Herbalism in the Kingdom of Tursh

Herbalism in the Kingdom of Tursh
Hero System 6E

Within Kamarathin there is an art to taking materials from the natural world and working them into a form that will benefit those who would use them.

In  all  things  there  are  those  who  are  trained  and  skilled  in what they do, many a woodsman or chirurgeon can take an herb and mix it in the proper doses to take advantage of its inherent properties, but these people only see the herb as a tool. But there are others that speak to a root’s spirit, to the very idea of an herb. They are  known  as  Attuned  Herbalists  or Apothecaries, and only they know the true ways of bringing the full power of the natural world to help or hinder, poison or cure.

From the arts of chiurgery and medical science to the secrets of he Attuned, D3 Adventures’ Herbalism explores the power of the natural world and those who wield it within the Kingdom of Tursh.

An expansion of the award-winning Kamarathin setting, Herbalism provides players and GMs alike with new tools, terrors, and character options, all powered by the Hero System.

Will these plants, roots, and fungi kill or cure …. only the Attuned know; will you join their ranks?

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