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Continuity Wiki being built

I have started constructing a continuity wiki to track the different aspects of the Kamarathin world as a tool to help me keep everything straight.  I have hidden the pages behind a login, as I didn’t think we would want people to be able to read it for free.  If you are an author for Kamarathin you can contact me for a login.

The continuity issues are tagged here:

Various spelling or grammar issues are tagged here:

Each of the above pages will link to the pages in which I have found the problems.  I have put a Note in italics and bold describing the exact problem found.  The page on which the problem was found should be listed at the bottom.


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Revision Continues

Hello all,

Today I am working on Chapter 5, adding in the changes that will affect the fundamentals of creating a character in the Kamarathin setting. Nothing terribly drastic, but drawing it more in line with the ‘Low-Fantasy’ feel that I had originally intended. First on the editing block are the Aigulf, the most significant change will be in their religion. The Choir originally written, was set to a traditional God/Priest setup in the text and then the mechanics went in a different direction, focusing on the spirit based mechanics. I’m correcting that by bringing the ‘fluff’ inline with the mechanics and making sure everything lines up with the upcoming book on Spirits and Religions (written by me). In addition, I’m working to make sure that the base material lines up with the ‘Healers Grimoire‘ that will soon be released, written by Paul Caughell.

In other news on the revision front, our own Josh Thompson will be tackling the updating and revision work on the Atharian magic system (you will see a reduction in power among the Seal optional talents among other changes, corrections and updates) and Tracy Safran will be going through the entire book, making sure that continuity is maintained and corrected.