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D3 Adventures Gets a Dungeon

Castle Nystul is pleased to announce that D3 Adventures will be taking over as publishers of the Infinite Dungeon product line. (to backers) Perks such as minis, art prints and keys will be fulfilled by Castle Nystul. D3 has agreed to honor our commitment to you to include Volumes 1 and 2 as part of your investment. When it becomes available it will be sent to you. We are very pleased that the Dungeon has a new home at D3 and we have every faith that they will make the very most of this line.

D3 Adventures will be making a full announcement detailing their plans on their website in the coming weeks.

6 thoughts on “D3 Adventures Gets a Dungeon

  1. No, this is not an Aprils joke. We really are rescuing the Nystuls Infinite Dungeon kickstarter:

  2. Best of luck to you in this endeavor! While it worries me to see Mike Nystul hand this off I’m cautiously optimistic that you’ll get the job done. Sadly his Axes & Anvils RPG hasn’t been picked up by other, more capable, hands.

  3. Thanks! I think Ross will make sure I stay on course. 🙂

  4. So do you have any ideas when it’ll actually be available?

  5. Mark Carroll, Ross Isaacs, Jeff Laubenstein and I are currently taking stock of where we’re at making that assessment.

    My goal is to have a definite timeline by the end of this week as well as an announcement to that effect.

  6. Looking forward to this. I’m really glad to see the dungeon is going to move forward and hope to see more frequent updates throughout the process. Best of luck to you guys! 🙂

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