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Going, Going, Gone Sale – 50% off EVERYTHING

 After 10 years we want to offer our best sale ever! This is a once in a lifetime, final opportunity event! Save like never before with 50% off of every title. Every thing must go (well, okay, leave the carpet). Come see the excitement before these deals go extinct!



Buy it now on DriveThru RPG

2 thoughts on “Going, Going, Gone Sale – 50% off EVERYTHING

  1. Are you actually closing up your presence at places like RPGNow/DriveThru? Why not just leave it open and collect residual income as it comes in, over time?

    1. Due to the nature of D3 as a professional corporation that cares for our contractors it is not possible to maintain our account. We have decided to shut down the corporation and return those rights to the hard working individuals that made our great products possible.

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