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Kamarathin: Kingdom of Tursh – Are you ready?

Kamarathin: Kingdom of Tursh

Authors: Jason Yarnell, Alec Rosenblit and David E. McGuire

“Kamarathin was beautifully balanced and flawless. The proud and thoughtful work of the philosophers, theologians and minstrels of the A-Ar….then came “The Scale Wars.”

Chaos now reigns, and civilization has fallen… Spirits now roam the mortal realm, twisting the world and its once humble people for their own lusts and desires…

The Old Gods have fallen, and are now forgotten, with the rising of new gods in their place and a Dark Evil growing stronger every day…”

The once-reknowned heroes are dead, their powers and secrets forgotten…or are they? With the rise of this evil, the realm of man has decided to rise up & fight, to renew the famed glory of the old heroes. Bringing honor and glory back to Kamarathin is no job for any mere adventurer… Now, tell me mortal, could that hero be you, or does Kamarathin become shrouded in darkness once more?


Kamarathin: Kingdom of Tursh is the first world book published for the D3 Adventures’ flagship game world of Kamarathin. Kamarathin is a low/dark fantasy game world dedicated towards the Hero System by HERO Games but easily adaptable to any game system. 

 Are you ready to broaden your gaming horizons?

All the Kamarathin Adventures are 50% off for 24 hours starting at 12:01 AM CST 6/10/2015, and ending at Midnight the same day!

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A Belated Happy Monday from D3 Adventures!


Things have been hectic for a lot of us here at D3 Adventures, hence the relative quiet of late! however, we have a new COO, Paul Caughell, and we plan on moving things into the fast lane starting this coming week.

In the meantime, let’s jump in the Wayback Machine and set the dial for adventure Specifically, Sebastian Birthelmer’s The Followers of Moxa!

From the ad text:

The forest hides many things.

      Deep within the shadows of the trees, a small village conceals dark secrets. A cult, with an age-old blood pact and led by a nearly-immortal man, feasts on travelers and wanderers. As fewer travelers roam into the village on accident, the cultists have gone on the offensive, lacing the forest with traps and kidnapping parties.

  Soon, the forest will be shunned as the word of disapperances and tales of bloody-handed murder spread. The cult will spread beyond its borders, carrying the worship of their wicked goddess beyond its borders on a campaign of murder and terror.

      Can your band of adventurers confront the Followers of Moxa and defeat their bloody crusade…or will they become its latest victims?


      As Gamemasters, we do a lot of preparation in order to put on a good show for our players. Fairly often, all of our work goes right out the window when the party zigs where we expect them to zag.

      Tangents are designed to help the Gamemaster in these situations. We’ve done the hard work for you: creating a detailed location complete with a map, NPCs, plot hooks to get the players involved, and myriad content and ideas to cover your campaign as much or as little as you need. Each Tangent is system-less, generic enough to fit in any genre-appropriate setting, and contains enough content for at least one night of gameplay.

So if it’s your turn to pummel your players, point your mouse to, and have $1.99 ready!

More current news next week as we enter a new era here, but ’til then, keep those dice rolling, along with some Goblin-heads, and take it EZ with D3!




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Big news from D3!

Hi Everybody, I’m Paul Caughell, the line developer for Universal Pool System and D3 Adventures’ new Chief Creative Officer. I’ll be updating you on Wednesdays regarding developments in our product lines, upcoming releases, and other important news.

The Universal Pool System Players’ Guide has finished another major revision and is approaching completion. You can test out the latest revision at Comicpalooza, May 22nd through the 25th, where D3 will have 4 Game Masters (including two of the authors of the system, Sheena Colbath and Tom Olson, and Joe Davis, the line developer for D3’s Campaign Toybox!) running the Escape from the Lazurite Mines adventure (Also written by Sheena) as a demo of the system. The Lazurite Mines will be released soon after Comicpalooza as a stand-alone module in our Adventures! line, along with a Quickstart Guide that contains a condensed set of rules for the system. So, stop by the D3 Adventures booth at Comicpalooza for an advanced look at the Players Guide for Universal Pool, and sit in on one of the demo sessions!

D3 is also looking for someone to work on developing a Superheroes setting line for either HERO system, or Mutants and Masterminds. If you’re interested, please email

That’s all for this week.  Check back again next Wednesday!

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It’s Terrific Tuesday Here At D3 Adventures!

D3Adventures_Logo_web Hey, true-believers! It’s been a quiet week here in D3land, so I thought I’d turn the spotlight on some of our older products!
Who here plays superhero games? Good, because here is a supers product you might not have seen yet: USA-50 West!

    The best nation on Earth deserves the best heroes for its defense. Whether they walk the boulevards of Hollywood, look over the oil fields of the North Slope, or can hike the Grand Canyon on the way to grandma’s house, the heroes of the western United States stand strong in the face of injustice.       
    They are the chosen few, the best super-heroes each state of the union can offer, forged into a team that makes a mighty weapon against evil. They help you make sure you know who’s running the country. They protect the USA from all enemies, foreign and domestic, and the Attorney General has them on speed-dial.

With glorious four-color artwork by such gaming luminaries as Brian LeBlanc (White Wolf) and Andy Taylor (ICONs), USA-50: West offers up half-a-continent’s worth of stare-themed superheroes ready to drop into any Champions campaign! At 118 pages for the low price of $7.95, USA-50 is… dare we say it. a SUPER deal!
So put on your domino mask and your union suit, strap on your cape, descend into your secret headquarters under your mansion, and heroically point your mouse towards to augment your Arsenal of Justice!
That’s it for this week, do-gooders! Next week, I promise to stop pretending to be Stan Lee.. but ‘til then, true believers, keep’em flying, keep gaming, and take it EZ with D3!

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It’s a Tip-Top Tuesday for Tangets! Fans!

tangentUp today for your old-school fantasy, monster-bashing needs!

Eons ago, an ancient evil was trapped beneath the village of Farcaster.  Now, however, dark forces are working in the shadows of the city.  Cultists roam the streets.  Villagers are disappearing.  Messengers seeking assistance have vanished.  The city needs heroes.  Can the party restore the ancient wards are defeat the mighty Maranos?

The Depths of Zealotry is systems-agnostic, so that with a few minutes work, you can plug it into whatever fantasy game you want, and it will only cost you a wallet-friendly $1.99! So sharpen your +1 Sword, prepare your Fireball spell, and drink a pre-emptive Potion of Healing or two, then point your browser to and get to work! Those monsters won’t just slaughter themselves, after all!

More news next week, and until then…

Take it EZ with D3!

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Happy Haunted Tuesday from D3 Adventures!

Haunted Houses {3-4-15}-2.pdfLast week, we promised you some thrills, chills, and mysteriously creaking floors, and today, Michael Surbrook kept his promise!
Get ready for Halloween several months early with the latest Surbrook’s Stuff. Empty Rooms and Vacant Windows details how to create haunted houses for the Hero System. With sections on the different varieties of haunted houses (everywhere from deep in the local swamp to deep in space), how to populate said haunted houses, and common tropes of the haunted house genre, this pdf is your one-stop shopping mall for giving your players some nightmares.
As if that were not enough, Empty Rooms and Vacant Windows also offers the Old Skinner Place as a sample haunted house. It seems that Old Man Skinner killed himself back in the ‘thirties, and never really left the house. But his ghost is not alone drifting over the dusty floors of this decrepit locale on the outskirts of town. So go ahead and scream when someone puts his hand on your shoulder, even though you are alone. There’s no one to hear. And no one to help…

So grab your credit card, point your browser over to, cough up $.99, and get to haunting!

More next week, and until then..

Take it EZ with D3!

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Happy Monday from D3 Adventures!

D3Adventures_Logo_webAfter a few weeks where everyone seemed to be hibernating (and who can blame them?), D3 is proud to announce that the next month or more should see new releases every week, starting today!

Ian Cohen cooks up some alchemical goodness with Campaign Toybox #4: Chaotic Concoctions!

“A mixture of chemistry, magic and engineering, alchemy has provided endless possibilities for both the everyday life of the common folk and the adventurer. In this Chaotic Concoctions we explore the engineering side of Alchemy, and provide some mechanical discoveries to add more options to the Alchemist’s already bulging toolbox”

So point your browser over to DrivethruRPG, cough up a whopping $.99, and get ready to drop the bomb (a variety of them, actually) on your players!

We also have new Campaign Toyboxes, Tangents, and a new Surbrook’s Stuff article ready or almost ready to be published, with more waiting in the wings!

So keep watching, keep gaming, and until we drop next week’s release.. Take it EZ with D3!





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Happy Monday Again, Folks!

D3Adventures_Logo_webIt is a quiet week again, but a lot of stuff brewing and coming to a head soon!

First off, Michael Surbrook informs me that he has two Surbrook’s Stuff’s in layout, with a third coming soon!

Secondly, Joseph Davis is back on track with Campaign Toybox: Number three is in layout with art, and he is hard at work on #4: Nature or Nurture, featuring a Druid archetype that enhances its power of healing.

CAC-GiantDinosaur-F-BKMCurtis Baum is feeling better, but his recovery slowed productivity down. However, he is hoping to have his new Tangent by mid-March.

PS. the scaly fellow to the left here is a preview of the art for one of the Surbrook’s Stuff.  Call it a gut instinct, but I think it involves giant monsters and some Japanese landscape about to get a lot flatter…Hope to have some definite release dates next week, but until then, keep warm, keep gaming, and take it EZ with D3!

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Quiet Week, but Stuff is Brewing!

D3Adventures_Logo_webHowdy, everyone. Not a ton of stuff to report, but we have a lot of stuff in the pipeline for upcoming releases!

Michael Surbrook has no less than three new Surbrook’s Stuff articles coming up, everything from a new alien race for sci-fi fans, to some good old horror for hanted house fans, and for you Kaiju lovers, an article on the best way to stomp all over Tokyo!

Joseph Davis has a new Campaign Toybox coming soon, real life is just interfering!

Curtis Baum also offers his apologies that his new Tangent, The Depths of Zealotry,  is not ready yet, he simply caught a tummy bug that laid him flat for a couple of weeks. Just be patient.. this winter has been rough for a lot of us!

Lastly: Michael is getting ready to re-release Here There Be Dragons with a new layout and cover, the second of which was my job for this past Monday (hence the late posting this week).. but i think it was worth the delay. What do you folks think?HTBD-coverblank-12-VERT-2

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Quiet Week here, but…

Cover_SmallIf you’re a writer, and you can stop shivering from the Polarpocalypse tormenting thermometers, fingers, toes and everything else in the Northern Hemisphere this week, D3 needs your help!

Paul Caughell is looking for additional freelancers to work on the Shattered Earth setting for Universal Pool. If you are interested and willing to work for royalties, please email with a writing sample.

More next week!