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Tickling Your Thoughts – Snow

Steadily moving forward not breaking her pace. An even stride even against such weather. Of all the things we thought would destroy us, not one was another ice age. Pulling at her clothes the icy wind cut through even the most dense fabrics. Looking up and bracing her eyes against the refracted sun in the blistering snow. Shelter, she would need shelter soon. Looking back into the bleak white endlessness. Broken only by her weary steps. She pushes on looking ever forward hoping to find one of the lost buried frozen cities. Shelter first, then food. She frowns, companionship, yes that would be nice. She shivers in the creeping dusk and steps forward one more time. If not for the promise of shelter on the horizon she would fade like so many before her…. ◊Tony Ting



A quiet week in a cabin in the woods, an hour from the nearest people, no phone or Internet or tv, sounded like a great idea to jump-start my new book. I woke up today to fresh fallen snow….and footprints leading to my front door. But there’s no one else here…. Hel McGee


**Tickling Your Thoughts is a segment of short stories to help your creative juices flow.