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Dungeon Master or Game Master, a salute to the those that make gaming possible

The first Dungeon Master I met
The first Dungeon Master I met

I know specific games call the person who makes rule decisions different names.  Storyteller, dungeon master, game master, Games-Operational-Director… but what ever you call that man or woman that continues week after week to provide you and your friends with an escape from real life, this week is a toast to them.

Many of the men and women at D3 are GMs (I’ll use the generic term for ease).  That is how they came to see the need for their product.  I’m curious today for you to share the images of your gaming table.  Does your GM use a screen?  How big is their pile of dice?  What food do you bring to bribe the GM with?

dm-is-hard-workShare with us the adventures at your table/computer screen.  GMs – share with us your pride and joy as you do your “job”.  What materials do you keep finding yourself needing and wanting?


I’ll start it off with my game this weekend.  I play several Pathfinder Society a month, both on and at local gaming stores.  This weekend we had our GM pulling out her raspberry and black hair.  black-raspberryShe started off with a GM screen, but quickly lost it as we started moving around the map.  The younger guy in the photo, to the left of the GM, jumped into a pool of water, unaware of what might be in the water.  He’s lucky he didn’t end up sucked dry by leaches!  But we had fun and barely left the store before it closed.


So, what great stories do you have?  Feel free to share with us!