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Do you Know Mark Adams?

Independant Publisher 10 Years Achievement Unlocked D3 AdventuresDo you know Mark Adams? Come inside for an introduction.Independant Publisher Freelance Author

Mark Adams is one of the newest members of the team of freelancers we call the D3 Adventurers. He was shangha…erm…recruited by Curtis Baum as an author for the Tangent! line of products, and more specifically Tangent #9: Trade Wars.  This particular title got its inspiration from Marks long running home campaign centered on a decaying port city.

When not writing for us, Mark can be found penning stories for Fat Goblin Games and their upcoming Steampunk Musha setting. In addition to writing excellent stories and adventures, Mark works for a charity called Carers Support, far across the Pond in the land of Monty Python.

Be sure to join us next Monday when we learn more about our web, layout, editing and marketing goddess; Christi Baum.

Tangent! Trade Wars by Mark Adams


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Meme This! Trade Wars by David Mallon

What’s he thinking?  We invite you to meme this image, artist David Mallon

Trade Wars - David Mallon

Who is Dave Mallon Illustration? The classes of tinker, bard, and artisan might fit. Thank you Dave for sharing your talents!

Well, from his site…

Dave Mallon is a professional illustrator based in Syracuse, NY, specializing in weird fantasy and RPG-related material. He has produced work for Wayfinder Magazine, D3 Adventures, Iron Hills Games, and LRS Records, among others, as well as rock bands Caught Up In a Dream, Department, and Shore Acres Drive. Dave also worked as an assistant for two issues of comic book colorist J. Edwin Stevens’ run on the Magic: the Gathering comic. In addition to illustration, Dave has served as a staff editor for Wayfinder Magazine, as well as writing several role-playing game pieces for Rite Publishing. Some of his other pursuits and interests include tattoos and tattoo art, Japanese guitars, antique guns, classical antiquity, fixing things, and indie punk music.