Shattered Earth Campaign Setting

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The world of the Shattered Earth campaign setting for the Universal Pool System is an environment destroyed by the meddling of men and daemons, a world with only the barest glimmers of the familiar.  Knocked free from the reality we know, the Earth of Shattered Earth drifts as a broken remnant of itself, trapped with blood-red Luna in a liminal space between the reality we know and a hell-dimension ruled by daemons and worse.

The Shattered Earth campaign setting guide will give you the tools you need to run a game in the Shattered Earth campaign setting, including information on races (the Redeemed), racial variants (the Unscathed), and threats (daemons and the undead senviva) unique to the setting, magic rules, and the unique terrain of the world.  As always, these rules are rooted in the Universal Pool System rules.  You will need to have the Universal Pool System core rulebook in order to make the most of the setting guide you are about to read. Welcome to Shattered Earth.  Adventure awaits among the drifting fragments of the world.