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Tickling Your Thoughts – Story development Superhero style

Super Powered by M&M Campaign Setting Quantum Collapse

The Diamond District was in a shambles Monday night, after Protection League member Electrode used his powers to thwart a heist. A group of masked thugs armed with military grade weapons charged into one of the street level diamond dealers on north side of 47th street. None of the three employees inside the small shop were seriously injured in the attack, though all were bound with duct tape and the same type of heavy-duty zip ties issued to the New York City Corrections Department. The robbers moved through the store, pulling safes and display cases out with their bare hands, and tossing them into a large rental truck out front. Before the NYPD could arrive on the scene, Electrode, the well-known masked vigilante appeared and began wrecking havoc in the street. After a brief battle between the super strong robbers and the electrically charged crime-fighter the street covered in broken glass, smashed truck parts, and the glint of loose diamonds. After the fight, Electrode left the battered and smoldering criminals to be dealt with by the police while he held an impromptu press conference on the street. Neither this reporter nor any of the others from major news sources was able to get a question answered by the so-called hero, however lifestyle and celebrity gossip reporters were able to pose several questions. For further details, see Jose Valdez’s report in the Celebrity Hero Watch section in the City Living section of this paper.

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Tickling Your Thoughts – Snow

Steadily moving forward not breaking her pace. An even stride even against such weather. Of all the things we thought would destroy us, not one was another ice age. Pulling at her clothes the icy wind cut through even the most dense fabrics. Looking up and bracing her eyes against the refracted sun in the blistering snow. Shelter, she would need shelter soon. Looking back into the bleak white endlessness. Broken only by her weary steps. She pushes on looking ever forward hoping to find one of the lost buried frozen cities. Shelter first, then food. She frowns, companionship, yes that would be nice. She shivers in the creeping dusk and steps forward one more time. If not for the promise of shelter on the horizon she would fade like so many before her…. ◊Tony Ting



A quiet week in a cabin in the woods, an hour from the nearest people, no phone or Internet or tv, sounded like a great idea to jump-start my new book. I woke up today to fresh fallen snow….and footprints leading to my front door. But there’s no one else here…. Hel McGee


**Tickling Your Thoughts is a segment of short stories to help your creative juices flow.

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Tickling your thoughts – Grand Hall

Tickling your thoughts

New weekly (or semi-weekly) post just about Short Story Ideas.  This week I asked one of my friends to make a story about this grand hall.


Through the halls the silence falls.

Everyone is home with family and friends.

Later there will be rules to make, laws to pass, society waits it’s next gaffaw.

Tonight is for celebration our thoughts of the ethereal.

Gifts for all abound.

Taking center podium, our gods await.

Happy holidays to all.

◊Sindy Curry


The hall of the ancients. It is here that hundreds before me became knights templar. Rigorous studies and even more intense physical training. Only now am i allowed within this sacred hall. Though i am but thirteen i am beside myself as a man. I look upon the gilded tapestries. Each a hundred plus years older than i. The two cloistered beside me anoint me with sacred scented waters and oils as i aproach the altar. Soon my training will be complete. My final test before me. As i stand upon the pedestal. Look out among my peers as a hooded knight draws his sword. The final question to my training spills from his lips as a mountain of doom. “What is the name of this place?”. My mind swirls and pours over the ancient knowledge i have studied. This place is a mystery even to the oldest of knights. He raises his sword as i look about. A wild despareging gaze as i founder in my lack of knowledge. Surely a wrong answer means death. a non answer proves ignorance and neglect in my studies. Also ultimately my death. What could it be? ◊Tony Ting


**note: this image is not mine.  It was not used for retail purposes and I won’t make any money off it.  It is used as a creative stepping stone only.

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Short Story Ideas

I love Facebook.  My friends and I have been able to share ideas and keep connected as the years have come and gone.  In 2016 I started a challenge.  I asked my “wall” of friends to tell the story behind this image.


Given my family and friends are all very unique, I didn’t know what would happen.  These are my footprints, in the first snowfall of 2016.

My friends came up with some great stories though!  Here are a few for your enjoyment.  Maybe they will spark an idea of your own?

Just a little farther. He could see the smoke from the chimney, it gave him strength. His Burden was heavy at times he had almost left it where it lay rather than heft it again. Always his thoughts were of home and he trudged on. Just one more step then one more it seemed endless. He looked once again, the smoke looked closer now that the snow had stopped falling. Thinking of the gifts he carried in his bag his eyes twinkled. A new dress for his wife, a gun for his boy, a doll with blue eyes the color of his little girls. Candy and other things they only had one time of the year. Merry Christmas he said as he opened the door and was greeted with laughter and hugs. It had been worth the long journey.  ◊Sindy Curry


He held his breath, the only sign that would give him away was the cold air making steam as he exhaled. He crept through the snow with a soft crunch, moving towards the laboratory door. The two guards were talking quietly to each other, and didn’t spot him. No one could spot him as his powers made him invisible to both the human eye and electronics. His Quantum power was working perfectly he only had to hold his breath…The Mist paused and looked around. He figured there may be a random roving guard but he didn’t know for sure. Before he took another step , he froze in place. A mere 5 feet from the guards, ….HIS FOOTPRINTS! ◊Cory Shonuff Gelnett


You see the tread patterns in those tracks? They are from the Arctic Wanderer, one of my top-selling boot designs. I started out as a simple shoemaker long before becoming the owner of one of the top footwear manufacturers on Earth. As old as I am, I never get tired of making shoes. It keeps me grounded, I guess. I akways try to stay in touch with who I am. Who am I? My name (at least right now) is Matathias Melchus. You know me, the shriveled up old man who owns Goodfoot Shoes and Outfitters. You’ve probably bought things at my store in a local mall. Maybe on the internet? What am I doing out here in the snow, an elderly man all alone? I’ve come to rest in a cabin I own up here. I flew myself in. That was my Beaver you saw crash into the side of that mountain over there. I restored her withy own two hands. Shame i has to wreck her, but it was her time. I can see you think it’s almost MY time, too! Don’t worry about me. I’m just going to have a lie down when I get to the cabin, and I’ll wake up a new man… literally.

Go on, sonny, I don’t need your help. Thanks for the offer, but I’m not in any danger. You see, I am invulnerable, and I can’t die. Or sleep, except once a year. Tonight is the night, and it’s a special one. I will be so rested in the morning, you would swear I was 66 years younger!

No, I don’t need to see a doctor! My head is fine, and my mind is as sharp as a tack! I just need to find my cabin, say my prayers, and rest a bit. That’s right, kid, say my prayers. You pray, don’t you? What?! Let me give you some advice: say your prayers every night, always wear clean underwear, and if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!

Of course, being rude is what got me into this sleeplessness in the first place. I was rude to a man who was on my shop’s doorstep, who only wanted to rest a moment under a heavy burden. Instead of being compassionate, I was rude, obnoxious. This man I was unkind to looked at me with the most solemn, heartbroken eyes I had ever seen, and spoke to me. I thought at first he had cursed me unmercifully. Now, after all these years, I see it really was a blessing. I’ve learned a lot, seen a lot, done a lot, and helped a lot since then.

Well, thanks for walking me to the door. I’d invite you in, but I really want to get to sleep. I go to bed 100 year old Matathias Melchus, and I’ll wake up as my 33 year old “great grand nephew” Juan Esperadios. Why did I trust you enough to tell you what I really am? Who I’ve been? Go and tell the reporters or cops that you met the Wandering Jew in the Yukon, and let me… or Juan, I guess, know how that works out for you!  ◊Jim Cook


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