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D3 and Gen Con 2017

Hey Gamers!

There is a minor event happening later this month, you may have heard about it. Gen Con is celebrating 50 years of gaming, and D3 will be there enjoying every minute of it!

Author Freelance module John WatsonOur very own John Watson will be there running several of our Tangents! adapted for the d6xd6 system. For those of you unfamiliar with our Tangents! product line, this is your chance to see Gen Con 2017them in action. As a quick recap, they are full adventures designed to fit in any genre appropriate system. If you need a sci-fi based scenario where an AI is conquering the world, check out Tangent! Ragnarok. If you need a fantasy based story where puppets are haunting an old mansion, try Tangent! The Puppetmaster. Currently there are eleven titles in the series and two more expected by the end of September.

In other news, Gen Con marks the release of a new system that D3 is eager to support. The Starfinder Role-playing Game offers a wide range of “space fantasy” options. We have three different line developers working hard on products for this new system. Want to know more? Join our email list here at D3 Adventures and you can be part of the fun. Starting August 7th, we will have a contest that could get your suggestions published for the entire world to see, but only if you are a member of our email list.Starfinder from D3 Adventures

Get ready for a galaxy of fun! Sign up today!



Check out these Tangent!s today

Tangent! Ragnarok

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Do you know Sheena Colbath? Come inside for an introduction.

Hello all, today we talk about Sheena Colbath, a woman with a varied resume and skill set. She is a board member for ChupacabraCon in Austin, considered to be the premiere tabletop RPG convention in Texas. In addition, she has created 1Up Branding where she works to help gamUniversal Pool System from D3 Adventuresing and tech people and companies with their branding and marketing.

For D3 Adventures, she wrote Escape From the Lazurite Mines, an adventure that utilizes a very early quickstart version of the Universal Pool System rules and is a part of the Adventure! product line. Those same quickstart rules she had a hand in authoring as well.


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Do you know Ian Cohen? Come inside for an introduction.

Hello all,

Today we feature an author who goes by the name of Ian Cohen. We’re fairly certain that it is an alias, but thus far all prognostications have turned up “Most Likely” and “All Signs Point to Yes“. Giving us further proof that he has tapped into some sort of alchemical mixture to disguise himself.

Thankfully, Joe Davis managed to steal his tome of alchemy; Chaotic Concoctions, placing it in the Campaign Toybox for future reference. We can only hope that future efforts to raid Ian’s personal library prove as fruitful.


Chaotic Conconctions Pathfinder


A mixture of chemistry, magic and engineering, alchemy has provided endless possibilities for both the everyday life of the common folk and the adventurer. In this Chaotic Concoctions we explore the engineering side of Alchemy, and provide some mechanical discoveries to add more options to the Alchemist’s already bulging toolbox!

Campaign Toybox

Title: Chaotic Concoctions (Alchemy)
Author: Ian Cohen
Artist: Lena DeGregory
System: Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons
Pages: 4


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Do you know Paul Caughell? Come inside for an introduction.

Paul, one of our original!

Today we introduce you to Paul Caughell. Next to Anne and myself, Paul is the longest serving Adventurer. He got his start as an author, by turning my initial ideas for herbalism within my Kamarathin setting and expanding upon them in the setting book: Herbalism in the Kingdom of Tursh. From there Paul went on to start the Tangent! product line with its first title; The Barrow Mound.

Paul became the first Chief Creative Officer for D3 Adventures and helped bring in numerous product lines and their developers. In this role he laid the groundwork for the upcoming Universal Pool System and is now off to spend more time with his family and to co-write a novel in his spare time.

Paul has worked on two other titles, writing an article for the first Open Gaming Monthly and contributing to the Cairn RPG.