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Hints to becoming an author / contractor with D3 Adventures

We asked one of our Line Developers here at D3 Adventures, Curtis Baum, to share some sagely advise with those interested in becoming freelancers.

Every publisher and every line developer is looking for slightly different things from their submissions.  I ask you to provide a sample of several different things, but they all need to be small enough to fit on one page total.
  • Write a quick summary of your adventure plot. Is it interesting enough to get the players involved? How long will the adventure last?
  • Give a summary of the main villain and any major NPCs.
  • I want to see a room description.
  • Write a sample “Read to players” section.

If you are interested in applying for freelance work with D3 Adventures, be sure to submit our form.  If Curtis sounds like a Line Developer you want to work for, please include as much of the above information in the “Tell Us About You” box.

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Aethercon IV Writer’s Block Panel

Writer’s Block Panel at Aethercon

“Writers Block: Getting Started as a Writer in the Gaming Industry” with guests Paul Caughell of D3 Adventures and Michael O’Brien of Chaosium. The panel is moderated by Keith Ryan Kappel, a Freelancer working with Fantasy Flight Games.

If you are ready to being freelance work, please visit our page.