. Can they stop the raids and find the leader of these bandits?”

Utilizing the new Universal Pool System by D3 Adventures, your gaming group will embark on a novel adventure. This includes five heroes with complete character sheets and quick start rules for the system. It’s time to grab your dice and seek glory in an easy to learn and fun to play game system!

For $4.99, find your next epic gaming experience at, and may the dice be ever in your Favor!  Be sure to also download the FREE quickstart guide for the Universal Pool System.

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Weekly Ramble: Sage’s Story

Hi Everybody!

This week, we’re unveiling a secondary blog on the D3 site that will follow the story of what will be one of the signature characters of an upcoming Universal Pool System setting. The blog is written as an in-universe story told in the character’s own voice.  Check it out: Sage’s Story

Sage’s Story should be updated at least once a week, sometimes more often. We hope you all enjoy following along and learning a bit about the setting.

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Weekly Ramble: Yet more Universal Pool System news, and upcoming cons

Hi Everybody,

Thanks to the efforts of one of our brilliant editors, the Universal Pool System Campaign Companion is almost through its first editing pass. In another couple of weeks, I should be starting the art order for that book, while she works on editing the Player’s Guide.

We have a special, ongoing side project related to one of the future Universal Pool settings, which we’ll be debuting for you soon (like, next week, probably).  We think you’ll enjoy it.

In other news, D3 Adventures will have a presence at Aethercon this November.  Aethercon is a virtual convention, where we will be running some online sessions of UPS and other games, holding a Q&A session for our products, and I’ll be on a panel talking about how to get started in the RPG publishing industry.

See you next week!

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Weekly Ramble: Future plans for Universal Pool System, and a Spotlight on the CCO

Hi Everybody!

Today, I want to talk about our future plans for Universal Pool System.  We have a lot of great settings and mini-campaigns lined up for development after the initial release. Here’s a brief synopsis of each:

We have an Urban Fantasy setting, in which the Players can take on the role of arcanists who try to prevent the public from learning of and being harmed by the supernatural world. Or if you’d rather, your character can try to lift the veil and make the public aware of what happens in the shadows, or if you’ve a darker bent, even tear asunder the division between dimensions!

We have a war-torn Space Opera setting, where the Players could be agents of the government, trying to keep the next war from breaking out; or explorers, expanding the boundaries of known space. Or Players can be neither, just trying to survive and turn a profit.

And we have two adventure path campaign ideas that may grow into a larger setting together, or might remain separate. One is an Arabian Nights style adventure path where an ancient prophecy could hold the key to freeing the land from its harsh masters. The other is a late stone-age setting in a land of perpetual winter, where the players take on the roles of both members of a tribe, as well as the whole group playing the tribe itself, and try to not just survive, but thrive!

Comment here, or on the D3 Adventures Facebook group, and let us know which setting(s) you find most intriguing, and you just might get some more detail in a later Ramble.

This week, I’m turning the contributor spotlight on the Chief Creative Officer of D3 Adventures, yours truly:

Paul Caughell started gaming at the tender age of 9, with Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. He never settled permanently into any one system, picking up anything he could afford and trying to force it on his friends. He began writing for publication in 2010, with the Herbalism in the Kingdom of Tursh book for D3 Adventures, which wasn’t published until much later. His first published work was the Tangents: The Barrow Mound adventure. His work on the Universal Pool System, and other ideas, led Jason Yarnell to promote him to the Chief Creative Officer position in 2014, overseeing the development of new lines at D3 Adventures.

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Weekly Ramble: Universal Pool draft, and the return of the Contributor Spotlight

Hi Everybody!

The Players’ Guide and Campaign Companion (the two core rulebooks for Universal Pool System) are now in the first editing pass. We hired a new editor, Helen McGee (new to D3 Adventures, not new to editing), and she’s doing a bang-up job cleaning up the books.  After she finishes the first editing pass, I get to go through the suggested changes and approve/patch in all of them, and fix anything she’s marked as questionable, then get started on an art order for the books.

Meanwhile, our fantastic writers (Erin Klitzke and Marc Braden), continue to charge ahead on our premier setting for Universal Pool, Shattered Earth. We’re currently wrapping up the background setting information prior to moving into mechanics stuff, such as race templates, equipment, and powers.

Next up…Anyone remember the Contributor Spotlight posts?  Well, I’m BRINGING THEM BACK!! This week, we’re turning the spotlight on one of our newest freelancers (because she didn’t know to hide yet), Editor Helen McGee.

Helen is very purple. She has one spouse and three cats, and absolutely no plots to rule the world. Really! She has worked for Wildside Press for almost a year, editing pulp classics for ebook publication. She’s known Paul for about a decade, and been editing things for him for the sake of friendship (read: bribes) for several years now.  She was recently tricked (by Paul, that Cad!) into joining the staff of D3 Adventures to edit the Universal Pool System.

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Weekly Ramble: Initial sales of UPS advance release

Hi everybody!

It looks like a lot of you are interested in the Universal Pool System, which is great! Almost a hundred of you have gotten your hands on the Quickstart guide.

So, we figured we’d do you all a favor and run a sale on the introductory adventure.  We’re going to mark Escape from the Lazurite Mines down 25% (to $3.74). That way, you’ll have something to use the Guide with. The sale will run from Midnight CST on July 31st to Midnight CST on August 2nd.