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Meme This! JE Shields

This weeks Meme This! comes from artist JE Shields, for his work on Tangent! Fiends at Ft. Worth.  What would your characters say as they came across this scene?

Tangent! Fiends at Ft. Worth


Hey, everybody.

My name is James E. Shields, but my business name is Jeshields. This is
supposed to a biography but I’m writing this… so, you get me. Continue reading Meme This! JE Shields

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Meme This! By The Blood Moon by Regan Shupe

Covers for Halloween releases for the gaming community can be fun.  I’ve played (and loved) this Adventure! By the Blood Moon, cover art by Regan Shupe.  Take this moment to share with us what you would Meme This!

By the Blood Moon CoverRegan…

I’m an art student who adores video games, snowboarding, and distance racing. I just got married last year to my wife, Meagan. I’m a regular to the cons in the salt lake valley as well as an independent web developer.  You can see my work at

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Meme This! Unparalleled Heroines by Marc Steinmann

We invite you to meme this art by Marc Steinmann from our Extras! Unparalleled Heroines

Unparalleled Heroines - Marc SteinmannFrom Marc:

I’m an Illustrator/Designer living in Cape Town, South Africa. I work mostly in the fantasy genre, but also love to create in all genres from Sci-fi to comics to retro 80’s.  You can see a portfolio at

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Meme This! Unusual Townfolk by Josh Diffey

What is talked about at the dinner table by adventurers during their down time? We invite you to meme this art by Josh Diffey and let us know what you think this eclectic band of townfolk are discussing.

Unusual Townfolk - Josh Diffey

Unusual Townfolk – Josh Diffey artist.

To see more work from Josh Diffey be sure to visit his profile on Deviant Art.  You will see a preview of a D3 Adventures Extras! January release cover art.  Can you guess which image it is?

In his own words, “I’m an artist and long time gamer from tabletop to pc. I’ve been designing board games with a group of friends for a few years now.”

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Meme This! Trade Wars by David Mallon

What’s he thinking?  We invite you to meme this image, artist David Mallon

Trade Wars - David Mallon

Who is Dave Mallon Illustration? The classes of tinker, bard, and artisan might fit. Thank you Dave for sharing your talents!

Well, from his site…

Dave Mallon is a professional illustrator based in Syracuse, NY, specializing in weird fantasy and RPG-related material. He has produced work for Wayfinder Magazine, D3 Adventures, Iron Hills Games, and LRS Records, among others, as well as rock bands Caught Up In a Dream, Department, and Shore Acres Drive. Dave also worked as an assistant for two issues of comic book colorist J. Edwin Stevens’ run on the Magic: the Gathering comic. In addition to illustration, Dave has served as a staff editor for Wayfinder Magazine, as well as writing several role-playing game pieces for Rite Publishing. Some of his other pursuits and interests include tattoos and tattoo art, Japanese guitars, antique guns, classical antiquity, fixing things, and indie punk music.