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Lead, and they shall follow! or Why be the sheep, when you can be the shepherd?

Why follow, when yFoes, Campaignerou can LEAD! With the “Fantastic Feats of Leadership Campaign Toybox”, take command of your adventure!

Throughout history, and fantasy, leaders have come in all shapes and sizes. From Attila the Hun, whose battle prowess and skill with a horse made him lord of the Mongols to Tyrion Lannister, whose cunning and wit inspired others to follow his lead. Even a mythical figure like Odin used his wisdom over his personal magnetism to lead the Asgardian gods down the path he felt was best.
So stand your ground, rise to the occasion and lead your band of adventurers to fame and glory! For 99 cents, your commanding presence will rule the game table! Buy it today at, and may the dice be ever in your favor!

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Weekly Ramble: Universal Pool draft, and the return of the Contributor Spotlight

Hi Everybody!

The Players’ Guide and Campaign Companion (the two core rulebooks for Universal Pool System) are now in the first editing pass. We hired a new editor, Helen McGee (new to D3 Adventures, not new to editing), and she’s doing a bang-up job cleaning up the books.  After she finishes the first editing pass, I get to go through the suggested changes and approve/patch in all of them, and fix anything she’s marked as questionable, then get started on an art order for the books.

Meanwhile, our fantastic writers (Erin Klitzke and Marc Braden), continue to charge ahead on our premier setting for Universal Pool, Shattered Earth. We’re currently wrapping up the background setting information prior to moving into mechanics stuff, such as race templates, equipment, and powers.

Next up…Anyone remember the Contributor Spotlight posts?  Well, I’m BRINGING THEM BACK!! This week, we’re turning the spotlight on one of our newest freelancers (because she didn’t know to hide yet), Editor Helen McGee.

Helen is very purple. She has one spouse and three cats, and absolutely no plots to rule the world. Really! She has worked for Wildside Press for almost a year, editing pulp classics for ebook publication. She’s known Paul for about a decade, and been editing things for him for the sake of friendship (read: bribes) for several years now.  She was recently tricked (by Paul, that Cad!) into joining the staff of D3 Adventures to edit the Universal Pool System.

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Tick Tick *BOOM* or “Hmmm, I wonder what this does?”

The ALCHEMIST,CT logo-color-BKMSmall the sometimes odd adventurer in your party, the one that often leaves you wondering ‘When is he going to blow us all up? And can the rest of us get far enough away before he does?’. Or is it just how I think when an alchemist joins my party?

With the new Campaign Toybox, “Chaotic Concoctions” you can destroy things in much more interesting ways! We’ve got new mechanical discoveries, questionable concoctions, and, of course, BOMBS! Your Alchemist will laugh maniacally as the enemy runs away screaming, just at the mention of the words “I wonder what this bomb does…”

So take your Alchemist to the next level today at for 99 cents. Get your game on, and may the dice be ever in your favor!

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*Bravo! Bravo! ENCORE!* or There is no “sharing” a stage with ME!


Bard: a poet, traditionally one reciting epics and associated with a particular oral tradition…that’s the traditional definition, however we as players know this is not ALWAYS what they do. We play them as sorcerers of music, charismatic beings able to charm the pants off, well, anything, if the dice roll right, LOL!

With the Campaign Toybox “Premier Performance” for Pathfinder we introduce the “Maestro Prestige” class, with the ability to take your bard from back-up singer to full rock star. With new spells, and even an archetype, the tavern will never know what hit them!  So buy it up for 99 cents, and check it out at  today. Keep the game rolling, and may the dice be ever in your favor!