Extras! Unusual Townfolk

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Products designed to provide GMs with new NPCs for use in their existing campaigns. These may include heroes or villains. The cover of each book in the Extras! line will denote the specific system for which it was designed. The books will generally be less than 20 pages and focus on one specific group united by a common theme. This could be either five characters with a similar theme or one character at several different challenge levels.


There are common villagers and then there are unusual townfolk. This book contains five such characters for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (Level 3-5). Among them are an orphan who hears the voice of her parents, a conman on the run from the law, and a talented entertainer looking for a powerful patron to help her career. These five individuals are ready to be allies, enemies, or even bounties for your home campaign.

Five NPC Villagers, levels 3 to 5

Unusual Townfolk

  • Penelope – The Orphan
  • Vivan Cloudseer – The Touched
  • Zanat – The Charlatan
  • Bartimus – The Refugee
  • Karyna – The Enchanting

Learn more about these five Unusual Townfolk, including full character sheets.

Author: Curtis Baum
Artist: Josh Diffey
Rule System: Pathfinder Compatible
Pages: 21


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