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More On Religion

Hello all,

The revision continues and the religion chapter is getting such the makeover. One of the biggest changes that i am quite happy with is the change from monolithic profession packages to a more modular system. Those who wish to be a member of a ‘New Religion’ or a ‘Shamanic Tradition’ will first pick a basic package that represents one of these religious traditions and then modify that with an add-on package that represents which religion they practice.

This is most evident among the shamanistic traditions where now a Druid of the Old Faith can be a Talismanic Shaman (as originally designed) or a Totemic Shaman or even a Shapeshifter Shaman, and this flexibility is evident throughout all of the shamanistic traditions.

Oh, and a Druid that decides to be a Storyteller Shaman is now called a Bard.

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An updated “Night Sky Map”

So, as we revise the Atharian Magic, I have been going through the seals and we have found that some of the constellations just did not match up to the descriptions. We thus decided to update some of the Seals so that their constellations more closely matched the seal descriptions. I also wanted to adjust the sizes and make the constellations a little easier to pick out. Then I added some extra, random stars “because I could.”

There are three seals whose artwork will need to be updated; those seals are missing from the image below, so obviously I will be updating this again once new artwork is completed.

I give you the Kamarathin Night Sky, 2.0

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Just thought I would share this – the Night Sky of Kamarathin

As I was going through Chapter 4, and trying to get acquainted with the Mythos of the world of Kamarathin, I decided I needed to make this.  Still mostly doing minor edits and reading, reading, and re-reading, so this is my first actual ‘production’ for the revision.  Probably needs an actual artists’ hand to make truly awesome, but I thought it might be useful and neat 🙂

The inner, grey circle shows what would be visible in the night sky at new years, or during the ‘month’ associated with the Ramiel seal. Then as the world revolves around the sun, the stars in the sky would rotate counter-clockwise (it seems counter-intuitive, but if you look at our own skymaps by month, each constellation moves towards the eastern horizon.) Ramiel would be visible in the sky for about half of the year, low on the horizon to the east during spring, then low on the horizon in the west during fall. And each constellation would be in the northern sky during their ‘month’ or whatever.

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