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Centaurs in Irshaa (Pathfinder)

I’ve been working on the Pathfinder rules for Centaurs in the Irshaa setting, and here’s the rough draft of what I have done so far.  I’ll take any comments, criticism and suggestions.


Size:  Large (-1 to attack rolls, -1 to armor class, +1 to CMB and CMD, -4 on Stealth checks.)

Ability Bonuses:  +4 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Dexterity

Tough Hide:  Natural Armor +2

Speed:  40 feet

Open Runner:  When Charging, Withdrawing, or Running, a Centaur increases his base speed by 10 feet.

Quadruped:  Although Centaurs are large creatures, they can wield weapons and wear armor as though they were medium creatures, but still take up a 10×10 space.  This also grants them a +4 bonus on CMD checks to resist being tripped.  Due to their build and size, traditional footwear is impossible, magical items that take up the feet slot must be specially designed for them.  They also get two natural “hoof” attacks that do 1d6 damage each.

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Practice and playtesting…

Over the course of this summer I’m going to refine a few of the ideas I have involving race/culture rules, and some ideas I have involving new class and magic systems for Pathfinder.  To do this, I will be using material from Kamarathin as my “test group”.  Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be detailing the information I’m about to list, and I want some feedback, so feel free to use any of it and tell me what you think.

In addition to races/cultures from the setting, I’m going to also create two entirely new classes.  These are “meant” to replace all of the current spellcaster classes, as a Vancian magic system doesn’t really fit the setting.  The two classes are the Sage (meant to be the arcane caster, like the Atharian Mage and Sanguinary magic,) and the Faithful (meant to used faith based spellcasters like the Asunite Faithful, Ironborn, and others.)  These classes will be in addition to others available, and some classes will be modified and removed.  For example, all Rangers should be either employing the Skirmisher Archetype, or the Trapper archetype to remove Ranger spells.  Paladins will have some of their abilities lumped into the Faithful class.

Magic Items are the next thing to approach in the setting, as they don’t exist in the world.  Personally, I believe that if you are removing a bulk of the “monsters” that are possible enemies, and the majority of enemies you will be fighting are other humanoids, then “magic items” in the traditional sense are significantly less important, as they also will not have magic items.  The only exception to the rule is weapons and armor.  I intend to leave the +1 – +5 mechanic in for weapons and armor, but have it represent higher levels of craftsmanship, or unique weapons in general, like a legendary sword that isn’t necessarily magical, but just incredibly well designed and with much history surrounding it.

I’m looking forward to starting on this, and want some feedback and suggestions on what you all thing would be good ideas, or if you think this is all ballocks, let me know that too!

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Irshaanic Coding

Today is a day of writing code for the Hero Designer files for Irshaanic Confluence. Specifically, I am going over the languages and how they relate to one another so that proper point values can be generated based upon your native language and the languages you already know.

Oh, and have you looked over at the Irshaanic Confluence group on Facebook recently? Some good stuff being posted there up to and including the first conversion of the Centaur race for Pathfinder by Joe.

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Author Redirect

Well, I found out last night (quite by accident) that there is pre-existing material published for the Savage Worlds ruleset that strongly mirrors my Cloudborne setting. So, I’ve been brainstorming ideas since last night and would like your feedback to decide which one I should pursue.

Premise: Unreality

In a fantastic world populated by warriors and sages of many races, some inhabitants have seen through the fabric of reality and realized everything they false. These people, called the Enlightened, have learned how to manipulate the world in ways that the unenlighted cll ‘magic’. Some Enlightened use their ability to manipulate reality to set up kingdoms of their own, creating soldiers out of the air to enforce their rule. Others stand against them, seeking to understand the true nature of reality and find a way to free themselves. There are also Others who walk the land. The Enlightened know them only as Monitors. The Monitors endevor to reinforce the false reality and destroy the Enlightened.

The nature of Reality is that everyone is trapped inside a computer game that they have forgotten they were playing. When someone dies, they are instantly reincarnated elsewhere in the game world, with a new set of memories. The Enlightened manipulate the code of the game to cause changes in reality; take advantage of their surroundings, unlock memories of past lives, and even directly change the world around them. The Monitors are computer programs that were designed to maintain the immersiveness of the game and the integrity of the code.

Premise: Sandsea

Fantasy world devastated by a ancient cataclysm, turned into a vast desert. Water is a premium. Permanent settlements only exist near the few pure sources. Nomadic tribes and traders travel the desert in ships empowered to cut the sand as if it were water, propelled by the desert winds. Adventurers could be roaming traders, caravan guards, scavengers, or explorers seeking knowledge in pre-cataclysmic ruins.

Premise: Invasion: Earth

The year is 2020. At the turn of the century, Earth was invaded by an overpowering alien force. The greatest armies and weapons available to mankind failed to even make a dent in the invaders, and as country after country fell, mankind faced a life of servitude to their new alien masters. Today, small cells of guerilla fighters use the alien’s technology against them in a war to reclaim their planet and free humanity.

Premise: Invasion: Earth (alternate)

The year is 2020. At the turn of the century, Earth was invaded by terrifying creatures from a parallel dimension. The greatest armies and weapons available to mankind failed to even make a dent in the invaders, and as country after country fell, survivors were gathered together into farms, to be kept and bred as food for the creatures. The dimensional rift changed the fabric of reality, increasing the amount of magic available to used on Earth, a force that the invaders cannot survive without. Today, small cells of guerilla fighters use the very forces that sustain the invaders to fight against them and free humanity from its horrible fate.

Premise: Psi-War

A war rages in the shadows of the modern world. Government Psionics fight against Rogue Psionics who want to evade the secret laws that would indenture them to the Government. The only rule of this hidden war is that it must stay out of the public eye. Psionics who break this rule are hunted by both sides.


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Continuity Wiki being built

I have started constructing a continuity wiki to track the different aspects of the Kamarathin world as a tool to help me keep everything straight.  I have hidden the pages behind a login, as I didn’t think we would want people to be able to read it for free.  If you are an author for Kamarathin you can contact me for a login.

The continuity issues are tagged here:

Various spelling or grammar issues are tagged here:

Each of the above pages will link to the pages in which I have found the problems.  I have put a Note in italics and bold describing the exact problem found.  The page on which the problem was found should be listed at the bottom.


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Input Needed

Hello all,

I am requesting feedback and suggestions from people that have played or just bought the Kamarathin Campaign Setting. Any and all suggestions are welcome and this is a chance for you folks to have a direct impact in the quality of the revised product.

I’d like to emphasize that any and all suggestions are welcome. There is no such thing as a stupid or ridiculous one, so please don’t be afraid to post what’s on your mind. Suggestions can range from art to story text to rules inclusions to…well, anything. Literally any suggestion will be looked at and considered.

Anyone whose suggestions are taken will be listed in the credits of the book…just an added thank you for you taking your time to make the suggestions. Just pop your suggestions down into the comments section below this post.

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ADD and Setting Design

Hello all,

So today I am doing some more work on my new pet project. A “high fantasy” setting that will be released for both the Hero System and Pathfinder (thanks Joe!). The setting will be rather unique and a big challenge for me as I generally prefer low-powered, dark and gritty settings like Kamarathin.

With Irshaanic Confluence (thanks for the name Paul!) I’m going to explore a much higher power level and a far more fantastic landscape, pushing the boundaries of plausibility and still try to maintain it. The first book will be a generalized setting book with a focus on the Ba Magocracy to give the player’s and GM a place to start.

The races will be much different than Kamarathin as will the cultures these races belong to. Even so, despite all of the crazy fantastic elements that will be surrounding them, we’ll be working hard to maintain the same depth and cohesive detail on the cultural systems that have formed and evolved on the flat world of Irshaa.

Now this project is not slated to be released in the near future, it is a side project that I am working on as I complete all the other things I’ve lined up. However, I do get the bug to write for it every so often and I share that information (or at least some of it) in the Irshaanic Confluence Group on Facebook. In addition, folks who join that group are often asked for advice and input, so they get a chance to help in the development of this setting.

So, that’s it for today and I am off to write.

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Hello all,

Just got done reviewing the current edits on the magic system by Josh and now I’m taking a break from the religion stuff to hit some nuts and bolts for an upcoming gazetteer.

This particular title will be covering the humble smith and the art of armor and weapon crafting. The main setting book had a wide variety of weapons for the discerning character, however, not everyone is happy with an off the shelf chunk of sharpened steel. There are those who have more…discerning…tastes. This book will seek to address the needs for this latter group of individuals.

The book will cover the creation of custom weapons from the basics of design to the inclusion of special materials and even master craftsmen and regional influences.

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Mag Con 4

Hey everyone, this is my first post here and I’m excited to be part of the team!

My name is Joseph Davis, I’m going to be running games for D3 Adventures, and I’m going to be at Mag Con ( this weekend.  The game will be the Dark Waters adventure, and I hope to see people there!

Shoot me an email ( if you have any questions, or just to say hi!

In addition, I will be handing out an Aigulf miniature to everyone that plays on Saturday and Sunday!