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Do you know Ian Cohen? Come inside for an introduction.

Hello all,

Today we feature an author who goes by the name of Ian Cohen. We’re fairly certain that it is an alias, but thus far all prognostications have turned up “Most Likely” and “All Signs Point to Yes“. Giving us further proof that he has tapped into some sort of alchemical mixture to disguise himself.

Thankfully, Joe Davis managed to steal his tome of alchemy; Chaotic Concoctions, placing it in the Campaign Toybox for future reference. We can only hope that future efforts to raid Ian’s personal library prove as fruitful.


Chaotic Conconctions Pathfinder


A mixture of chemistry, magic and engineering, alchemy has provided endless possibilities for both the everyday life of the common folk and the adventurer. In this Chaotic Concoctions we explore the engineering side of Alchemy, and provide some mechanical discoveries to add more options to the Alchemist’s already bulging toolbox!

Campaign Toybox

Title: Chaotic Concoctions (Alchemy)
Author: Ian Cohen
Artist: Lena DeGregory
System: Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons
Pages: 4