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Do you know Jean Baum?

Do you know Jean Baum? Come inside for an introduction.

Jean is our youngest author and joined the D3 team for a special project. When we decided to create a product focusing on super-heroic teenagers, we needed someone who understood the trials and tribulations of modern adolescent from their point of view. We recruited a teenager to write the backgrounds of these heroines (NPC or PC characters). She turned fifteen just prior to the release of Extras! Schoolgirl Sidekicks, super-powered by M&M.

Jean has not had as much time to write as she did last year. Currently, she is attending college and should have her Associate’s Degree before she turns 17. She is also learning to drive, and in her usual gung-ho fashion, she started with a manual transmission in a car that is almost as old as herself. Even though it is summer, she is taking four college classes and is looking for a part-time job.

Jean still finds time to game with friends and usually plays Pathfinder twice per week. She also GM’s regularly and participates in several local conventions, including Salt Lake Gaming Con, Salt Lake Comic Con, Fan X, and SaltCon. At these events, she draws the attention of other young gamers and has helped spread the hobby to the next generation.  If you ever want to boost the traffic to a booth at a convention of

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gamers, just place a gaming-girl like Jean there.



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Do You Know Curtis Baum?

Do you know Curtis Baum? Come inside for an introduction.

Today we take a look at Curtis Baum. He is easily the most prolific writer among the D3 Adventurers and it has earned him the title of Senior Line Developer. He has the helm on four product lines (Adventure!, Extras!, Romp!,  and Tangent!) with a fifth (Rcane’s Guides that are Pathfinder compatible and 5th Edition) on the way.

Curtis has been playing various role-playing games since he was a child. Initially starting with Dungeons and Dragons (boxed set), he quickly diversified to several different game systems.

His first published work was an internet fan collection which dated back to at least 1996, The Gallery of Magical Blades, where he contributed a holy sword. Since then, he has been a contributing author, author, and editor on over a dozen projects, most within the last 5 years. His list of credits is rather extensive, even before he started with D3 Adventures.

Today, he works from home and teaches his two daughters the fine art of gaming. He games an average of twice per week, including online. He currently plays Pathfinder, Shadowrun, and Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. He organizes table-top gaming at Salt Lake Gaming Con, Salt Lake Fan X, and Salt Lake Comic Con in Utah, and attends several others.  He is always looking for a good game. His older daughter (Jean, and our next featured D3 Adventurer) is learning to drive, and going to community college full time. She is a GM in Pathfinder Society. His younger daughter just started learning to code HTML and CSS as a summer project. But she is really a ranger at heart with a great love for rabbits and cats.

Be sure to join us next Monday when we learn more about fledgling author; Jean Baum.

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Plot hooks you say? PC/NPC Extras! Characters

The bane of dungeon masters everywhere.  The party takes interest in what was, until that moment, a minor NPC.  Now suddenly they are stalking the person, asking one hundred questions, and putting more into the encounter than you ever dreamed of.  The best part, they are bringing to life some role-playing that you thought was thrown by the way side.  Only you don’t have a clue what to put together.

The best part of Extras!  They are inexpensive NPCs that are all ready for you, including motivations.

Take, for example, Zanat from the Extras!  Unusual Townfolk (for both 5E and Pathfinder).  He is a conman on the run.  He appears to be a powerful wizard. In truth, he uses magic items and his own minor capabilities to enact this illusion. His various schemes involve performing and selling “magical elixirs” to rich merchants and adventurers. Although he is hiding from the regional guards, he may take an interest in any strangers to the village.

Is your campaign a bit “taller” than that?  In our Extras! Mythic Giants (CR 15 to 20) for Pathfinder, Nernuk is the oldest of the leaders of the Imperium Gargantum. He joined the cause of Karakanos in hopes of establishing a lasting empire for all giants. He has seen the destruction caused by the advance of humanoids for over three centuries and has decided to strike back. Karakanos gives the old stone giant hope where previously there was none.

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Just Released: Extras! Schoolgirl Sidekicks for M&M

Superpowered by Mutants & Masterminds

Superpowered by Mutants & Masterminds

From our newest, and youngest, author with D3 Adventures comes a new set of NPCs for play with Mutants & Masterminds.

Jean is still in high school herself, so she brings a unique perspective to the ideas behind our newest group, Extras! Schoolgirl Sidekicks.  With a bit of anime style, perfect for the superhero genre, these young ladies are making their world a better place.

Learn more about these five girls that attend the Sharta Academy, under the tutelage of Gadian’anguru.

Author: Jean Baum
Artist: Chandra Reyer

PDF 23 pages.


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5E Compatible Products for Your Gaming Table

GMs are always on the look out for products to supplement their game.  Here at D3 Adventures we have several products available for 5E compatible games.

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New Release Extras! Elven Explorers

The latest set of five characters from Curtis Baum, Extras! Elven Explorers, are made especially for 5th Edition campaigns.  For your purchase you will receive the character sheets (first level) for 5th Edition, as well as summaries and character histories.

Extras! Elven Explorers CoverCaraneal, The Scoundrel, has had a rough start to life.

Llyranthal, The Cloud Elf Chronicler, is curious about the world.

Fyrentian, Son of Sand and Fire, is a devout cleric.

Garatha, The Sea Sworn, is exploring the beautiful world.

Henantaka, The Misfit, is learning her place in the world.

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Unique female conservationist seeks lifelong companion


Unique female conservationist seeks lifelong companion. Must be willing to accept me as I am.

Likes: New foods, wearing leather, and hunting

Dislikes: Being told what to do, destruction of nature, and arrogant individuals

Download his Pathfinder compatible character sheet and history to celebrate Single’s Awareness Day (aka Valentine’s Day)

Pathfinder Compatible NPC

Yrrona Download

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Shy single male seeks romance


Shy single male seeks romance and adventure. Must be willing to let hair down and go crazy.

Likes: Nature, animals, and finger food

Dislikes: Authority, rules, and heavy armor

Download his Pathfinder compatible character sheet and history to celebrate Single’s Awareness Day (aka Valentine’s Day)

Pathfinder compatible NPCFreeDownload

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Single male human paladin seeks companionship


Strong human male looking for meaningful relationship. Must respect divine authority.

Likes: Horses, weapons, and religious discussions

Dislikes: Undead, cultists, and necromancy

Download his Pathfinder compatible character sheet and history to celebrate Single’s Awareness Day (aka Valentine’s Day)

Pathfinder Compatible NPC


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Petite single woman wants a fun loving companion


Petite single woman wants a fun loving companion. Must be willing to share experiences and treasured moments.

Likes: Independence, playing hide and seek, and practical jokes

Dislikes: Control freaks, lectures, and over protective friends

Download her Pathfinder compatible character sheet and history to celebrate Single’s Awareness Day (aka Valentine’s Day)

Free Companionship Pathfinder CompatibleFreeDownload

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