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New from D3 Adventures and James Cook, Quantum Collapse

Are you a lover of all things Mutants & Masterminds (from Green Ronin Publishing)?  Are you a superhero fanatic that needs a new world to play in?


Quantum Collapse Cover

What if there were parallel universes endlessly stacked upon each other like pages in a book? What if there were millions of versions of you, spread out through out the multiverse? What if someone figured out how to make you more powerful… by eliminating those parallel “yous”? Welcome to QUANTUM COLLAPSE, a new table-top roleplaying setting built on the Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition rules system. In QUANTUM COLLAPSE players will be portraying super-powered heroes in a world just discovering the ability to explore and manipulate the power of the multiverse. QUANTUM COLLAPSE brings the power of the multiverse to your gaming table, but be careful! Somewhere in the multiverse, your hero is on someone’s hit list… maybe even his own!


Buy Quantum Collapse! our new setting for the Mutants & Masterminds system.


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Preview of Quantum Collapse, for use with M&M

To celebrate International Table Top Day, here is a sneak peak of one villains in QUANTUM COLLAPSE, due out Tuesday.
DISCO-rd. She’s a pretty silly, “Batman-66” style villain, but she was fun to develop. While Herr Stahl, Mastermynd, and the others tend to be a bit more gritty and serious, DISCO-rd is a villain who provides a bit of comic relief, along with her sonic mayhem.
For play with Mutants and Masterminds
Donna Devereaux was a young, mild mannered music history student. Early one morning, while pulling an all-nighter before finals, Donna fell asleep with her headphones on, her face falling into her textbook. A sudden, unexplained power surge (a Quantum Collapse manifestation) ripped through the dorm building, blowing fuses and bursting light bulbs. The electrical power flowed through Donna’s stereo, between the headphones, and into her brain!
The flood of electricity reorganized her brain, granting her powers beyond the ken of regular humans but also drove her mad. Donna was no longer content to be a poor, struggling student researching the music of the past; she wanted to be rich, famous, and make the music of the FUTURE!
DISCO-rd is brash, bold, and narcissistic, just like the music that she loves. She embodies the self-centered hedonism of 70’s disco. The electrical shock to Donna’s brain gave DISCO-rd telekinetic powers. She can manifest these powers as either a blast of sonic power she calls Musical Disco Dynamite, or as a hypnotic, distracting pattern of shifting colored lights she calls Video Lightshow.
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Weekly Ramble: 2016 Winter Preview for D3 Adventures

Paul CaughellHi Everybody, and welcome to the D3 Adventures 2016 Winter Preview! We have some great products coming out this quarter.

From Curtis Baum’s lines, we have the recently released Extras! product Mythic Giants. In concert with that, Curtis is releasing a giant-themed Tangent! mini-adventure, Temple of the Titan Lord, and Let Sleeping Giants Lie, a full-length giant-themed adventure for Pathfinder. Later in the quarter, Curtis is shifting gears with Extras! Cosmic Criminals, a Mutants and Masterminds collection of villains. This quarter should also see the first release in a new line, Rcane’s Guide to Fantastic Races.

Campaign Toybox has some new releases by Joe Davis being released this quarter to add options for your Pathfinder campaigns.  Look for Encore Performance in February, featuring more masterpieces and spells for Bards including a collection of themed spells for the Lightning Seeker Bard. In March, we’ll have Weaponmaster’s Chakram, a themed collection of fighter-subclass archetypes that uses Chakrams as their primary weapons.

For those that are fans of Mutants & Masterminds, releasing under the Super-Powered by M&M license, Jim Cook is working feverishly to finish the art and layout of our Quantum Collapse setting for the Mutants & Masterminds system, with an eye toward release this quarter.

And finally, the Universal Pool System Players Guide and Campaign Companion books are both being edited and revised.  We’re hopeful they will be ready for release this spring.

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