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Tickling your thoughts – Grand Hall

Tickling your thoughts

New weekly (or semi-weekly) post just about Short Story Ideas.  This week I asked one of my friends to make a story about this grand hall.


Through the halls the silence falls.

Everyone is home with family and friends.

Later there will be rules to make, laws to pass, society waits it’s next gaffaw.

Tonight is for celebration our thoughts of the ethereal.

Gifts for all abound.

Taking center podium, our gods await.

Happy holidays to all.

◊Sindy Curry


The hall of the ancients. It is here that hundreds before me became knights templar. Rigorous studies and even more intense physical training. Only now am i allowed within this sacred hall. Though i am but thirteen i am beside myself as a man. I look upon the gilded tapestries. Each a hundred plus years older than i. The two cloistered beside me anoint me with sacred scented waters and oils as i aproach the altar. Soon my training will be complete. My final test before me. As i stand upon the pedestal. Look out among my peers as a hooded knight draws his sword. The final question to my training spills from his lips as a mountain of doom. “What is the name of this place?”. My mind swirls and pours over the ancient knowledge i have studied. This place is a mystery even to the oldest of knights. He raises his sword as i look about. A wild despareging gaze as i founder in my lack of knowledge. Surely a wrong answer means death. a non answer proves ignorance and neglect in my studies. Also ultimately my death. What could it be? ◊Tony Ting


**note: this image is not mine.  It was not used for retail purposes and I won’t make any money off it.  It is used as a creative stepping stone only.